Dying to Make Love

My husband and I have 6 children.  One Saturday we were both dying to make passionate love to each other, but, we couldn’t because of the children.

Every chance we got, we would give each other long, passionate kisses.  He even locked me in the bathroom for a while and put his fingers all inside of me !  I was so hot that I ached.

Yet, it wasn’t time yet.  Later I gave him a little suck, which he enjoyed very much, almost to the point of orgasm.

Finally, after a long day of waiting, the children were all sleeping and it was time to finally finish up what we had started.

As soon as his mouth touched my soft, shaven coochy, I thought I would come all over him.  I flipped over on top of him in the 69 position and sucked him hard as he licked me just the way he knows I like it.  We both came at the same time.  It was the first time he had come in my mouth and he loved it !

It ended up being a “quicky” but a “goody”.

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