Quiet Time

This is one of my stories about one of mine and my husband’s evening quiet time together. As this evening begins, my husband has come home from the office in a particularly good mood. After dinner, we sit out at the pool and watch our children swim and enjoy themselves.  As we’re talking about our day’s events and tomorrow’s hopes my husband slides his hand in mine and we have a moment of quiet togetherness. When you have three children and the life style we do, it’s not often enough we end up with moments of togetherness.

Later the same evening my husband comes and lays down beside me on the couch while I am reading. After rubbing his feet a few minutes, I find my self not concentrating on my book, but wanting to pick up where we had left of earlier in the evening with our time of togetherness. I set my book down and begin sliding my hand closer and closer to the opening around the leg of his striped boxer shorts. As usual, it isn’t long before he begins scooting closer and closer to my side of the couch, before long his eyes are closed and a slight murmur; quietly – then not so quietly; comes from his lips.

I told him I was going for my bath and he said “just a little longer  or how bout some wet”, of course I wanted to let him know I wasn’t just flirting and had my own plans for after my bath. After a few minutes of giving him one of his favorite before bed deserts, I gather my nightwear and head off to my hot tub of body soaps he has prepared for me.

After unwinding in my own special Calgone recipe for a few minutes, the days cares fall away, and I begin pondering how I want the rest of the evening to go. Even though I’m not one to express my own preferences of the evening, I know it would be such a turn on for him if I’d take the initiative, as I do once in a while. While I lay there and pondered and tingled and pondered and tingled, I finally decided I would ask him to take care of my needs tonight with one of his special textures. I know it’s a big deal to him to please me and even though I don’t always say so, he’s usual right on target with how to get my needs taken care of.

There was no doubt in my mind, it is really going to get him up when I make the suggestion to slip outside the norm a little and share with him how he really does know how to please me. I got out of the tub and dressed and powered myself and step out of the bathroom. My husband was watching the news as he usually is. I stepped toward him and bent over and gave him the wettest kiss, while I dangled in front of him. Of course, his hands couldn’t resist caressing me through my gown. In just a second our two, my nipples were standing at attention, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he started to work his way with his hands and mouth toward the delicacies I had for him.

After kissing me for what seemed to be five minutes, he gently pulled me toward the couch, while I was still dangling over him, his lips moved past my ear and down my neck till they reached my nipples, while his lips and tongue nibbled and flicked my ripe buds his hands roamed to find my nectar soaked love spot, without needing to take a moment to get me going, he immediately plunged first one, then two of his fingers deep inside me. Still crouched over him I began to maneuver and sway to get the deepest penetration I could find. Oh baby, you finger me good, finger my love spot, yes, yes, yes !

After several minutes of this I couldn’t take it any longer, I suggested we go to the bed. With a smile and nod, he replied “I meet you there in a minute”. After a few minutes I asked him what’s the hold up, I’m all ready for you, come and get it ! (or maybe I should have said it the other way around).

In a another minute or so, he brought our favorite candle to the night stand and slipped off his boxers. “Move closer” I said, “Bring me some of that big, juicy love shaft over here to my mouth.” Without hesitation, he hung it in front of me and I gladly partook. He loves to watch me give him the best suck in town. As I gave him the works with my mouth, tongue and hands he couldn’t stand it any longer, with the juicy sounds of a man that’s ready go, I told him, bring your stuff here with some of that texture that drives me crazy. He replied, “I knew you would come around, my naughty Princes”, and without hesitation, he had every inch of himself rubbing the door way of my love spot, in only a second or two, I just couldn’t resist it any longer, “Push it in now, I’m ready, I want you, make it hard and fast!”

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