Summer Day Surprise

I can’t believe this is actually happening. As I look down I see my bikini bottoms pulled to the side just enough to allow his thick penis to slide frantically in and out of my very wet vagina. He is thrusting almost uncontrollably with his full weight on me while tightly holding my wrists down against the couch cushions. He has fire in his eyes almost like a wild animal closing in on its prey. There was nothing I could do to stop him. I wondered if he was actually going to do the unthinkable and stay inside until he released everything inside of me that was pent up for so long. He was so deep inside that with every thrust his low hanging testicles were swinging against my rear. This shouldn’t be happening, we both knew this couldn’t happen despite how much we desired it to. But like a ticking time bomb it was bound to explode eventually I guess. It was wrong and we both believed that, but we also didn’t expect to be in this situation. There was nothing I could have done to prevent this, but the question was would he really take the chance of changing our lives forever and stay in until the end? I lay there completely helpless.

Here is how it happened…

It was a hot summer day. My children were off at their grandparent’s house and I was all alone. I was in my beautiful California backyard enjoying the scorching sun and cool breeze by laying out in my bikini. I was trying to get a tan for the first time in years since I was in shape for the first time in years. I had four children but was able to finally lose the mommy weight, get skinny and once again have a flat stomach. I probably was in the best shape of my life and could fit in this old bikini I had since college. I was excited and wanted the tan to go with it. I had always been modest and covered up to the best of my ability, but even so went most of my teenage life and beyond understanding how much attention a few shapes and curves can get. I never tried to tempt men on purpose knowing how crazy they get when it comes to a woman’s body. Knowing this, as I was startled by the sliding glass door opening I immediately tried to cover my half naked body when I saw that he was standing there looking at me.

He is a little embarrassed and asks, “You remember I needed to look at the refrigerator today right?” And then it hit me, he did tell me he would be here around lunch time to take a look at our broken fridge.

“Yes, of course, now I remember,” I said this while noticing that I only ended up covering my stomach leaving most of my tight bikini top and tan legs exposed.

He quickly said, “I actually already took a quick look not knowing you were home but wanted to at least say goodbye….so goodbye. I will try and get the part later today, see ya later” I was glad he made an expedited exit.

I responded “Bye, lock the front and go out the garage door please,” I ask.

“Will do.”

He shuts the door and I go back to laying out after giving him a few minutes to leave the house. Now that he was gone I decided to take off my top and fall back into a peaceful rest facedown. I don’t know if it was the heat or the extreme level of comfort I was experiencing but while dozing in and out I started to get turned on and kept finding myself thinking of him. My inhibitions seemed to fade almost as if I had a few drinks in me. I tried to think of other things, but the thoughts just kept flowing. I didn’t know where they were all coming from. But I did know that I was getting so worked up I didn’t know what to do with myself. The blood seemed to be concentrating down between my legs leading to a hot tingling sensation. This led me to start pressing my pussy up against the fold in the towel beneath me that seemed to be in just the right spot. I was starting to breathe heavy now and my heart was racing. I was getting so wet that it was starting to slowly drip down my lips and soak into the bikini fabric. I felt like I needed something inside of me. Now my thoughts had gone too far and I got ahold of myself. Putting an end to the whole thing. I was in my backyard for crying out loud. So I got up to go inside the house and get something to drink while holding my heavy breasts as I walked in. Well I was at least attempting to hold them since my small hands mostly just covered my nipples. As I entered the house I took a step back and gasped. He had not left at all. He was sitting on the couch near the window with his pants and underwear near his ankles. His face was flush red with embarrassment with his hard large penis still in his hand. He was obviously getting off by looking through the window at me. I was shocked. I remember though how nice it was to see such a good looking naked man since it had been so long. I was flattered that he was so turned on but also mortified by the awkward situation. We both took a few seconds to gather our thoughts. He initially tried to pull up his pants but now paused as he apologized. I didn’t quite hear the full apology since my eyes were now enjoying the view. Weird time to think about sex, I know, but I had just been fantasizing about him and now he was right in front of me naked and stiff as a rock from seeing me. Though I was shaken I was still fresh from being turned on and was now so excited from the whole situation. I was torn. Half of me wanted to scream and tell him to get out but the other side of me thought it might be nice to at least see more of him. I was embarrassed by my my own thoughts also. This whole thing was a huge no no and completely off limits and we both knew it. But sometimes that’s what seems to make it more enticing. I knew what I needed to do, end it.

“Please leave and go back to work like you said you were going to,” I said calmly.

He just tried to keep apologizing but didn’t get up. His penis was now resting on his six pack stomach and went passed his belly button. I do not find penises very attractive but his was beautiful. Soft looking and smooth, good length and without circumcision. His arms lay at his side bulging but not too big, just strong. And his legs were long and shapely. He swallowed hard and frustratingly said, “please, just let me finish.”

“What!” I exclaimed, blown away he didn’t run out of there completely embarrassed. He just looked at me and waited for an answer. The pause felt like it lasted an hour. I expected him to take it back. I just stood thinking it through still trying not to expose my breasts. His gaze pierced right through me. He seemed so determined.

“You have to go” I said staunchly. I knew this was not a good situation. He still didn’t move.

“I can’t go… Not after seeing you out like this. Please just let me finish and I’ll leave” He says.

“Fine just go to the bathroom and get it done” I responded coldly trying to make my position clear as day.

He then immediately starts stroking himself again.

“I want to look at you,” he said with a wild expression. Now I didn’t know what to do. I felt trapped. He wasn’t going anywhere. But I felt that he may try something with me if we didn’t end this soon. So I said “ok”. I stood in front of him as he started pleasuring himself . Watching him take my body in with his eyes as he got fully hard again immediately sent blood and sensation between my legs. I felt guilty but that guilt was met with desire almost immediately. He stopped for a second and asked if I liked watching.

I snapped, “no, I just want you to finish.”

“Then why are your nipples hard?”

I looked down and saw one of my nipples poking through my fingers. I now felt almost a gush of wetness come out of my throbbing pussy and drip onto the bikini material. My heart started to race again. He sounded like he was getting ready to cum and I felt like I could too without even touching myself. But I knew I couldn’t give in.

He then asked, “Please, take down your hands.”

I felt desperate to end this as soon as I could so I dropped them hoping this would help finish him. My breasts were now swollen with my nipples completely hard and exposed. I was so turned on by showing him my breasts. It was my ovulation period so that probably explained how wet and turned on I was. I now saw that the tip of his penis was wet with a clear liquid starting to drip down his head but still no orgasm. In a act of desperation hoping to get him off and ending it I decided to show him more. A big mistake looking back but I hoped it would get him off and allow him to leave without things getting worse. I pulled down the front of my bikini bottoms to reveal my pussy. I expected he would cum but instead he stood up, grabbed me by the hands and threw me down on the couch. He laid on top of me as I could feel his warm moist breath on my neck as he seemed out of control and almost wild with desire. Desire for one thing. To be inside of me. He pulled my bottoms to the side and pushed his pulsing and very hot penis up against the lips of my ovulating pussy.

I put my hands on his chest and said “We can’t. I’m ovulating.”

But nothing was going to stop him now. He grabbed my wrists and spread my arms pinning me down. It didn’t take much force for him to enter me. His head was now wet from my pussy. It slid right past my open lips and all the way in. It felt so good I was now intoxicated with desire. I needed him and he needed me. It was so wonderful to give a man this much pleasure. He moaned and thrusted but I knew how dangerous this was and how a simple decision to stay inside of me could have life altering consequences. I was breathing heavy in his ear and let out a small whimper, “Don’t cum inside. You know you don’t want–” At that moment his body braced itself and then he squeezed my torso with all his might as he pulsed inside of me. He almost yelled out while clinching his teeth. His buttocks squeezed tightly as he thrusted his head all the way to the end of my vagina. His pulsing penis was emptying everything there was inside of me. His testicles no longer resting on my anus but rather pulled in towards his body as he came. I could feel his cum continue to flow inside of me and was now coming out of the sides and down my rear. I was overflowing. I honestly just enjoyed the moment. He finally pulled out mostly limp now as more cum streamed out of me down my rear and onto the couch.

As soon as he caught his breathe he said, “I love you, honey”.

Now let me explain: You see my husband and I had a huge fight for several weeks about having more children. He didn’t want anymore and I did. We didn’t sleep together the whole time. Things got bad between us and I eventually came around to agree we shouldn’t have more seeing how rocky our relationship was getting over it. So we agreed we shouldn’t have more to add to the stress of our life and marriage. Things got better and we decided to not have sex during ovulation. So that is why we tried not to tempt ourselves and went as far as to not even see each other naked. Which we didn’t until he saw me tanning on that hot summer day when he came home during lunch to fix the refrigerator. We try and control our lives a little too much sometimes and even try and stop the creation of life because we think it is what’s best. But what is best we don’t always know, but God does. So we place our faith in him and know even when our plans fail he always guards our lives. He loves us. This was one of the most intense and sexually arousing experiences of our lives. I hope you enjoy. Please share any comments.


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