Shower For Two

As I opened the door to the apartment, I heard the shower running. My husband, George, must have gotten off work early. He worked construction and when he got home, the first thing he always did was jump into a hot shower.

Setting my briefcase down on the couch, I walked into the bedroom. I thought I’d give George a little surprise. It was rare I was ever home in time for his shower. I always ended up missing it. Well, not today.

I slipped my suit jacket off and laid it on the bed. Kicking off my heels, I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I slid my stockings down my legs and dropped them on the floor next to my skirt. My silk blouse joined my jacket on the bed. Walking towards the bathroom, I unhooked my bra and slid my panties down.

Naked, I opened the bathroom door. Steam had filled the room and the mirrors were fogged. The smell of soap mixed with George’s natural scent and created a masculine aroma that turned me on.

Opening the shower door slowly and quietly, I stepped into the hot shower. George’s body never ceases to amaze me. He’s about 4 inches taller than me. His body is tan and muscled from the construction work he does. I love wide shoulders, and George has the widest shoulders I’ve ever seen.

I watched the water pour over his body, the soap suds flowing over his muscled thighs and down to the drain. Stepping up behind him, I slid my hands gently up his back. George stopped and looked over his shoulder at me. He started to talk.

“Hush…. let me help you with your shower.” I whispered to him as my hands rubbed his back.

He smiled and turned back toward the water. I grabbed the soap and lathered it in my hands. Working it into his skin, I massaged his back and shoulders. My hands kneaded his shoulders, rubbing firmly. Moving my hands down, I cupped his ass and squeezed. My fingers worked his butt, squeezing and massaging his hard ass.

I knelt down behind him and ran my hands down his legs. Using two hands, I massaged his left thigh and then his left calf. Moving to the right thigh, I repeated the action, rubbing slow and firm. I could see his sac hanging between his legs. I reached in and cupped his balls gently. George moaned and leaned one hand against the shower wall.

Standing, I turned George around to face me. I pushed him back under the water, letting the soap wash away from his back. I looked down and his hard cock was standing straight.

Taking the soap in my hands again, I rubbed my soapy hands over his chest. My fingers swirled around his nipples and he moaned. George has very sensitive nipples for a man. I love to torture him by playing with them.

My hands wandered down his stomach and down to his groin. Looking him in the eyes, I cupped his cock in my soapy hands and rubbed up and down. His eyes began to glaze over and I heard a moan escape his lips.

I pushed him back under the water again to get the soap off. He closed his eyes and let the hot water rage over him. I heard a quick intake of breath as he leaned his head forward and looked down to find me kneeling in front of him. I had taken his hard cock in my mouth and sucked in water around it. The water swirled around his cock in my mouth.

Bracing my hands against his massive thighs, I sucked hard on his cock. The water rushed down his body, flowing to his groin. Taking his cock in my hands, I pulled my mouth back and watched the water caress his member. I squeezed and pumped my hands up and down. George moaned and leaned back further in the water.

My fingers pumped him gently, the water gushing from between my fingers. Again, I slipped his cock between my lips and sucked. My head bobbed up and down on his rod and I sucked hard, my lips wrapping tight around him. Cupping his balls in my right hand, I sucked and pumped him with my left hand. George’s moans grew louder and stronger. I felt his cock surging with intensity. The head began to throb in my mouth. Suddenly, his cum exploded in my mouth. I sucked harder and faster as he moaned and thrust his hips into my face.

Rising, I rubbed my hands over his chest and then around his neck. I pulled his head down and my lips met his. Our kiss was long and deep. His tongue flicked into my mouth and played with my own tongue. I moaned. George’s hands had wrapped around me and were cupping my ass, lifting me up to him.

As George kissed me, the water running down over and between us, he lifted my leg and tucked it up on his hip. I felt the hot water run down between my legs and over my throbbing pussy. George kissed my neck and I felt his finger rub against my pussy lips. I moaned.

Cupping his hand, George caught as much water as possible and then brought it up against my mound. The warm water gushed up inside me. Turning us around, George stood me under the water so it was running down my breasts to my mound. Smiling, George knelt down in front of me. Opening my legs, George watched as the water caressed my pussy. Water flowed over my clit, making it hard and sensitive.

George leaned his head back and filled his mouth with water. With his full mouth, George covered my pussy and I felt his tongue thrust water up inside me. I moaned and closed my eyes. George’s tongue and water played with me, opening me. George swallowed and all I felt was George’s tongue dive up inside me and the water run over my lips.

In and out his tongue went, diving deeper each time. He didn’t open me, just let his tongue thrust up and in. I moaned and rubbed my breasts, the water caressing them. My nipples were hard and I squeezed them gently. The water slipped between my legs not wanting to be outdone by George.

Finally, his mouth closed around my engorged clit and George sucked. I felt like he was going to pull me inside him whole. I felt my body tighten. I felt the fire rush through me. I moaned and my body exploded in orgasm. George sucked harder and then covered my mound with his mouth. Sucking all I had into his mouth, George tore another quick orgasm from me.

Standing up against me, George reached behind me and turned off the water. Opening the shower door, I went to step out. George stopped me. Pulling me against him, George kissed my mouth hard. I wrapped my arms around him. Lifting me, George carried me out of the shower and into the bathroom. Setting me on the bathroom counter, George opened my legs and pulled me close to the edge.

George’s cock was hard. Taking his cock in my hand, I pulled him towards me, opening myself for him. As his cock slowly slid inside my sensitive pussy, I moaned. Pulling my legs up around his waist, George fucked me, his cock going deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Our moans filled the bathroom. The steam swirled around us. George pulled me to him more and nearly lifted me off the counter. His cock banged hard into me.

George screamed out as he thrust his cock harder and faster into my tight pussy. I scratched my nails into his back as I felt my pussy tighten around his pulsing cock. My body shook as my orgasm tore through me.

“Here I come baby! Here it comes!

George thrust hard and deep three more times and then I felt his warm cum spew inside me. Another orgasm ripped through my pussy and I moaned into his chest. I relaxed my legs and let them fall against the counter. George’s cock slowly slid from within me.

“I think we need another shower, baby.”

I smiled as George reached to turn the water on again.

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