It Had Been A While

At last the kids were in bed and the kitchen was cleaned up. With an early spring and daylight savings time starting earlier this year we’ve been spending more and more time outside. As a result we’ve been eating dinner later and later and getting the kids to bed later. That combined with a number of other reasons meant it had been quite a while since we had made love. There had been the occasional butt grab or peak at each other while changing but that was about it.

Exhausted from another long day I went into the den and plopped myself down on the couch. It was not the most comfortable of couches, but it served its purpose. No sooner had I done that than my wife is hollering for me to come give her a hand. Let’s just say, that I didn’t exactly jump up and run to help her out. I think it was more of an ugghhh, okay, all of which was under my breath. What actually came out of my mouth was, “Just a minute dear,” or something to that effect and I headed back into the bedroom to see what my wife needed. I’m pretty sure that my jaw hit the floor as I entered the room. For lying there in our bed was my lovely wife. She was wearing a silk robe that showed plenty of cleavage and came down to about mid-calf. Candles were lit all over the room and soft music was playing in the background. I took my eyes off her long enough to turn and lock the door.

“What do you need help with?” I asked.

“Get over here and I’ll show you,” she told me. I laid myself down on the bed beside her and she turned towards me, intertwining our legs. She then took her free arm and began to reach inside her robe. “Well,” she said, as she began to caress her breast, “this feels pretty good when I do this, but it would feel better if someone were sucking and pulling at the same time. She didn’t have to ask twice. I practically ripped the robe away and slid down the bed planting my face in her luscious melons.  For the next twenty minutes or so I licked, sucked, pulled, caressed, and nibbled on those blessings from God. Her moans of joy encouraged me as I pleased her. Then suddenly she stopped me and rolled me on my back. She undid the buttoned shirt I was wearing and ran her hand across my stomach and down along my waistline. Slowly she removed my belt and undid my shorts.

With the shorts now unbuttoned and unzipped I lifted my hips as she began to push my shorts down my hips. She took them down as far as my knees before pulling my boxer briefs down as well. My erection sprang free as she did that. She leaned over to her nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lubricant and squirted a glob into her hand. Rubbing her hands together to warm it up she feasted her eyes on my erection. She then wrapped her hands around my shaft and began to pump her hands up and down. I groaned at the feel of her touch. With one hand she continued to pump while she used the other to massage my balls. Freeing me from her hands she swung her leg over and straddled me and guided my erection into her waiting love canal. That first moment of entering her almost brings me over the edge, but I maintain composure as she slides forward and back. Her breasts sway along with her as she moans. She speeds up, bouncing up and down as she leans back slightly. I can feel my orgasm coming and warn her. I erupt within her as she continues to grind up and down on me. I pinch her nipples and rub them between my fingers, helping her to climax as well. Her pace slows and she collapses on top of me. We kiss and lay together with our arms and legs intertwined, drifting off to sleep.

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