Making Time for Romance

Making Time For Romance – Making Opportunity Count

Making Time For Romance – My wife and I are in our early fifties and been married for 32 years.  For a short time recently we started to experience the uninhibited and free open home to ourselves as “empty nesters” until the news came from our oldest daughter that her marriage after 11 years is dissolving with two grandchildren in tow.

As a result, she and our grandchildren have moved in putting the empty nest on hold for the past six months.  But we know well this is what our Lord would have us do.  Because of this came sacrifice of pouring into the life of our daughter and grandchildren which has been a joy!  Although it has been very challenging to find the time for intimacy in the home which can take a toll.

Making time for romance can be difficult.  Always waiting for an opportunity, it happened yesterday!  Daughter’s schedule was full outside of the home, my wife had the day off, and as well I moved my work schedule to do the same in our humble abode.

After waking up and taking care of some light house work together, I decided I would give Cindy some time alone.  After taking a couple hours running some needed errands, I decided to return.  Walking into the front door I called for Cindy and received no answer.  Hmm! I thought maybe she must be in bed napping.  I walked toward our bedroom and noticed the door slightly open.  I peeked in and my eyes caught hers as she lay in bed.

Making Time for Romance Heat Up

With a smile on her face she greeted me and said, “Come, lay beside me. Can you believe it? We’re all alone!” I didn’t hesitate and took the invite. We lay warmly against each other under the covers and still clothed.  We conversed about the needed desires and the prime presented opportunity, slowly caressing each other.  She turned to me with a gentle smile and pulled me forward with a soft kiss.  This drew me to a long “make out” session!  The taste of her lips and smell of her newly purchased perfume on her neck captured my senses. I moved my lips toward her neck with gentle kisses on her neck and her ear lobe.

My breathing became more brisk as the smell of her and the reciprocating movements intensified.  Finding myself still restricted because of the clothing, I stopped and said to her, “Funny thing, we are still dressed thinking that someone is still in the home or will be coming soon.  Opportunity is here, lets take it!  We don’t have to hold back!” She smiled and said, “Yes! Undress me!”  I hesitated and continued to embrace her and kiss her through her clothing. I noticed her breathing increasing as I cupped her breast gently while slowly running my hand toward her now opened legs.  Slowly, I reached in to her pants and placed my hand on her bushy mound feeling the warmth and wetness.

My member now growing rapidly, I begin to unsnap her pants just enough so I can continue savoring the smell of her perfumed body, kissing her navel while pulling off her pants, while she is panting and moving her hips so seductively. Stopping, we helped each other slowly with deep kisses getting completely undressed.  We then just rested in each others arms, eye to eye in such an uninhibited form.

I continued to be drawn once again to the smell of her body moving my lips and tongue over her.  Finding her nipples now erect, I can’t help but kiss and suck each one.  We are now blissfully moaning in rhythm.  With her on her back with her full body in view, I noticed her beautiful eyes of pleasure rolling back causing my penis to shudder.  Feeling this, she swept her hand and gently caressed my shaft and balls.  Wanting so much to release my seed within her, I drew back and began kissing her again, with whispers to her ear of how I want her juices to be totally released and flowing.  She then guides my kiss by placing her hands on my head while I slide down again caressing and kissing her nipples.  The down force of the hands on my head drawing me past her perfumed navel toward her mound she whispered, “I’m flowing, take me!”

The invitation is shown by her taking her hands away from my head and spreading her legs wide then pulling back her labia. Briskly, I slide my nose and mouth and tantalizing tongue to rest softly between her spread labia.  She then danced her hips in the desired position. The combination of her perfumed body and juices is so overwhelming, I pulled back and began massaging her lips and stroking her love button with two finger side by side gently.

Once again resting this position, she continued taking her now grinding hips at her desired speed, and touch point.  Then, with a quick movement my fingers slipped within her with a long deep moan and a begging of a thrust. I then leaned toward her neck and ear with a sweet kiss and I whispered, “Oh, oh, I want the dripping pleasure within my mouth.”  Sliding my head down while again watching her head and eyes roll from side to side, I gently teased her with the crown at entry allowing her drips to be absorbed by my penis.  Her bucking of hips became more aggressive.

I pulled back and slid two fingers in position to replace my crown.  She then again, thrust forward drawing my fingers deep within her.  Her tightness and pulsating with deep moans has released her calling out “Take me, suck me, deep!”  While moving my fingers within her, I began to lick with teasing strokes to her clit alternating with sucking.  Feeling the grasp of her lips tighten again, she climaxes again.  “More, please, more!” she exclaimed.  Continuing with this she went into several climatic shudders with deep moans.  I then whispered, “Thank you! Let me fulfill this opportunity for you!”  I then drove my shaft deep within her as she rotated her hips while loudly she moaned and said, “Please, explode within me!” Just at that I released deep within the wonderful “opportunity”!

Resting in her arms with no interruption we fell into a gentle sleep!! At rest and thankful for making time for romance!

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Making Time for Romance

By: lucyfrench123

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We have had two adult children come home. At first devastating to our sex life. We need to seize every moment. Great post, you and your wife are a blessing!

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