Working Alone At the Office

He had been working so many hours lately, she felt as if they never saw each other any more. She tried to be understanding, realizing it was a new job and he was under a lot of pressure. Still, she needed him today.  Remembering that no one else was in the office on a weekend, a plan started forming in her head. Dare she do it? YES! She dared.

Excited now, she ran to the bathroom and filled the tub with hot water and scented bubbles. As she lie back in the tub thinking of what was to come she felt herself becoming aroused already, and slowly began soaping down her body…one hand slipping down to disappear below the bubbles.

Her bath done now, and carefully dressed for the occasion, she grabs the few things she has prepared, and heads for the car. She pulls into the parking lot next to his car, the only other one in the lot, gathers up her things and quietly slips in the side door.

So intent is he on his work, that he doesn’t notice her standing there at first. She takes the opportunity to just stand and watch him. She thinks, “Oh God how this man excites me, even like this, hunched over his desk, wearing old jeans and his favorite old team t-shirt, intent on the work that is before him. He has absolutely no idea what kind of affect he has on me”.

Quietly she sends up a little prayer of thanks for bringing this man into her life, just as she has everyday since they first met. Just then he looks up startled. Then a slow, easy smile comes across his face and warms his eyes as he realizes who it is. He stands quickly and comes to her side, seeing the picnic basket in her hand, the blanket under her arm and starts to explain to her that besides the fact it is the middle of winter and freezing outside, he can’t leave the office to go off on a picnic.

She reaches up and silences his protests with a kiss and slips off her coat, standing before him in the sexiest little sun dress he has ever seen.  Chuckling to himself, he knows he has lost already, but thinks this is one time he doesn’t mind one bit.

As he spreads the blanket down right there on the office floor she starts to unload the basket: candles, plates, silverware, funny shaped little sandwiches he knows she made just for him, cheese, crackers, a bottle of wine and two glasses. Together they sit on the blanket and drink their wine with their lunch, enjoying the food and the conversation, each thinking this has been the best picnic ever.

With nothing left on the floor now to pick up but the blanket, he reaches down to get it and fold it for her, expecting to go back to work.

As he reaches down he looks at her one last time, just in time to see the straps of her dress slip from her shoulders and her standing there in front of him naked.

She hears a soft moan escape his lips, reassuring her she had made the right decision by coming here today. Slowly she walks into his arms as he brings his mouth to hers, kissing it slowly at first and feeling a new hunger growing in both of them. Carefully she pulls the shirt over his head, tossing it aside and running her hands across his chest and down his muscular arms.

Next come the buttons on his jeans, one at a time, and with each one another kiss placed lightly on his belly. Unable to stand it any longer he steps out of his jeans and kicks them aside, pulling her to him at the same time…needing to feel her warm body against his.

Together they lie on the blanket, kissing and feeling, remembering, and losing themselves in the feel, the smell, and the taste of each other. Both realizing it has been far to long since they have spent this much time glorying in the wonder of the other.

He kisses her again, long and deep, and then takes one of her nipples into his mouth amazed at how hard it is. She moans and reaches down between his legs to find him hard and throbbing. Slowly, lovingly, she begins to stroke him.

Feeling a shiver go through his body she rolls him over onto his back and gently takes him in her mouth, taking turns sucking, running her wet tongue up and down it, kissing the length of it and sucking it once again.  He reaches over with one hand placing it lightly on her butt while taking the other and slowly slipping one finger inside of her finding her hot and wet.

Feeling the tension growing inside of her and knowing her body language all too well he continues until he hears her moan again, her back arches and he knows she has just had her first climax of the afternoon. Unable to take anymore, he turns her over and rolls on top of her…taking himself in his own hand now he teases her…rubbing himself on that secret spot only he has ever known, driving her crazy with desire.

A little at a time he enters her, pulls back, and goes in a little deeper.  Feeling herself growing impatient in her need for him she bends her knees and thrusts her hips up to meet him, drawing him deep inside of her.  They move together now as if they are one body, one heartbeat. Back and forth they go, never losing the rhythm of the other.

He leans down and takes her nipple in his mouth again, sucking, lightly nipping at it. He feels the muscles deep inside of her contracting holding on to him tighter, the feel of her nails on his back and his butt. He picks up the pace a little, knowing that neither of them can take much more. She moves along with him, like two dance partners on the dance floor moving in perfect time. They both feel it building in them now, this overwhelming feeling neither could put to words if they tried.

He gives her one last kiss, then thrusts deeper, harder inside of her one time, two times, three times. Her back arches up off the floor and both their bodies stop! But not the feeling; both hold perfectly still, their bodies tense as the release comes, hot, glorious, consuming them both, afraid to move, afraid to breath, totally lost in the intensity of the moment.

Slowly they both begin to relax, sinking back into the blanket, like air escaping from a blow up toy. Together they lay like that wrapped in each other’s arms, exchanging small kisses and pillow talk, taking in the warmth and the smell of one another.

Reluctantly she gets up and starts to dress, hating to see this day end but knowing he has to work to get back to. She folds the blanket and puts on her coat. Reaching for the basket, she turns towards him to get one last good-bye kiss.

Surprised she sees him totally dressed and reaching for his jacket! He walks over turns off the office light, takes her by the hand and together they leave the office and the work lying on the desk behind him. They walk out into the cold, gray afternoon, both thinking what a beautiful day it has turned out to be, and head towards his car and home.

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