Boy going on a vacation such as a cruise can sure be good for your sex life. My wife and I just recently returned from a Caribbean cruise.  There is something about being all alone on vacation  with your  spouse. None of the everyday cares of cooking meals, doing dishes, home maintenance and that continual annoyance of the phone ringing. It is total freedom from any stress and responsibilities.

We were both really looking forward to a good time on the cruise so we packed a few of our favorite sex toys and some massage oil.  We are no spring chickens since we have been happily married for over 30 years, so we took along some personal lubricant as well – my wife doesn’t get as wet as she used to during foreplay.

We planned to have sex more than once during the cruise but it seemed the time just flew by and we were so tired out by the end of the day’s activities that the cruise was almost over and we still hadn’t had any sex.  However the second to the last day was different. We had a relaxing day at sea so by bedtime we were both ready for each other. We just started kissing and fondling each other before we even brought out any sex toys. We both became so hot that we stripped each other’s clothes off and were ready for some oral sex. I went down on her and kissed and sucked her beautiful full, long pussy lips. I just love sucking them into my mouth, sometimes getting them close to the back off my throat. It just drives her wild.

She was soon writhing in ecstasy and groaning, throwing her head from side to side. I could not tell if she was distorting her face as well but I am quite sure she was because I see her do that when I am on top and she is really enjoying my thrusts.

I soon started to taste some of her natural pussy juices, which really turns me on.  It wasn’t long before she couldn’t stand it any longer and she exploded into a powerful orgasm. Tightening every muscle in her body and arching her back and pushing down on my head so I could eat more of her beautiful female garden.  After her orgasm I kept up  with light sucking and licking of her lips until she had a second orgasm.  She just loves it when I run my tongue from the bottom of her opening up through her long juicy pussy lips to her clit.   After her second orgasm It seemed as though she still hadn’t had enough so I kept contact with her clitoris while inserting one finger into her velvety pussy, making contact with her G-spot, until she had a THIRD orgasm.  As a side note she usually has at least two orgasms any time we have sex together. When she was younger she was capable of three to four!!  In fact many years ago on vacation at an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean she had a total of 15 in one day!! More about that another time though.

It seemed she was now thoroughly satisfied so we just laid side by side cuddling each other for a few minutes. She then took my cock into her hand, wrapped her fingers around the shaft and started to caress it and kiss it. It wasn’t long before it was quite erect and stiff. It was just aching to get inside her. She then said something my ears couldn’t believe – She said she was “going to fuck my brains out”!!  Boy did that turn me on!! She usually does not say something like that so I was really looking forward to having a GOOD time. I was not disappointed.

She got some lubricant and generously applied it to my erection and put some on her already wet and warm pussy. She laid me on my back and proceeded to sit on my cock. She Inserted it very slowly so I could concentrate on the feel of her warmth and wetness  as she took my full length deep into her.  She then rode me like a cowboy or should I say a “cowgirl”. I lifted my hips to meet her every thrust until I could take it no more. I could feel my orgasm starting to build and I quickly came inside her, filling her vagina with all the semen within me. I was exhausted – as I said previously we are no longer spring chickens.

It was a night to remember and we still talk about it. All I can say is we are looking forward to our next vacation.

Bring on the vacations!!

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