Morning passion

Sometimes romance is like the tide.  For a time the tide is high but then it retreats and the tide is low for a while before it builds again.  Our marriage has had many periods of high tide, but also many low tides as well.  Thankfully, we are at high tide right now, and have been maintaining this status for a while.

Usually we are a two times per week type of couple.  Once on the weekend and again sometime in the mid-week.  Usually it always happens in bed before we fall asleep, rarely anywhere else and rarely any other time of day.

This morning while we were getting ready for work, I was in the closet, musing about what I would wear for the day.  Usually it takes me a little time and often takes trying on 2 or 3 outfits before I get it right.  Hubby got tired of waiting and squeezed into the closet with me to grab his clothes.  At this point I already had my first outfit on for the day but I didn’t like it so I was looking for something better.  Before I knew it, I felt his hands on my hips and his breath on my neck.  “Want some help with that?” he says as he begins to press against me from behind.  Pretty soon he is trying to get his hands up my shirt as I kind of resisted.  But when I felt his fingers touch my nipples, I knew my resistance was gone.  I shuddered as he rolled them in his fingers, all the while his manhood pressed up against my ass.  I tried to turn around to kiss him, but nothing doing, he was in control and I was quickly getting aroused.

Before I knew it we were out in the bedroom in the same position.  He only had his boxers on and my clothes were being scattered on the floor.  Finally his hands went where I needed them, between my legs, gently flicking over my clit.  I moaned to tell him of my need and tried to turn around so we could make love but he wouldn’t let me.  Trapped in this position, I just moaned as I surrendered to whatever he wanted.  I could feel his rock-hard penis pressing into me from behind when he finally put one finger inside me.  Pretty soon I was lost in a fantastic, woozy-leg kind of orgasm that made my entire body tremble as I cried aloud with pleasure.  Then as I started to come down of my high, he pushed me over on the bed.  I was still standing on the floor but bent over with my hands on the bed when he pushed himself inside me.  It felt so good I thought I was going to cum again.  He rammed himself in and out of me and in a minute exploded, emptying himself within me.

What a great morning, I just had to come and write about it.  Next time I’m in the closet and hubby is waiting for me, I’m just going to take my time and hope it happens again.

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