Better With Time

My wife and I have been married for over 20 years.  To say marriage gets better with time is an understatement when you are married to a private, committed, loving, sexy lady!

Our youngest went over to a friend’s house to spend the night and left us all alone, which is a fairly rare occasion.  We decided we would stay at home for the evening, cook dinner together, watch a movie together, visit and have some time to ourselves.  My wife called from the bedroom and said she was going to take a shower before we cooked dinner, agreeing with her I turned around just in time to see her walk into the kitchen wearing nothing but her tightest blue jeans… smiling like she was wanting a reply to her parade.  Telling her she had forgotten something for the shower, she immediately replied that she had everything she intended to wear for the evening.

After her shower, she stayed in the bathroom forever drying her hair and taking her time while I started our dinner.  When she came out to help with dinner wearing those tight jeans she playfully asked if I liked her evening outfit.  With no hesitation I told her she was making an A in numerous departments!  “Like what departments,” she asked, moving closer.  As she leaned over the counter in front of me I told her every thing she had was an A and always had been an A!  Showing off her totally perfect set of tits, she said, “So these are A’s”!  “Oh no, those are absolutely beautiful, round, tight D+’s my dear,” I whispered to her.  When she stood up she cupped her beautiful breasts and started lightly touching her nipples… it was obvious she was already excited.  “Do you want a taste of desert before we have dinner?” she asked.  Before I could agree she was in front of me, pulling me into her.

We made dinner together and ate, rather quickly.  We didn’t even make it to the bedroom before we made an A in togetherness.  Marriage does not take away from romance; it does affect its schedule sometimes, that is for sure.  If both of you will work at it the wait is well worth it.  Enjoy your marriage and make an A in togetherness!

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