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Privacy Ideas – Marriage Sex in Secret

Privacy Ideas: We were at an amusement resort with the family for a week, and we were sharing a hotel room with our three wonderful children.  After a few dry nights, once the lights went out my hands wandered but my wife would stop me because there was no privacy and our children were old enough to notice. She knew I was getting frustrated, but what could we do?

Finally, one morning we woke before they did. My hands crept into her panties and she eagerly tilted her hips. I spread her out with two fingers and slowly stroked with another and she started breathing heavy. She grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom. Luckily there was a lock on the door. We got out of our pajamas (I was having a hard time not popping out of mine) and got in the shower together to hide the noise. We had a long sensual hug. I shampooed her, which always turns her on. My hands played with her big wet breasts. Soon my soapy hand was stroking her clitoris and she was gripping my penis.

She climaxed in a few minutes and then put my soapy penis between her legs. I was moving back and forth against her legs, but she tilted her hips and adjusted my position – suddenly it felt wonderfully warm. I whispered in her ear – am I inside you? – She nodded, and held on to my shoulders as I lifted her off the ground with my thrusts. I soon started gushing. When I finally popped out I could see my semen washing down her leg.

That’s all the time we had – soon there were knocks on the door. We came out smiling and said we were done with our showers, my teenage daughter gave us a very funny look! I know she didn’t hear anything, but we are not afraid of her knowing we are sexually active, so we just kept smiling. But my legs were like jelly the rest of the day!

Check out this shower story!

Privacy Ideas: Comment Below and Share your Privacy Ideas

Privacy ideas become really needed if you have a family or you live in tight quarters. Many times marriage couples will want to make love, but the lack of privacy stops them.  What are some privacy ideas you can share? Who know your privacy ides will really help someone else.

Privacy Ideas

By: ismael villafranco

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7 replies
  1. Anonymous says:

    The strongest orgasm my wife ever gave me happened in the shower, much like the couple in this story. After we soaped and shampooed each other, Michelle poured more shampoo onto my erect penis while I continued to lather her 36DD breasts. Then, as I stood with my back to the rushing shower water, my loving wife knelt in front of me, took my soapy rod into her slippery cleavage, and pushed her breasts together with her hands. The sensation was amazing — it felt just like being inside her tight vagina. I began thrusting between her big boobs, and about one minute later shot huge amounts of semen all over her breasts and cleavage. The pleasure was so intense that I screamed and had to grab the facecloth bar to keep from falling over!

    • Loved by my Wife says:

      I never thought a boob-job sounded very appealing, but your description makes me want to try it with my beautiful wife.

  2. Marriage Love says:

    depending on where we are. If we are in a room with other people sleeping (like a hotel room) the bathroom is a better place to go or just driving out somewhere in the car. I know if we’re at a host’s house visiting I’ll wear a gag or take my husband’s fingers in my mouth so I don’t make too much noise.

  3. pigweed says:

    You can sneak away lots of places. If she is wearing a loose skirt and no panties you can literally pull it off with her facing you standing on the next step if she is short or bending over in front of you if she enjoys that. If you are hot for each other from lots of touches it will not take long just keep something handy to wipe with. One of our favorites is in the car with children sleeping in the back. There’s lots of time on the road and having a thin blanket handy in case you are in traffic is nice. Her sitting on a towel is nice if she ejaculates. You talk and tell her how much you enjoy this then let your fingers do the walking and tell her without words how much you love her and love bringing her pretty pussy pleasure. Sliding two fingers between her super wet labia is about the most titillating (pun intended) thing you can do because you cannot stop and finish with good screw so just PLAY AND PLAY AND MAKE MEMORIES AND AFTER 30 PLUS YEARS THERE’S A BUNCH AND THEY ARE SPICY. If you are alone in the car you can really make this wild plus you can stop in a parking lot or deserted area and finish. In Texas we pulled off after her orgasm and she had another one while knelt in front of her and serviced her real good. It kept us awake as were driving late at night to her uncles funeral. Prolonged sexual pleasure can produce some serious orgasms.

    • Loved by my Wife says:

      Great suggestions & you are absolutely right about prolonged foreplay: long ejaculations are the best orgasms.

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