Libido Booster

Wow!  Now that was a weekend to remember.

It was somewhat spontaneous.  My mom came by on Saturday morning, and said “I’m stealing your kids [ages 5, 3, & 1] for the weekend, and there’s nothing you can do about it.  I’ll bring them back Sunday night at 8pm.”  It didn’t take me more than 3 seconds to say *Sounds great!*

Life as a young mom has worn me out.  I have a loving husband who is so wonderful and hardworking, which allows me to stay-at-home full time.  Plus he is so devoted to our kids, so loving.  And he carves out at least 10 hours per week to care for and minister to people in our Church family.  And I love him dearly.

However, the pressures of parenthood have been tiring the last few years.  Our sex life is on life support, and my libido has all but disappeared.  If my husband starts kissing my neck, licking my nipples, and touching my clitoris — then within 30 seconds I am 100% in.  But before that point I have no interest in sex.  I think my mom could sense that we were just worn out and wound up — and she came to the rescue.  She didn’t have to give us edible panties or a pack of condoms or any novelty gifts.  She didn’t have to give us massage oils or ‘do not disturb’ signs.  No hints needed.  She just gave us the thing a wise, loving mother knew we needed — just some time alone.

We started on Saturday by just snuggling on the couch and popping in a DVD comedy.  My husband starting making his subtle moves with his hands.  But without the kids and the craziness, I found myself yearning to be touched and turned on.  After his hands found my breasts, he reached under my bra and started massaging my hard nipples.  Ohhhh!  I was hoping he would touch those.  I let out a delightful moan, and my hubby was quite surprised how much I liked it.  I could feel the growth of his penis against my leg.  And I could feel the wetness in my pussy.  Mmmmm….  movie?  What movie!

I coerced my man to hop in the shower with me.  I soaped up my hand and rubbed around his butt hole.  He ooozed with pleasure, and his penis pulsated upward.  I then lathered up my finger again and put it inside his hole and massaged his prostate.  I could tell it was ecstacy for his, but I think I even saw him drooling!

I then stepped back to rinse off, and started moving the shower head all over him and me — but took time to stop at my throbbing vagina.  I’ve never seen my nipples point out so far before in my life!  My husband started licking them, and almost put me over the edge.

We finally made it over to the bed.  Oh my gosh!  I hadn’t been this hot and horny since we were engaged (and were choosing wait until marriage to indulge).  I wanted… NEEDED to explode with pleasure.  Oh, baby, get inside me NOW!  My hubby’s horniness was thru the roof too — and he was attacking my body like never before — like a tiger in heat.  [Oh gosh, it’s embarrassing, but even typing this memory got me so turned on I had to stop and masturbate myself to orgasm.  Ok I’m better now.]

My husband flipped me over on all fours and entered me from behind, and we started grinding hard.  OH YES!  I reached back and grabbed his pumping ass.  Then he did this amazing move — I can’t even describe it.  He somehow managed to keep his penis pumping in me from behind, but twisted torso around mine so he could get his lips and tongue onto my right breast and darting, sensitive nipple. UUHHHH!!  Oh baby!  Awesome!  With the kids gone, I threw my quiet breathing out the window, and just let loose — moaning very loudly.  I could tell my man loved it.  Now the head of his penis was stroking my G spot, and his tongue still lathering my breast.  It was bliss!  I climaxed with a loud yell.

To my surprise, my husband held back and didn’t orgasm with me.  I rolled him over and quickly took his penis into my mouth.  It was the first time I ever remember ‘tasting’ my own vaginal lubrication.  I didn’t mind — it was such a hot experience.  My husband was closing his eyes and grabbing my hair as I sucked him off.  The tastes, smells, sounds we SOOOO good.  I couldn’t believe it, but my pussy wanted MORE!  I stopped sucking, slid my hips down onto his cock, and started rocking and humping.  My hubby’s eyes almost bugged out.  I’m usually totally done with a ‘quicky’.  My breasts were now sweaty, my nipples still long and hard, and my man took in my bouncing boobs as I humped him hard.  I then leaned back while on top and started stroking my own clit while still humping.  About 20 seconds later I had another thunderous orgasm — but still my husband did not.

I took him in my mouth AGAIN, and I loved the new warm wettness and tastes.  It was new and good.  He was getting closer and his moaning was louder.  I actually took the opportunity to sneak 1 hand down to my pussy to continue pleasuring my clit.  He caught on and said “What are you doing down there?” I fessed up, and he said “Keep doing it.  I love it when you touch yourself!”

I stopped using my mouth and started rubbing his cock with my free hand.  It was pleanty wet!  He was about to explode, and I started rubbing myself harder.  He then took my left boob and nip in his mouth — and I rocketed to a 3rd intense orgasm.  He climaxed just seconds later, and his semen squirted all over — hitting even the headboard and some landed on his cheek.  It was adorable!  I licked lots of it up!

This was the first time I had multiple orgasms since I was breast feeding my second child.  And the first time I had a triple orgasm since my honeymoon! OHHH pure delight!!

We decided to NOT get dressed!  We just closed all the drapes, and spend the rest of Saturday completely in the nude.  We had never done this before.  It was awesome.  We watched each other masturbate prior to dinner.  And by 10pm, we were both ready for another Sex-capade!  🙂  Double orgasm this time.  We slept naked, had ‘spoon’ style sex when we woke up.  We showered, dressed, and went to church — and we couldn’t wait to get back home quickly to rip off our clothes once again.

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4 replies
  1. Tohimbetheglory says:

    Wow that was very hot. The older my wife and I get , she can usually have 2 to 3 orgasms now with her massager. Oh how I love to lick her pussy or after I have had my dick inside her when she will suck my dick and taste herself. This doesn't happen very often, but when it does it is a huge treat for me. Tohimbetheglory

  2. SecondMarge says:

    Very sexy. I am still not much of a masturbator having been raised that it was wrong. But one of the things I have tried by myself is the pulsing hand held shower head. I wish I knew the trick because I failed to cum.
    Love having my nipples sucked and nibbled but never came close to having an orgasm from just nipple stimulation. Wish I could.
    I guess I’m just not very orgasmic. I would love to be like these stories and have several.

    • Beachlover Guy says:

      It sounds as though you're on the right track, but maybe you're focusing too much on having an orgasm. Maybe just enjoying the sensation will be its own reward. Sometimes, I'll masturbate but not have enough time to cum, so I just enjoy the feeling of my cock getting harder and maybe some precum getting out. I hope your shower fun allows you pleasant feelings as you experiment with different showerhead settings. Nice to read that you love nipple stimulation too. I think I enjoy sucking nipples almost as much as the main event, and I hope you'll describe that sometime for all of us nipple-sucking fans. Anyway, wishing you fun in the shower!

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