Her Favorite Toy

Oddly enough, it is not a vibrator.  It is just an ordinary dildo.  Well, I don’t know if you’d call it ordinary, because it is large – really large.  But, she loves the fullness it gives.  But it’s not just that, there’s something else.  Rather than telling you, let me tell you how it all happened.

I bought this toy for her because she wanted to be surprised.  We were thoroughly into our lovemaking.  I had played her body like an instrument, because of years of practice, and she was wet and eager for me.  After thrusting myself deep within her, much to her delight and mine, I decided the time was right.  Pulling out of her dripping pussy, I told her to close her eyes, then I pulled the brand new and freshly washed dildo out from under the pillow.

Pushing the head just to the entrance of her tunnel, I realized just how much bigger than me this was.  Not that I’m small – 7 inches – but this thing was more like 10 inches and quite a bit bigger around.

Fortunately, she wasn’t looking, and so didn’t tense up.  Slowly I slid it, a little bit at a time, until she had it completely inside her.  I could tell by her moans that she was really enjoying it.  Bending over, I began to lick her clit, while working the dildo in and out.  I could tell by the juices leaking from her pussy that she was enjoying every minute of this.

But then I did something that put her in another world and over the top.  Guiding her with my hands, I rolled her over on her stomach, keeping the dildo buried inside her.  Then, taking the juices that had leaked down her slit, I began to slowly massage the entrance to her bottom.  By this time, she was in such a frenzy that she was pushing back hard, wanting more than just the rubbing of my finger.  Reaching beneath the pillow, I pulled out another dildo, this one not so big, and began teasing her puckered entrance.

Gasping, she asked what I was doing.  I told her she was about to fly and she just needed to go with it.  Lubing up the dildo really well, I put pressure on her bottom hole, until she relaxed and I could see the head of the second dildo begin to make its entrance.  All of a sudden, it popped in, and slid to its depth inside her.  With a cry, she began to come, hard, really hard, crying out over and over.

When she finally settled down, I slipped both dildos out of their warm moist holes and she rolled over.  Looking down for the first time her eyes got wide as she saw what I had buried inside her.

Did you enjoy yourself?  I asked.

Smiling coyly she whispered, “Oh my goodness yes.  That’s not for every time, but once in awhile, being double filled like that will be incredible.  Thank you so much. “

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