Erotic Vanentine's Day

Erotic Valentine’s Day – Byzantine Coins

Erotic Valentine’s Day – Last year we enjoyed an erotic Valentine’s day. I took Sarah to the museum. We visited our our favorite exhibits.

Sarah looked beautiful that day.  I dropped her at the door and parked the car, hurrying back through the misty cool air. When she spun around to see me as I walked in the door I immediately reached out to her in a warm embrace.  I whispered in her ear how beautiful she was.

We held hands and wandered from gallery to gallery.  Our erotic Valentine’s day was off to a great start. The love in our eyes was apparent to all the guards in the museum, they would give us a smile as we walked by.

Then there they were.  The Byzantine Coins.  On our first date I half jokingly said I would buy her one.  And on our wedding day, it was her gift to me, a Byzantine Coin. Since no one was in sight, Sarah turned, smiled and kissed me.  My hands rubbed all over her body.  Our erotic Valentine’s day was was heating up. It was time to go home.

As we walked back to the car, I felt the growth in my pants; I knew she was ready too.  As we made the drive home she slipped out of her seat belt, unzipped my pants, and took my penis in her mouth while gently stroking my sack with her hands.  I came while driving.

We arrived home and hurried to the bedroom.  We stripped to our naked bodies. I took the Byzantine coin and used it as my caressing tool. I started with the edged rolling the coin like a wheel. Then I used the flat surface and pressed it in various places, massaging her as well.

I worked that flat coin action down to her pussy. There I just lay it flat over her clit. I took my fingers now and caressed all around that coin, gently keeping the coin in place. She started moving and making the coin rub her sensitive spots, and her juices were making the coin wet. I kept the coin in place and inserted a finger in her right behind the coin. She was now pinching her nipples as she was getting close to climax.

I was getting hard as a rock again, which she felt against her leg. “Enter me, now.” I was about to move the coin to enter her, instead she put her fingers down there to keep the coin in place. She moved the coin a little and spread her legs for my missionary position entry. I entered her in such a way that she keep hold of the coin. The thrusting action and the movement of the coin by her fingers brought a powerful climax to her. I exploded too.

Byzantine coins are our favorite collectables now and bought us a pretty erotic Valentine’s day.

Erotic Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Erotic Vanentine's Day

By: Smabs Sputzer

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