Office Visit

I have the fortunate pleasure of being able to work at home.  I don’t have a commute and the water cooler talk is much friendlier. My wife and I frequently take opportunities to share our love for each other during the days while the kids are away.

The other day my wife decided to pay me a visit in the office I have down in the basement of our home.  It was shortly before the kids were coming home.  I could tell by the look in her eye she was feeling a little mischievous.

As she entered she looked at me and said, “How’s your day?  You look stressed.”  I told her that things weren’t too bad.  She then moved to close the blinds on my windows, turned me around in my chair and dropped to her knees with a very devious smile.  Immediately, my excitement began to be felt.  While staring at me intently, she deftly unclasped my shorts and slowly lowered the zipper.  My firm cock was stretched the limits of my boxer briefs as my shorts were removed.  “Someone is glad to see me”, she said.  I helped her remove my briefs springing free the object of her desire.  I sat back down in my chair naked from the waist down as she began her play time.

My wife has taken me several times orally and she is fantastic at it.  Most of the time it is in the privacy of our room (did I mention we have 3 kids).  But with the spontaneity of this office visit and the intent look in her eye to satisfy me, this was special.  I watched her work her lips and tongue up and down my cock.  Up and down, and around the head her tongue moved.  She stooped low to lick the base of my balls right up the length to the tip.

But this was just the foreplay.  She then pressed her lips together and pressed them against my head slowly separating them as my cock began entering her mouth.  I love it when she does this.  She slowly moved back taking me as far as she could, and then slowly backed all the way off with a *pop* as she released me.  She continued moving like this for several minutes driving me crazy occasionally looking into my eyes.

She then asked me to move to a more comfortable chair that I have in my office used for reading.  I was in no position to question.  I moved quickly anxiously wanting to know what her plan was.  I sat down and she began her work on me once again.  Several minutes went by with her lips and tongue stroking my firm moist cock.  Her hands massaged my balls and worked to stroke them with her lips.  Her speed began to increase slowly bringing me to a point that I so badly wanted to be.  She sensed that that point was quickly approaching.

While my wife is good at oral pleasure, she has never been able to get past taking me to finish within her mouth.  I so desire it, but am understanding about it.  She doesn’t think much of playing with my semen or even getting it on her.  That’s why it was a BIG surprise when she stopped and said, “I need to stop and take off my shirt so you can have a target.”  She wanted me to cum on her breasts.  A shiver went up my spine as she removed her shirt showing me her beautiful breasts.  She then returned to her work.  She licked and sucked and kissed.  She spit on the head and swirled it around with her tongue.

She then took me in her mouth for the final run.  With head bobbing up and down on my member, it was too much for me to take.  I began tensing up and moaning because of the pleasure she was giving me.  Being the smart woman that she is who knows me so well, her mouth lifted from my head just in time for her to point my cock right at one of her tits as a string of cum jutted out at her.  It was beautiful.  She moved my cock around like a shower nozzle trying to get more and more on her breasts, much to my delight.  When I had finished she then surprised me by rubbing it in to her breasts in front of me like a show.  Truly amazing.

I kindly thanked her for her visit and wondered if she made return visits.  She then said she wasn’t done with me yet.  Her administration to my manhood and my reaction to it, had brought her to a state of need that needed to be dealt with.  Perhaps I’ll leave that to another submission.

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