Silence is Golden

We’ve been able to keep the sexual relationship relatively active, even though we have 3 kids ages four and under.  Because I’m usually tired the last half of the evening, we have started to have sex more frequently in the morning — which has become more enjoyable over time.

And although we do still have frequent coital intercourse, we have begun to know the beauty and benefit of outercourse in our sex lives.  Sometimes due to time restraints, the best thing for us is to manually stroke each other’s genitals — or simultaneous masturbation is great too.  It is very intimate for us, very pleasurable, and usually can go from start to finish in 15 minutes or less.

Our 3 and 4 year old are occasionally coming into our bedroom, usually just to lay beside our bed due to a bad dream or something.  My husband and I have mastered the art of the silent orgasm.  I hope it’s not too weird, but we will at times have sex — sometimes intercourse, sometimes outercourse — while our children are in our room.  On two occasions it happened while one of our kids were even in our bed.  Now, of course, we only proceed if we check and are sure our kids are fast asleep.  If not we send them to watch TV or something.

But usually my husband will wake up horny, looking for a morning quicky.  He’s start massaging my 36-C breasts, and this brings my nipples to full attention, and usually makes my pussy quite wet.  It starts to feel SOOOO good, and I don’t want him to stop.  If 1 of our kids had entered the room earlier, we’ll check to see if they’re asleep.  If so, we usually don’t hesitate to proceed.  He’ll slide his hands over my warm, wet kitty — and I’ll grab his already rock-hard shaft.  Sometimes we’ll jerk each other off, sometimes we’ll take matters into our own hands, and sometimes I’ll mount him and ride him hard.  Any way we choose, we have managed to do a good job keeping our climaxes very quiet, fairly silent.  Our kids don’t know that mommy and daddy are rockin’ each other’s world just a few feet away.

I fully understand that our kids will become more aware as they get older, and I do really value privacy.  But for now, the silent orgasm is allowing us to have a lot of fun under the sheets in the morning!

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  1. SnoopyNU says:

    I love this article. I am a morning person. What better way to start my day? to be with & experience contact of warmth, sweet smelling nectar & a drink from my fountain. In my “parents book”… it is mandatory for parents to get a king size bed because our babies would show up during the night (unaware at times). Me, I would never put them out. They need the security. I am the protector.
    On occasion, when we wake and one of our little ones had joined us, because my wife was too tired at night from the days task & when I needed to connect with her because of the challenges I face as the head of the house, we would spoon with a wall of pillows between us and the little one; A natural act of being discreet and connecting. To me, it was not about the bliss of the orgasm of sex but connecting with my only intimate friend.

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