While The Kids Were Asleep

My wife and I were on a weekend getaway together with our two young children.  It had been some time since we had enjoyed having sex with each other, and though we usually try to get it in before a vacation. This time, however, the frenetic pace of getting ready to leave prevented us.  We assumed that nothing would happen until we returned four days later since all of us as a family would be staying in the same hotel room.

After two days, we felt very amorous towards one another but frustrated that we couldn’t express our love with the kids in our room, next to us each night.  One night, we put them down to bed and waited for them to fall asleep.  As they began to head into their deep breathing, we started our own “deep breathing” session.  Yet we knew that, for this to happen, it would take some real discipline on our part to be absolutely quiet in our lovemaking, something that is unusual for us (and difficult as you will read.)

Yet this little restriction somehow made it all the more exciting. I began to caress my wife’s beautiful breasts and noticed that her nipples were particularly erect. This is always a sign that she is excited and ready for action. I spent lots of time enjoying them, and she began to massage my member, as it grew very hard, very fast.  Her favorite form of foreplay is to lay on her tummy with the flat of my hand on and under her vulva as she applies pressure to it and rotates her hips.  As her excitement grows, I usually put one finger inside her to massage her G-spot while maintaining the indirect but firm pressure of my palm.  This usually brings her first orgasm, and it did this night.  She was a good girl and kept COMPLETELY SILENT as the waves of pleasure overtook her.  She closed her eyes and concentrated on enjoying the feelings while also restraining her voice.

She then straddled me, and it wasn’t long before I was enjoying the wonderful feeling of being one with my bride again.  She was well lubed up, and I began thrusting beneath her, coming closer and closer to my climax.  Before I hit the point of no return, I backed off, trying to remind myself of what it would take to do this without a word.

I began picking up the pace again as my wife moved her body in rhythm with mine.  I tried to do everything within my power to stay quiet and not wake up the kids.  I did well until I ejaculated inside of my wife with such force that a long, pleasurable gasp came out inadvertently.

She quickly put her hand over my mouth, saying, “Shhhhhhhh!!!  You’re going to wake up the kids.” As the powerful ejaculation subsided, we looked over at the kids; they had startled, mumbled a few unintelligible words, and then turned over.  How glad we were that we did not awaken them during our secret interlude.

We talked about how having sex with a discipline of silence made it all the more exciting and satisfying.  Now we may try it at home even though we don’t need to worry about waking up the kids.

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