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Marriage Fantasy – How We Stay Hot for Our Spouses

Marriage Fantasy – All humans are creative and have imaginations. In sex, our imaginations are often thought of as fantasy.  Fantasy is what goes on in the brain that either directs sexual  relations or it is the result of hormonal biological urges that creates sexual thoughts. See Wikipedia Article  Our fantasy thinking supports our sexual expectations or it creates our sexual expectations.

For those of us interested in shaping a marriage fantasy life that builds our marriages, we need to tend the garden of our thoughts so that the fruit produced heats up our mind for marriage sex creativity. We need to keep from coveting others.  How do we tend the garden of marriage fantasy life to keep healthy thoughts?

Marriage Fantasy Discernment

We need to understand that our fantasy life needs to be nurtured to support hot monogamy. The Song of Solomon book of the Bible is literature that is very erotic for marriage fantasy. When we read content or watch movies or scan the internet, we need to read those things that support hot monogamy. The fact is that we will see much that we need to pick and choose from to inspire our marriage fantasy.  We need to go deeper in our discernment. So many of the sex stories we observe on the Internet have a world view that elevates pleasure and evolution as the highest principle. A website like marriage heat is rare on the Internet, especially a site that seeks to suggest that sex in marriage is the best sex.

Keep Away from Content that dulls Marriage Fantasy

Pornography can visually and emotionally quickly give us a fantasy we never thought of before. Many people believe that pornography is just fantasy. From a Christian world view, pornography crosses the line beyond “art” and ventures into planting sinful weeds in our imagination.

  • Pornography and Non-monogamous Erotica create sinful desires in our imaginations. Pornography features lighting, mood, and extreme visual depiction of sexuality that includes non-monogamous sex. Healthy marriage fantasies are replaced with pornography fantasies that are often unrealistic, sinful and unsustainable in a loving marriage. These pornography or non-monogamous erotica fantasies set us up to be critical of healthy monogamous marriage fantasy.
  • Pornography or Non-Marriage Erotica creates a monkey see, monkey do imagination. Studies have shown that fantasy or creativity in the mind sometimes proceeds action. The Bible says when wicked people have their minds given over to wicked thoughts then wicked actions follow. See Roman 1:28.
  • Pornography creates critical comparisons that hurts your marriage fantasy. Pornography can create the fantasy man or woman that makes us have low self-esteem about who we are created to be. What man can compete with the professional “studs”? What woman can compete with what “those” women do?  This sort of imagination hurts the creation of healthy enduring marriage fantasy.

Share your Fantasy Thoughts with your Spouse

Share your fantasy life with your spouse. When you talk about your fantasies or even verbalize aspects of your fantasy life to each other this can be a turn on. When we share our marriage fantasies with our spouses we have to make sure that we are not trying to secretly criticize them or trying to control them. Sharing a marriage fantasy is just sexy talk that may or may not be fulfilled. It is similar to talking about your fantasy house knowing full well that you may never live in that house.

Marriage is Real, Fantasies May Just Be Fiction

Many marriage couples like to role play, taking the character in a play. While this is fun, never let the fiction inspire reality or longing in real life. When you read a book, or watch a movie, something in that story may inspire a fiction fantasy. While this may be a blessing in a marriage be careful not to enter the world of longing for sinful culture.

Write Erotic Marriage Stories or an Erotic Diary

We have noticed that authors submit stories to marriage heat, in this anonymous format, we share stories that encourage us to develop that creative aspect of our marriage fantasy life. A private diary would also be helpful, and so what if the kids find that someday when we are in the nursing home.  We should celebrate hot monogamy.

These are some thoughts we have about marriage fantasy at marriage heat. We would love to hear your comments.


marriage fantasy

By: M Yashna





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  1. 76servant says:

    Open communication between spouses is key! Sharing of the fantasies for the only purpose of pleasing one another in mutual consent. If the scope is out of this it can be dangerous and damaging. The shared experiences shared on MH have helped me greatly in learning about growing my marriage strong in intimacy. That is what MH does so well! Thank you MH staff!

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