Just Married

Just married He carried her over the thresh hold, he feet kicking excitedly as he laid her on the bed.

“My dear,” he said, “You’ll never forget this night.”

She glanced down at the new ring that adorned her finger. She had waited so long for this night. Oh, how she wanted him. His hands ran up the silk of her dress, just skimming lightly over her legs, hips, stomach, and breasts. She moaned as he caught her ear between his teeth and began to nibble gently. His mouth slowly moved to hers, and finding it, captured it and claimed it as his own. She could feel his hands stroking her, running all over her body, and she became more and more aroused.

He found the zipper to her dress and gently, almost playfully, tugged it down. As soon as his hands made contact with her bare flesh, he knew he needed her. Her fingers fumbled with the button of his pants while he slipped the dress off of her and it floated gently to the floor. The passion rising, she released the button with a cry of triumph and pulled the pants off him, where they joined her dress. Undressing each other slowly, but yet urgently, they found passions arising in them as never before.

Fully naked, he lay on top of her stroking her hair and kissing her gently. When he entered her, it wasn’t fiery with passion, but slow, and gentle, and loving. He had waited so long to have her, and she to have him. She stroked his back and buttocks as they rode together on the waves of their passion. They spent the night locked in each other’s arms, discovering new things about each other, and themselves. More in love than ever, the newlyweds made love until finally, they fell asleep, locked together, and satisfied.

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