The Boat

“So this is what it would be like to be rich,” Stan whistled, his hands slipping through the steering wheel of the yacht.  By most

standards, Stan was already a wealthy man though he’d never thought of what he had in those terms, nor had he indulged in many ‘toys,’ such as a yacht.  Moored in the Tri-Cities, it seemed to handle the waters of the Columbia easily as he throttled the engine away from port to the east.

“We’re already rich,” his best friend and business partner muttered, gesturing out the front of the boat.

“You got that right,” Stan agreed.  It was a mystery as to why those two gorgeous women tolerated blokes like them, but they did.  At the moment Lisa and Marie were chatting animatedly near the bow of the boat, pointing at something on the shore.  With hair waving in the wind, sunglasses to protect their eyes, their bodies kissed by the sun, they looked marvelous, their bikinis carefully chosen, so it seemed, to make their husbands drive the boat crooked.

The trip took about an hour, but sufficed to take them past the great bend to open water.  The river was fairly wide at this point, at least wide enough so that none would wonder at a boat bobbing around in the water while two couples enjoyed one another’s company and took time to unwind.  Lying back in the warmth of the sun, the men dropped fishing lines into the water and periodically ‘grunted’ at one another if either felt the need to communicate.  Honestly, neither one wanted a fish to bite, as it would require actual work.

“Wow, it’s gorgeous out here!”

“Sure is, Lis,” Marie agreed, reaching for her tanning oil.  “The guys are probably sleeping already.”

“Think so?  I thought they were going to try some fishing.”

“Probably with unbaited hooks,” Marie giggled.  Moistening her hands with tanning oil, she stretched out her legs, polishing them until they glistened in the bright sunshine.

Lisa did the same, loving how the sunshine’s warmth seemed to surround her.  She stretched her own legs out, and proceeded to apply the protecting tanning oil, smiling at Marie as she did so.  This was going to be fun.  They had enough supplies to last for at least a week, if they wanted to, though after a couple days her husband would want to return to his beloved wheat fields.  But for now, they could rest in the warm sun, and light breeze.

“Can you get my back?” Marie asked, turning herself so Lisa could lend some assistance.  Feeling her best friend’s hands rubbing the tanning oil on, she murmured, “Those guys are probably going to look like lobsters unless we warn them to cover up a bit.”

“I dunno’,” Lisa giggled.  “I think we’re the ones actually showing a little bit more skin.”  That was an understatement, and one for which both men were appreciative!

“Maybe we better go give them fair warning,” Marie wondered.  “At least then they can’t blame us.”  Standing, Marie offered her hand to Lisa, who took it, and rose to her feet.  Laughing, they followed the rail to the back of the boat, where their men rested.  “Boys, I know you don’t have much experience with all this,” Marie called as they neared their husbands.  “But you better put on some sun block or you’ll look like lobster within the hour.  The sun’s reflecting off the water and – ”

Stan held up his hand with the sun screen.  “Got it, Babe.  We just got done helping each other get it on.  I said, ‘Please help me put it on my back, won’t you?’  And he said, ‘All right Stan.’  And then I said – ”

“Well good for you!” Marie said with mock disgust.  “Glad you bozos are so helpful to one another… Stop laughing, Lisa!”  She glared at her cousin, who was also laughing as Stan, who loved to needle Marie, drawled his drivel.

“I can’t help it!”

Lifting the corner of his hat and lowering his sunglasses, Stan eyed them both, which was a highly rewarding exercise.  He absolutely loved Marie’s taste in swimsuits.  No, that wasn’t quite correct.  Frankly, it could have been a potato sack she was dressed in, and it would likely have had the same effect on him.  Hands on hips, she made quite the picture, arousal flashing through him like an arrow to the heart.  The tan bikini fit her like a glove, and only made him wonder again what was underneath.  The skin tight outline of her femininity under her suit seemed to tease his desire even more than if she’d been undressed!  And Lisa, too – sweet Lisa – the blue of her swimsuit seemed to match the color of her eyes, beautiful breasts threatening to burst from her bikini top at the slightest ‘provocation.’  A man could only hope.  “Nice,” he said simply, giving Marie a boyish, if not exasperating, grin before dropping his sunglasses again.

“C’mon, Lis,” Marie muttered, reaching for her best friend’s hand to whirl her back towards the front of the boat.

“Ahhh, don’t be too hard on them,” Lisa giggled.

“But that’s exactly how we want them,” Marie cackled, sitting back down on her towel.  She’d received what she’d gone back there for: the gleam in her husband’s eye.  The truth was, she enjoyed making him horny, and it wasn’t that ‘hard’ of a task.  The barbs she traded with her much-loved Stanley didn’t fool anyone.  Her cousin had once even suggested it was part of their ‘mating ritual.’  His observation had been ill timed, for even the normally calm and collected Stanley had laughed hard enough to nearly choke on what he’d been eating at the time.

The day seemed to pass lazily by.  One of the men actually caught a fish, and then struggled to make sure he could release it, so he didn’t have to actually clean it and deal with it.  The women alternated between rapid-fire conversation, which was their usual custom, mixed with some mindless fun romance book reading.  Late in the afternoon they took a swim together in the river, which was colder than it appeared from the boat.  Still later, Stan fired up the mini-grill and cooked up a batch of hamburgers for supper.

Driving the boat further down the river so they could see to the west, they set it at anchor and sat together on the bow as the sun disappeared in the west.  “Oh, that’s a beautiful view,” Lisa purred.  She sat between her husband’s legs, both of them facing the west, listening to the sounds of the water, and feeling the summer warmth that, for the moment, defied the departing of day.  They could hear the occasional passing of cars on the highway far away at shore, but it was otherwise quiet, and peaceful.

“You sure are,” her husband whispered softly, reaching around her to gently touch a whispery smooth leg.  The sun was indeed beautiful, but he couldn’t conceive of anything more beautiful than the adorable woman that had agreed to share his life, and everything that came with it.  Nuzzling his face at her shoulder, he glanced briefly at the fading sunlight, then returned his gaze to the shadowy cleft of her breasts, already undressing her in his mind and enjoying the sweet wonders of her gorgeous body.

Marie dropped her camera with a sigh.  “I’ve never been able to capture a sunset very well,” she complained.  She was also seated between her husband’s legs, and leaned on him as she tried to show Lisa her handiwork.

“That’s not too bad,” Lisa smiled.

“Not too good, either.”

“Those pictures in the flower field turned out good,” Stan chuckled.

“I’ll bet you liked those,” Marie giggled.  It would have been more fun without the pesky bees, but both husbands had appreciated their efforts profusely.

Marie lifted the camera one last time to try to catch the fading light.  “Here, let me ‘help’ with that,” Stan murmured, reaching around to cup her breasts in hand.

“Thanks, Babe,” Marie giggled.  “But at the very least you can try to hold me still.”

Lisa leaned her head against her husband’s, loving the feel of his arms around her and in being nestled close to him.  Staring off to the fading light of the west, she let her mind wander.  She could tell he was already hard, and smiled to herself as she softly wiggled her bum against him, just to let him know that she knew.  Long a secret fantasy, of making love with him on a boat in the fading light of day, she looked forward to its fulfillment this very night!  They’d talked about it before taking the trip, and just the idea of it had already given them more than one sleepless night of passion.

“Is it time?” Marie asked softly, turning to her best friend.

Lisa giggled, and felt her cheeks color.  Of course her best friend knew about this secret little fantasy, too.  She shrugged her shoulders and looked again at the fading light.  Light enough to see… and yet nobody would.

Marie smiled softly, thankful again for Lisa.  She glanced at her cousin, who was also staring into the fading light, a peaceful look on his face.  A childhood best friend, she loved him too, even if he did still owe her for finding Lisa for him.  And he knew it, too.  Feeling a soft squeeze, she looked down at her breasts.  Though she’d set down the camera some time ago, her persistent husband was still trying to ‘help,’ his right hand holding her breast and his fingertips diligently stroking a stiffening nipple as it searched for freedom from her bikini.  She shivered as an erotic tingle passed through her.  “C’mon, lover,” she whispered, rising to her feet.  “I think we’ll head on down,” she said, pointing to the back of the boat.  Below they’d still need to share a room with their friends, but for the moment they would be apart.  Catching her husband’s eye, she gave him a wink as she drew Stan to his feet.

They watched their friends walk off, an unabashed Stan sliding his hand into Marie’s bikini bottom to feel the soft skin of her bum.  “They’re something else, aren’t they?”

“Best friends in the world,” Lisa whispered softly, immediately drawing his hands to her breasts.

“I’ll say,” he murmured, feeling rigid nipples outlined against her suit.  “I’ve never been on a yacht.  Ain’t it nice to know someone that can afford to rent one?”

That was true.  She probably owed Stan a friendly kiss for renting the boat and unwittingly giving her opportunity to fulfill one of her sweet fantasies.  Then again, it was probably because Marie was the one that got him to do it.  “At the moment,” Lisa purred.  “I’m not worried about dollars and cents.”  Leaning forward, she felt her husband’s hands gently untie her top, even as her own hands fumbled with the strings of her bikini bottom.

“No, I suppose not,” he whispered, feeling her lovely skin.  Her breasts seemed to cry with relief, gorgeous chestnut colored nipples straining to touch the palms of his hands as he held her.  Her hair fluttered around her as she stared down at her breasts, gloriously beautiful in the evening twilight.  “You are SO beautiful,” he whispered with feeling.  And though she’d heard him say it ten thousand times, it still felt good to hear it from his lips, and to know again that he found her attractive.  The utter humility and adoration in his voice reminded her again of some of the reasons she loved this man, and the gift she’d been given from her best friend.

“I love you Babe,” she whispered.

“I love you too,” he returned, his face smiling as he nuzzled her neck and smelled her hair.  Was there any man on the planet as lucky as he felt, right at this very moment?

Standing up, Lisa looked towards the horizon, the rest of her bikini falling from her.  The air still felt warm, a soft breeze caressing her body and tickling her hair.  Looking over her shoulder, she looked down at him, a smile filling her face.  He was doubtless enjoying the stunning view, even as she reveled in the simple freedom of being naked, and unashamed.

“Just like that,” he murmured, holding Marie’s digital camera and snapping a picture.  He checked the viewfinder and sighed softly.  Her profile in the shadowy, fainting light was stunning, to say the least, and he wondered again just why this beautiful creature had agreed to marry a plain ol’ guy like him.  And if that wasn’t enough, she turned to face him, gazing seductively down at him with hands on hips.  He snapped another picture, feeling desire course through his veins in near heart-stopping pulses.  “Beautiful,” he murmured again, his eyes drawn to her soft tummy, and lower, the narrow landing strip of pubic hair unerringly pointing the way to where she wished him to be.  He put the camera down, sensing far more important things at hand.

Kneeling purposefully as he stood, she gazed up at him, watching his face as she slipped warm fingers into the waistband of his shorts, gently drawing them down his legs.  Swollen with desire, his manhood popped free, bobbing in front of her with each pounding beat of his heart.  He felt her exhaled sigh of contentment, which tingled against his now bare skin, and again met her sweet smile as she looked up at him.  He could still see the blue of her eyes, luminous in the fading light, which seemed to peer into his with the longing of one soul for another.

Leaning in close, she kissed the tip of his manhood, smiling when he winced in delight.  Gently squeezing him at his base, she flickered her eyes up to his, before returning to gaze at him, already dreaming of what he would feel like inside of her.  Long and hard, a glistening pearl of precum formed at his tip, until it tumbled over the side of his soft crown and down his thick shaft in a slick trail.  The pleasure from her soft hand felt excruciating.  “Lisa,” he moaned softly, his hands finding her soft hair.


Below deck another man moaned softly.  Sprawled on her back on their bed, a gloriously naked Marie stared up at him as he gently pressed an enormous penis into her soft lips.  Reaching her arms around, she gently gripped his quivering thighs as he drew forward, watching himself disappear into her mouth.  Up close, she stared at him, loving the exquisite vulnerability of his body even as she yearned to give him pleasure that would take his breath away, just as he was about to take away hers.  Tilting her head, she gazed between his powerful legs.  Perhaps to some it was not the most flattering view, but she didn’t care, loving every quiver of his legs, the softness of his ‘sack’ that contained the seed of life, and the contours of his cute butt.

“Oh … Marie,” he gasped.  He seemed to surge forward into her as she accepted him into the softness of her throat, even as he instinctively wondered if he should pull back, not wishing to hurt her.  He felt her hands insistent on the back of his thighs, as she drew him deeper, and simply held him there.  Her lips felt soft at the base of his manhood, his ‘sword’ tenderly sheathed in his lover.  It would forever be a mystery to him as to how she did this, but at the moment he was completely incapable of speech, only whimpers managing to escape his lips.  It was enough to hold him there, for the moment, though she fantasized of another sword piercing her desire with piston-like strokes at the same time.  She’d shared this with him many times in their moments of passion, her heart unashamedly spilling its naughty fantasies to his eager ears, which was like pouring gas on the flames of their passion.


“Oh, Lisa,” he moaned softly again, feeling the surrounding softness of her mouth, her slippery tongue bathing him with wet warmth as she explored the soft crown of his penis.  Momentarily watching her softly bob up and down on him, he finally tore his gaze away to the still colored west.  It felt surreal, naked with his sweet lover in God’s creation, and he felt supremely blessed, and suddenly without a single care in the world.  Nothing else mattered, and a part of him felt like all but shouting for the joy he felt, to be so loved.  He looked down at her again, admiring her soft hair as it hung down her smooth back, pointing at her little feet that appeared below her bum.  He smiled again.  His soul absolutely ravished, how could he not smile?  “S-sweetheart,” he whispered softly, urging her to stop.  “Y-you’re going to make me blow my stack!”

Licking her lips, she looked up at him, her eyes now practically glowing in the dark.  “That’s the general idea,” she murmured seductively.  “You can cum in my mouth.”  And then she took him again, doing her best to swallow him whole, scarcely realizing that a thousand lights seemed to burst all at once in his brain just from her hotly whispered words.

The lights burst, and concentrated their ache in one spot.  His words unintelligible as he valiantly attempted to go against every single one of his instincts at the moment, he again urged her to stop, looking with fierce intensity into her pretty face.  His body seemed to taunt him, the stabbing aches of pleasure throbbing through his manhood in agonizing pulses.  Not here, not now.  This was her fantasy.  The pleading look in his eyes drew her to her feet, and quickly into his arms, their faces close together where each could feel the quickened breaths of the other.  Sweeping her into his arms in one sudden movement, he whispered hotly in her ear as he gently carried her to the raised section of the boat’s bow.

Seated on the towels they had used earlier in the day, she looked ponderously at him as he knelt, tenderly kissing both knees as he watched her face.  Gently parting her legs, he drew a trail of kisses over shimmering, smooth thighs, drawing closer and closer to her quivering waist.  “S-sweetheart,” she breathed, feeling him gently kiss her belly button before proceeding lower.

He loved the sound of her voice.  At the moment, he was feasting in absolute delight, his soft lips enjoying every part of her skin where they landed.  Feeling the soft bristle of her pubic hair, he looked up at her again.  Her mouth was open slightly, a delirious, and utterly wanton look on her face as she stared back into his eyes, as if willing him to continue.  And continue he did, smelling her soft skin, rubbing his cheek against her soft landing strip, and kissing the bead of her passion, nestled sweetly at the top of her soft feminine cleft.  Instantly coming up to surround him, she clasped her gorgeous legs around his head, watching breathlessly as his handsome face enjoyed the beauty of her femininity.  A thousand images poured through her mind in an instant of their shared imaginings as to how this night would be.  Gasping as he seemed to speak to her with his tongue, cherishing the taste of her skin and even her very pleasure, she lifted her eyes to the fading light of day, remembering again where she was.  Her hands gently tangling in his hair, she threw her head back in delight, the gift of his pleasure stealing ever more of her coherent thoughts.  This was better than they’d even imagined!


Her gorgeous, long legs spread wide to his appreciative gaze, Marie stared up at her lover.  Holding sensitive breasts in hand, she sighed softly as she fondled her nipples, even as she watched him softly stroke his beautiful manhood.  She’d taken him to the breathless edge again and again in her mouth, raising his passion to a fever pitch.  “Come touch me,” she whispered softly, a hand slipping down her soft tummy to her soft folds.

Stan watched patiently as a slender finger traced the line of her smooth vulva.  Truth be told, the second best thing to touching her himself was watching her touch her own body.  Her fingers moist with her pleasure, she looked up at him, and then back down at her beauty, a finger gently slipping inside.  The dark, rose-colored softness of her flesh met his eyes in an instant, a magnificent contrast to her sun bronzed skin.  “S-Stan,” she murmured, looking up at him again.

Kneeling, he gently grasped a gorgeous leg in each hand, staring down into her sparkling brown eyes.  Her gaze seemed to sizzle into his brain, imprinting every naughty thought she had in her head.  Feeling her at his waist, he looked down, feeling her wiggle her bum closer to him.  Leaning closer, he kissed her navel, and the sparkling pendant piercing that always seemed to catch the light.  He gazed in wonder at the soft curve of her breasts, crowned with gorgeous, light-brown nipples, the splay of her raven black hair against the bed, the eager hand which delightfully teased her tummy with soft flutters, and lower, to the breathtaking beauty of her womanhood.  The perfectly manicured landing strip of pubic hair matched the color of her head.

Stunned in his reverie, he suddenly felt her insistent hands at his head, drawing him lower, lower, until he could rub his face in the softness of her body, catching the scent and taste of her passion.  No sooner had he kissed her immaculately smooth cleft, than they both heard the distinctive, joyful cry of a close friend deeply in love with her husband.  The sound of Lisa’s voice from the bow of the boat making its way to their room filled their souls with kindred desire.

“S-Stan,” Marie cried, feeling his tongue tenderly bathe the most intimate part of her body, tingles of pleasure filling her body with each repeated flicker of his tongue through her slippery groove, with each swirl around her clitoris.  She heard Lisa cry again, the breathless song of woman surrendered to passion with a man she loved, and sweet, unashamed affirmation to her friends.  They had to know they could hear them, and that they would hear them in return, the answering cries of unabashed love between faithful friends.  Though all the better shared in person, even the mere sound of one another’s happiness was sufficient to fill their hearts with simple joy.


“That was Marie,” he murmured, drawing a trail of kisses between Lisa’s gorgeous breasts en route to her face.  He stared pensively into her soft blue eyes, reaching a finger to her face to tenderly draw away a tear from her cheek.

“I – I love you,” she whispered softly, her heart still racing.  It almost didn’t seem right to feel so good with another person.

“You okay?” he whispered softly, kissing at another tear.

“I – I’m fine,” she whispered.  Even better than that, in fact.  Her body still tingled with excitement, and she felt the flutters of pleasure again just to taste his kisses, and the passion of her own body on his lips.  Her eyes fluttered softly as she stared into his.  She couldn’t explain why it sometimes made her cry.  All she knew was how happy she felt inside.

He stared intently at her, his forehead touching hers, his eyes nearly black as the night darkened.  Looking down momentarily, she stared at her cleavage, the twilight and shadows seeming only to enhance her alluring beauty.  He felt her small hand roam between them, until finding what it wished.  She sighed contentedly, gently squeezing him, even as they heard Marie again cry into the night.

“Beautiful,” she whispered, referring both to her best friend and her husband simultaneously.

“I know you are,” he returned, sitting up and holding her knees in his hands.  With a soft gentleness that belied his strength, he smoothed his hands over her shimmering thighs, feeling her gorgeous legs open to him in welcoming invitation.

“C-come in,” she whispered, her body yearning to be filled with him.  He still held her soft legs even as she drew them back, bending her knees and opening her flower to his passion.  She stared down at her body, gingerly touching the rose petal softness of her flesh that she opened to him, and then gazed into his handsome, adoring face.  There was no substitute for the closeness this gave them, for the utterly shameless intimacy between two souls that fervently loved, taking them both back to their wedding night.  He remembered that look in her eyes, one of peaceful trust, the sweetness of her countenance, the humble offering of herself to the man she loved, and that loved her in return more than his own life.  She sighed softly as she felt the warmth of his thick shaft gently rest in her smooth cleft, and then the teasing softness as he tenderly rubbed the downy tip of his manhood in her slick groove.

“Oh, Lisa,” he murmured.  “You – are – magnificent – woman…”  His voice seemed to catch in his throat as his eyes feasted on her gorgeous body, a beauty she willingly shared with him.  He wondered if she even knew just what she did to him, and just how much it meant to love his soul mate.

“Come in,” she repeated softly, opening herself the more to accommodate him as he gently pierced her slippery, wet flesh.  Her voice trailed off into a soft moan, mixing with his, as together they became one again.  Nor did he stop, tenderly withdrawing and pressing forward again, and again, until he was buried within, his body lost in hers.  He felt huge inside, seeming to stretch even larger.  “G-golly,” she gasped.  “Y-you are amaz—”

Gently smoothing her hair back, he stopped her words with a tender kiss.  No, it was she who was amazing, and he drew, if it were possible, even deeper, his pelvic bone pressing into hers.  He all the more yearned to feel her pleasure in person, and together to be lifted in all-consuming joy.  They heard Marie a third time, passionately crying in utter abandon, the sound of her voice seeming to reverberate through the hull of the boat to where they lay.  She smiled up at him, even as he felt the softness of her legs, which seemed to breeze across his waist and bum, erotically tantalizing his skin.

“S-Sweetheart,” Lisa sighed, feeling him moving within.  She remembered again where she was, smelling the night air and hearing the soft lap of water against the boat, mixed with the soft, moist, swishing sounds of their bodies moving together.  The sweetness of pleasure with him was agonizing, as he withdrew and returned again and again, until she lost count.  She felt the tickle of his chest hair on her breasts, the tightness of his bum on her legs as he moved, and the warmth of his breath at her neck.  And then she caught glimpses of his smile as he looked up, even in the dim light, sensing more than seeing the joy for her that radiated from his heart.  And joy scarcely explained it!  He was smiling broadly, enjoying a special place of refuge for his soul where lovers, and indeed best friends, could be known, where each gave to the other and received even more than what was given.  She heard him moan loudly as she squeezed around him, trying to hold onto him in a slippery, velvety vice.  Gasping with unspeakable pleasure, he filled her ears with unintelligible delight, continuing his steady surge and withdrawal, intensifying her desire as he explored the wonders of her love.

“Sweetheart!” Lisa cried again, suddenly feeling the orgasmic contractions take her slender frame in an instant, wracking her body with near heart-stopping shudders of sheer ecstasy.  She cried into his mouth and against his cheek, at the moment not caring who heard, whether it was their friends below deck, the frogs on shore, the fish swimming around the boat, or the dear Lord Himself Who created and gave them this love.  Driving deeply into her, he enshrouded her in his arms, holding her tightly, possessively, and completely, as she writhed uncontrollably, and cried her feelings into his heart.


Stan knew it was her favorite position… and given the view, he wasn’t sure he disagreed with her at all.  Crawling onto the bed, she presented quite a picture to his admiring eyes, her sleek thighs gleaming as they caught the light, the shadowy cleft of a perfectly shaped bum drawing his eyes to her secrets.  He caught her glance in the mirror ahead of the bed, wondering briefly if the boat’s owner had placed it there on ‘purpose,’ then met her gaze full on as she tossed her long, dark hair, and peered at him over her shoulder.  He watched her hand smooth itself down her back and across her soft bum, fingers pursing gently though her feminine softness.  Following her fingers, he gazed closer, the moist line of pink drawing him nearer.  His skin looked white in comparison to hers, as he gently laid his manhood in her soft cleft.  He’d long ago ceased wondering why she had no tan lines, no matter what she wore.  It was just who she was, and he rather enjoyed the contrast of two souls who were one in every sense of the word.

Wiggling her bum against him, and giving him a smoldering gaze that surely penetrated his thick head and then some, she hoped he got the message loud and clear without needing a written invitation.  She indeed did love this position, especially when her normally cool and collected Stanley lost all control, and took her as if it were the last joy he would ever experience.

Marie heard Lisa cry out again in the night, and bit her lower lip.  It cost a small fortune to rent this boat, but it was worth every penny just to hear her best friend having the time of her life!  Lisa was a priceless gem, the only person outside of her family that seemed to understand her, and the one precious bit of ‘evidence’ that she’d actually done something right in her life in spite of who she was, or how she appeared to others.  Fiercely protective of her best friend’s happiness, there was nothing that she wouldn’t do, or hadn’t done, for her.  Hearing her happiness brought a reassuring flood of peace to her heart.

About to hasten her husband’s admiration to action, she opened her mouth to say something, and then left it open as she felt him enter what was for a man, the gate of paradise.  Primed and ready for him, he pierced easily and completely, feeling her enclose him with velvety soft warmth.  His hands found her smooth back, as she turned away, her face contorted with intense pleasure as his magnificent hard length seemed to pulsate against her g-spot.  Finding her hips, he gently tugged her even closer to him, his hands softly massaging her smooth bum.  Lowering her face to the pillow, she all but cried into it, feeling his hands continue to explore her.

Not that he’d ever complain, but she was truly more gorgeous than he ever deserved.  And if that wasn’t enough, she’d fulfilled every hunger he’d ever known to the heart of a man.  Well, except waffles.  He almost chuckled at the thought, and might have, if he hadn’t had more important things at hand.  She wasn’t much of a cook… except when it came to ‘dessert’ of the finest kind.  And this was the greatest!  Gently withdrawing, he enjoyed the stunning view, his gleaming penis reappearing to the light even as her body seemed loathe to give him up.  But only for a moment – watching as he surged deeply back inside of her, he felt the softness of her thighs against his.  Surely there was no man that could resist this!  He felt her tighten within as he withdrew once more, and gasped with a pleasure that seemed to radiate from his head to his toes.  And then it was almost as if she made him ‘work’ to get back inside, to return to a place of a thousand joys.


“Cum, Sweetheart,” Lisa whispered.

He stared up at her faint outline in the fading twilight.  She was on top of him now, deliciously wreaking havoc on the remaining shreds of any self-control he had left.  The naughty words escaping from the lips of the sweetest person he’d ever known only heightened his desire, and compounded the love he felt for her.  His hands leaving the softness of her breasts, he gently lifted her bum, his voice hoarse with emotion.  “I – love – you!” His voice rasped, as he lifted and set her down on him in time with his words, continuing when his heart lacked strength for more words, and all that remained was the feelings of two hearts joined in one bond.

Leaning closer to him, she warmed his face with her breasts, capturing the moan of his lips as he searched for a rigid nipple to slip into his mouth.  “L-Lisa,” he cried.  His voice was practically begging, of what he knew not, except to know that it was the heart-felt cry of a man needing something only she could fulfill.  Her sweet voice softly joined his, moaning with pleasure each time she felt him lift her up and set her back down.  And then, urging his hands back to her breasts, she took over moving again, this time filling his ears with her voice, praising him as a man.  He would reflect later on what he felt was undeserved praise, but her soft voice penetrated his heart like an arrow, and crumbled his last defense.

Who could know or interpret the language of love, as ravished heart spoke to heart?  Her cries mixed with his, pealing into the night, as hot, erotic ecstasy overtook them both!  Pulsating deep within, he fountained his release into her, a humble gift from his heart to hers.


Withdrawing, his voice husky with a near animalistic roar, Stan arched his back and painted his lover’s back with thick ropes of semen as they burst from his manhood in rainbow-like arcs.  It was ‘naughty,’ and they both liked it, the warm droplets falling to her smooth skin like rain drops of desire from his heart to hers.  Gasping and moaning as he shook with release, he could comprehend nothing else, except to know how much he loved this naughty minx of a woman that had blessed his life.  Lying still for the moment, exhausted from the near continuous waves of ecstasy he’d kept her in, Marie smiled in spite of herself, feeling each warm spurt.  She would remark later that he must have been particularly inspired, or had forgotten where she was, his first spurt reaching the mirror in back of the bed.


“You all right, Babe?”  She felt warm to him, like a pleasant blanket to protect against the oncoming chill of the night air on the water.

“I – I think so,” Lisa whispered softly.  Having lost all strength to even hold herself up, she’d fallen onto him, resting near his heart as she tried to catch her breath.

His hands found her soft hair and shoulders, and then her face.  He felt her kiss his finger, and he chuckled happily.  If asked, he wouldn’t be able to explain why he laughed, but he did it anyway.  He was happy, and he didn’t care who knew.  Softly patting her back, he drew her snuggly to his chest, loving the feel of her breasts against him, and the smell of her hair.

Long moments passed, and yet they clung together, softly whispering happy, silly things to one another’s waiting ears.  Somewhere on the water, they heard a fish jump.  On the hills beyond, a coyote lifted his voice to the sky.  Below deck they heard Marie laugh, and Stan’s rumbling chuckle in return.  “I love you,” he whispered, softly stroking her hair.  They would soon join their friends, though neither wished this moment to end.

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6 replies
  1. Joseph says:

    “S-Stan,” Marie cried, feeling his tongue tenderly bathe the most intimate part of her body, tingles of pleasure filling her body with each repeated flicker of his tongue through her slippery groove, with each swirl around her clitoris.

    She heard Lisa cry again, the breathless song of woman surrendered to passion with a man she loved, and sweet, unashamed affirmation to her friends.

    They had to know they could hear them, and that they would hear them in return, the answering cries of unabashed love between faithful friends …”

    Beautiful. Hot.

  2. gabriella says:

    lttlb – loved this story! My husband and I were out of town once and I woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of a couple in the hotel room next door having a very erotic moment…for hours. At first I pulled the pillow over my head to drown it out, but then was surprised to find that I became incredibly aroused by the sounds of sex!. My hands explored my body as the sounds of them having sex fueled my desires. It was driving me wild with passion. It wasn’t right that I was enjoying this so immensely by myself so my hands moved to my husband’s body to wake him. We ended up making our own sounds in the night as theirs came through the wall. I can’t begin to explain how incredibly hot that was. This has become a recurring fantasy of mine that I love to relive. The fact that Marie and Lisa were friends and not strangers made it that much hotter! Everything about this story was amazing. Nice job.

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