First Night

When we got married we had such a special first night together. We had decided not to leave our reception early like so many do but instead to stay and enjoy our friends company for the whole evening. Some of them had traveled a fair distance to be there so it was nice to see them.

When the party was over we snuck up to the room in the hotel where we were staying. We were both quite tired by this time so decided that we would keep our virginity for a few more hours and instead just head to bed. Before we did though we prayed for a while praising and thanking God for the wonderful gift of each other. We dedicated our future to Him and asked him to be our guiding force, always supporting us and keeping us seeking his path.

We decided that the night should be a little special, so instead of changing ourselves we thought it would be nice to change each other into our pajamas. As I slowly unbuttoned the back of the gorgeous dress she was wearing her awesome beauty stunned me. I had seen her wearing not very much before in the swimming pool however this was different. This was her at her finest. The way nature had made her. I was becoming uncontrollably turned on and I’d only taken her top half off. I then paused for a while to let her take off my shirt after which she gave me a hug which was so beautiful it seemed to go on for hours. A quick peck on the lips and I moved onto her lower body. Firstly I took her dress off and admired her long smooth legs, which were made even more sexy when I took off her tights. She was then wearing just her lacy white knickers while she slowly removed my socks and shoes. She then unbuttoned and removed my trousers. I had a raging hard on by this time and I’m sure she could tell through my underwear. She very carefully slipped my pants off me and let my manhood spring to attention. It was as much as I could do to take of her lovely panties and finally we were both naked together.

We sat admiring each other for a while before taking it in turns to touch each other’s genitals. It felt so nice to finally be allowed to touch her sweet wet vulva and slip a finger into the entrance of her vagina. When she held my penis in her hand I felt like I was going to explode with pleasure. That night we kept our pledge to remain virgins and slept with just enough clothing to keep our privates private. We fell asleep hugging each other although it took a long time before we finally couldn’t keep awake any longer, we were both so happy.

In the morning we woke late and made love to each other for the very first time. It was so nice to have waited until we were awake before sharing the greatest depths of sexual intimacy with each other for the first time. And boy was it worth waiting for.

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