All of Him

My husband is a bit of a pervert.  I know that most men are, but I’m glad it’s a part of my husband’s sexuality.  I admit it’s hard to understand sometimes, but overall I honestly enjoy the attention and I find his twisted advances to be delightfully amusing but sometimes it becomes something more.

I occasionally gave him a small blowjob, by putting his erection in my mouth and sucking on it and licking it and kissing it.  I never really cared for it personally, but I did it because I know it pleased him.  I really don’t like the salty taste of his pre-come, so I generally stopped sucking him when it got to be too much.   Besides, it was really just foreplay and I preferred actually having sex with him.

I knew, though, that he really wanted to have a “full” blowjob, including him coming in my mouth and me actually swallowing the results.  With his 40th birthday coming up, I decided to go all the way.  I secretly purchased a book about oral sex, and read and studied it.   The book had some advice about how to suppress the gag reflex, which was my biggest worry.   To my surprise, it also gave some tips on “deep throating”, which is basically putting the whole erection in the mouth even when the head ends up back in the throat.   I was amazed that it was possible, but the book had some great tips on how to practice for that.   I secretly went and purchased a dildo to practice with, since the book recommended it.   It was weird at first, but after a few weeks of practice I had learned to suppress my gag reflex and was able to get the head of the dildo back into my throat.

We went to Vegas for my husband’s 40th birthday, and I surprised him with the blowjob of his dreams.    We were staying at Mandalay Bay, which was a beautiful hotel.  We had spent a good part of the day out at their exclusive adult-only pool area.  For $20 a day, it’s very quiet and there are no kids around.  You also get a comfy chaise lounge to sit in, and they wait on you hand and foot.   I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was an area where they allowed topless sunbathing.  There were several nice looking women around the area that had removed their tops.  I knew my husband was amused by it, but he really liked it when I took my top off.   So, not to be outdone, I quickly untied my top and placed it back into my pool bag, where it remained for several hours while we laid out and swam. After a few trips to Miami Beach and the French Riviera, I had learned to enjoy being topless.  I like my breasts, and don’t mind showing them off.  I knew that turned him on, but I insisted that we stay outside in the sun as long as possible, then we’d head back up to our room for some sex before we went out for the night.  After an afternoon in the sun in nothing by my little bikini bottom, I was in the mood.  A few stiff drinks didn’t hurt, since it lowered my inhibitions and gave me that “what the hell” attitude that often resulted in exploring new sexual ground in our marriage.

As soon as we get into the room, I stripped naked and yanked down his shorts.  I grabbed a can of whipped cream and covered his shaft with it, which was quickly growing larger and firmer.   I looked up at him and smiled and said “Happy Birthday, blow job boy”.  I got down on my knees and shoved him into my mouth.  As I started sucking him, the whipped cream really tasted good.  I knew it would mask the saltiness of his come, which made it easier.   In a few seconds he was totally hard, and I began to slide him in and out of my mouth even faster.  To this point, it was a blowjob like the others I’d given him.  He was moaning and I knew he loved it, but he didn’t have any idea what was next.   I slowed a bit and then slowly pushed the rest of his shaft all the way into my mouth, and felt his head squeeze gently into my throat.  It was more pleasant and softer than the one on the dildo, so it wasn’t so bad.   My husband was beside himself with excitement, since I’d never done this to him before.  He kept saying “you’re deep throating me!”    I held him in my mouth for a few seconds to get comfortable, and then slowly starting sliding him in and out of my mouth, while pushing his head back into my throat each time.    The training with the dildo had paid off, since I felt almost no gag reflex.  I started to choke once, and my husband started to worry a little. He knows I had a strong gag reflex, and doesn’t like for me to be uncomfortable during sex in any way.  He can’t enjoy himself if he knows I’m feeling any discomfort.  He asked if he should pull out, but I responded by grabbing his ass and pulling his rock hard member as far into my mouth as possible.  His head was way down in my throat by this time, and I knew he wasn’t going to last long.  I started licking his balls with my tongue, since they were so close.  A few more strokes of his shaft and he started to come.   I sucked him harder, and he exploded in my mouth.  I felt the saltiness in the back of my mouth, which wasn’t too bad considering I could still taste the buttery sweetness of the whipped cream.   I knew he loved the idea of come dripping out my mouth, so I deliberately let a little leak out the side.  After he finished coming, I looked up at him, licked the dribble off my lips, and swallowed the entire load.   He just about passed out from the pleasure.    The look on his face was priceless!

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  1. seaside says:

    My wife and I are reading this together right now and she has just undone my zipper. My cock is so hard and so full of cream. Nothing like a blowjob and nothing like shooting your load into the mouth of your beautiful wife. Swallow my darling and when your done I will be ready to eat out your hot, hairy, and juicy snatch!

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