After the Season’s – Second Round(half)

Susan and I are in our early fifties in a pre-empty nest season.  Moving to East coast as staff missionaries and raising our children in the life of ministry has been very rewarding and as well with a share of sufferings.  Our three children home schooled took much sacrifice.  Through this, we moved through giving much to our children and others with continual effort to pursue our intimacy.  The challenge has been that I have a much higher sex drive than her.  It’s taken some time (years) to grow and learn how I can please her and meet her drives through the times.  I for the most part like to be spontaneous and her wanting it planned.  What a vast of difference.  In this, the dance of life raising our children has been a challenge to bring each other to the totally freedom to let go with each other sexually. Having to run away to a secluded hotel from the weekend to engaging in a car is exciting but find myself just wanting to take my fantasies about her further.  Just sharing my heart folks!

Our primary ministry has always been our children and family then friends.  The investments have had much rewards as I said but much hard ache as well.  As our young adult children were growing into adulthood we found that they were caught up in the night scene bringing it to a desire for wordly satisfaction of alcohol and pre-marital sex.  The pain of this took from both of us greatly in the past 7 years.  Counseling sessions and interventions exhausted the both of us.  The hardest was the past two years.  On December 14th, 2010 our daughter died due to an abrupt pulmonary failure.  Yes, this hurt!!  And continues to pour like a flood into all our hearts.  The joy although was a year later our youngest (son) married and gave to us beautiful daughter-in-law and a grandson. What a joy and a sweet blessing!  Our oldest daughter though, now has moved in with shared custody of our other two grand children as she is pressed in a separated marriage.

Thus to say, the emotional outpouring of the bitter-sweet has been a constant and exhausting.  As well, the change in age brings it’s own challenges. Susan’s menepausal situation has made it harder.  Recently, going through the perscribed testatorone and estrogen therapy has given a hope for the second half.


After a long work week yesterday (Friday) after Christmas I made a dinner date with Susan.  We had wonderful time of conversations about the past experiences with our life dance.  Dinner and a couple of glasses of wine later we arrived home to find we were alone.  She had made her way to the bedroom to change into something more comfortable while I search for a movie to watch.  She came back out in her soft white one piece gown.  She sat beside me and said “what do you think about the new panties and bra set we got a Victoria Secrets”?  I was moved!  I said, can I touch?  Her response, “yes, please!”  I then smiled took ahold of her breast while kissing her neck.  The slight moan of her breath drew me to continue.   Making my way downward pulling down bra she reaches and gently slides her had over my already hardened shaft.  Wanting her so much to take it in her hand I whisper “oh, I’m so throbbing!”.  We begin to sit back trying to gain some restraint and capture the movie scenes but the beautiful and tantilizing shared touches draw us away.  She then motion her legs over my lap with an open invitation and I continue to let my kisses and tongue explore alternating between her neck down to her very exposed breasts.  Swirling my tongue with moments of sucking of the nipples draws her saying … “Oh, more! Give me more!”  Taking the directive, I begin slowly in a teasing manner slide myself on my knees beside the couch as she layed massaging her breasts, stomach, arms and legs with intermittent kisses.  Her breathing becomes more vigorous with long moans…”ahh, mmm, yes!!!  As I shift one hand onto her mound she reaches in unision for my penis now throbbing and pulsating.  Sliding my head down past her navel she grabs ahold of my head gently saying “feed on my lovely flowing juices”!  She pulling aside her panties with the invitation, I swirl my tongue throughout her labia warm wet lips in a soft sucking manner.  Her thrusting pelvic movement draws me to rest my kisses on her clit savoring each drip.  Pre-cum from my member now allowing her to stroke with ease.  Wanting to unleash, I hold back while slipping my fingers into her very went love canal while licking her clit and grinding.  With a long moan she is released with an intense orgasm.  The pulsating of her vagina on my lips takes me calling for her…”oh, Susan, take me! I stand as she positions hers sitting directly in front of shaft.  With both hands stroking my balls and penis she moves to licking and sucking my crown. No longer she lays back down saying…”give it to me, my juices are flowing for you”! proceeded by taking my shaft in hand slowly rubbing in teasing manner over her clit.  She then grabs it with her own and says, “let me take care of it for you”! sliding it slowly within her then grabbing my butt with another deep moan she bursts into another climax now saying “give it to me, please deeper and harder, oh! Ahh! With that I know longer can hold back with a fast a vigorous thrust I explode deep within as the vibration and pulsating causes the joined climax.  Resting a bit within each others arms we kiss and make our way to bedroom.  Falling to sleep in each others arms.  After a short rest of an hour or so, I find myself with my fingers resting inside her still wet love spot.  Hard again, I her to the second round, with more energy and I thrust slowly and deep.  Awaken, she then begins bucking up against me with long crying moans….oh! second round…please give it to me Tom! (name changed). We move from missionary position to spooning climaxes. With a sweet whisper, saying…”now take me from behind!”  She turns while revealing her butt and vagina in air I take her deep pulling at her hips as she swirls in and out.  Within no time she pulls away and says….”relax, let me take it from here!”  She guides me to lay down as she reaches down taking my penis deep in her throat.  Wanting now so much to release my fluid she stops saying…”this will bring you there!”…so mounts me and rides in every sweeping motion with her pleading of “fill me up!”  we then join finishing the second half with a deep long wet and fulfilled awe of orgasm in unison. Resting each other she whispers “Tom,  thank you for the Second Half!”  I thank her as well, turn her on her back and say…”let me close with this!”  I sweep my tongue to clean between her labia lips and clitoris.  The joy of the shared dance of the juices bring her to a final orgasm to a quiet sleep.

The intimate Second Half is a beautiful God given life dance!

Thank you for allowing me to share the Dance!


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