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Outdoor Sex -A Passionate Encounter With a Zip and a Wet Bench

Outdoor Sex -My love, Andrew, and I woke early one morning to go for a run. We enjoy exercising together, it keeps us in shape, freshens up our minds, and bonds us together. This particular morning, we took the dirt road to the nature reserve. At six o’clock in the morning the sun was already shining merrily upon the world, slowly drying the mud on the sides of the road, and both causing and evaporating the beads of sweat on our brows.

We ran through the open gate to the nature reserve and continued jogging along the dewy trail until the trees shadowed us, providing a cool refuge. The leaves and sand crackled and crunched under our feet, and then we slowed right down, just enjoying the beautiful forest.Andrew took my hand in his big warm one, and drew me close to him. I gave him a smile. Apparently that was all the encouragement he needed because he slipped his hand down the back of my pants.

Now, my parents had come to stay with us for the long weekend, and this was Sunday morning. This meant that my poor darling hadn’t had any satisfaction for several days, because for some reason he never fully relaxes enough to make love when my parents are around. He thinks they’ll hear us or smell the sex on us.

He massaged my bum under my pants, and the movement made my thighs brush against his crotch a few times, so I could feel a certain bulge. I pushed closer and kissed his chin as I did my best to grind against his hardness…it felt good! I ground harder, moaning a little for his benefit, and then heard him laughing in my ear.

‘What?’ I asked, a little defensively.

Chuckling, he whispered, ‘that’s my zip.’

Slightly chagrined at having unwittingly made love to a zipper, I turned away so he couldn’t see my sheepish grin, and reached down to massage his crotch with my hand instead. His chuckle turned into a moan, and his hand reached down further into my pants until his finger touched my little secret cavern…

‘Wow,’ he groaned.

‘What now?’ I asked seductively, knowing by the way his finger was sliding over my delicate skin that I was wet down there.

‘I didn’t realize zips turned you on so much.’

I hit his shoulder and he laughed again, pulling me closer, and this time I could feel his erection for real. His other hand found my breast and began to massage it through my bra (delicious!), then he pulled it aside and we both reveled in the skin contact.

Right then some old early bird guy came walking down the trail! I felt my face flush, and I knew we’d been seen, so all I could do was hide my face against Andrew’s shoulder. He immediately withdrew his hand from my pants and pulled me against him to protect my naked breast from view. The man kindly walked past and pretended not to notice.

Outdoor Sex Still to Cum

I thought that would be the end of things in the forest, but my Love was too far gone to stop now. He scooped me up into his arms Gone With the Wind style, and ran (yes, ran), up a side trail until we got to an alcove with a wooden bench. With a swift motion he pulled down my shorts, panties and all, sat me down on the bench, knelt down in front of my splayed legs and started to kiss all around my secret. The first sensation I noticed was that of a cold, wet and sandy bum, but soon I could ignore that because my husband’s warm wet tongue was exploring my secret crevice, licking at my pearl, like a flame of passion spreading warmth throughout my belly. I became aware of a throbbing sensation deep inside me and I heard myself cry out.

‘Love, have me!’ I tugged at his arms to make him get up, and then quickly opened his belt and pulled down that zipper. Good riddance to you! His pants dropped to his ankles and in front of me was a huge erection! He grinned wickedly and nodded his penis at me, something that always makes me giggle no matter how passionate I am. So I giggled crazily and then took that penis in my hand, lay back on the bench and opened my legs wide. How we managed to make love on that old sodden bench I do not know! All I remember is a mouth on my nipple, a hard hot rod thrusting against my womb, burning me like a fever, and light flashing in my eyes. Then something happened I can only compare to lighting and thunder ripping through me, tearing through my body, and then release.

We ran home on jelly legs, and snuck through to the shower before we had to explain the mud on our clothes.


outdoor sex

By: kevin rawlings

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4 replies
  1. Anonymous says:

    We were horseback riding together last July, we were in a remote spot when my wife got off the horse and pulled off her shorts and panties. I was hard in a moment. Needless to say, it was not long and we were making love standing up. We resumed our horseback ride and made love again when we got home.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There is a state park not far from where we live. Some years ago, my wife and I chose a sunny spring day to take a long walk there. We found a relatively secluded spot to spread out a blanket and enjoy our lunch. Then we pulled our second blanket over us. After a few minutes of fumbling around, we were naked. She had me lie on my back and point my stiff cock straight up. Then she got on top of me and slid me inside her.
    “Comfortable?”, she asked, with an impish smile on her beautiful face.
    What a question! A soft blanket under me, another on top of us, the warm sunshine fueling both of our desires, and my throbbing rod engulfed in my beloved’s tight, slippery warmth. Yes, I was comfortable.
    She began to ride me, moving up and down on my pole. Her long auburn hair hung down on both sides of my head, so that all I could see was her lovely face contorted in ecstasy and her pendulous breasts bouncing. In a few minutes, her orgasm took her to heaven. As she cried out for joy, she arched her back, leaving her large, erect nipples in perfect position for me to suck on them. I did so, and a moment later I went off like a fountain inside her.
    It is now years later, but once in a while, one of us will say, “Remember that day when…”, and the other always smiles. A beautiful memory from a beautiful day.

  3. Marriage Love says:

    Great story! Haha I had to say in the mountains on that question cause I’ve checked the other spots off our list. The woods was actually a really good place. Even better than the beach in my opinion cause there are lots of things to lean against and bend over on for standing up sex. Sand can be a little bit of a challenge at the beach but the waves are a great sound to make love to…

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