Valentine's Day Revisited, Part Three (L)

"You look amazing," I told Sharon as I caressed her cheek with the back of my hand.

She beamed back at me, her cheeks still flushed from the last round of orgasms. "Thank you, love," she replied.

She still had all of her outfit on--nylons, heels, black mini-skirt, red push-up bra and white denim jacket, although it was somewhat discombobulated from our last round of play.

We sipped our wine and stroked each other--gentle hands on faces, caresses on arms, ribs, breasts, and thighs. I was beginning to get a tingle in the male parts and was just about ready to go again. I leaned in for a kiss and pressed my tongue into Sharon's sweet mouth. We held the kiss, exploring each other, and I exposed her right breast for some fondling. Her nipple and areola were hard in no time and I moaned in appreciation.

I positioned Sharon in front of me on the loveseat, my legs on either side of her hips, and took off her jacket. Next the bra came off. Her large breasts were exposed to me and I took them both in my hands, gently kneading them while I placed soft kisses on her neck and shoulders.

"Mmmm," Sharon moaned, "that feels really, really good."

I nibbled her ear lobe and licked gently from her ear down to her collar bone. "Yes, and you taste soooo good," I replied, enjoying the scent of her body cream--vanilla and cinnamon--mixed with her natural scent enhanced from our previous lovemaking. I began to pinch and pull at her nipples and she gasped, turning her head to the side to find my mouth. We frenched each other for a while in this position and I could tell from all the breast play that she was getting hot and bothered again.

She pulled away and whispered, "I want you inside me again."

"Good. I want to be inside of you."

"Your turn. Which position?"

"Doggie. Over the cushions. Lose the skirt. I want you in just the nylons and high heels this time."

She stood up and dropped the skirt to the floor. She leaned down and kissed me once more, deeply, deliciously. Pulling away, she walked over to our marriage bed, repositioned the cushions so that she was draped over the high end of the ramp and her head rested comfortably on the wedge. Prior to us acquiring the cushions, doggie had always been somewhat difficult for us because Sharon easily grew tired in the position and I tended to last longer making love in this fashion. The cushions took away all her discomfort.

She looked at me and smiled. "Come pump me, stud."

I returned the smile, retrieved another condom, unpackaged it, handed it to Sharon, and knelt on the bed in front of her face. Expertly, she took the condom into her mouth, followed by my dick, and after a few seconds of wonderful licking and sucking, I was ready for action. I came around behind and positioned my dick at her entrance. I looked down at, for me, the most sexually charged visual: My dick sliding into her from behind slowly, her asshole exposed, her strong womanly scent wafting up to me. I was on fire.

"Mmmmph," Sharon exclaimed, as I finally made it all the way in. "You feel amazing."

"So do you, babe," I replied, as I slowly pumped in and out of her, my hands pulling her hips into me.

Gradually, I picked up the pace, and eventually found a steady rhythm. My hands were all over her back, rubbing her ass, reaching in and cupping her breasts, the whole time pumping away at her incredibly juicy pussy. Finally, my hands found their way back to her hips and I began to rock into her with the purpose of reaching my goal. Sweat dripped from my forehead onto her ass. I could feel the sweat forming all over me and I could see that Sharon, too, had a sheen to her back and ass.

"Oh, David, that's just the right spot! Keep pumping it right there!"

"Don't know how much longer I can hold out, baby!"

"Fuck me!"

Animal noises... that's the best way I can explain it... began to come out of me: growls, grunts, groans.

"Fuck me!" Sharon demanded. "Harder!"

I was like a jackhammer pounding her ass. I actually had her picked up at this point, her knees no longer on the bed, and was going in and out of her at lightning speed.

"Cummmming!" Sharon let me know and that was all I needed to hear. I threw my head back with one final howl and began to pump what felt like a bucket of cum up from my balls and into the condom. Thrusting until I felt the flow subside, I slowly pulled out and took the condom off. I was pretty close on that bucket amount.

"Want to rub it into my asshole, lover?"

I patted her ass cheek and smiled. She looked so sexy, her head turned to the side looking back at me. "We've got to save something for later. Maybe a return trip to Pensacola in the future."

She smiled back at me. "You are such a wonderful lover, baby."

I ran my hands along her back and along her ass. "You make it easy to want to love you, baby."

"More couch time?" She wanted to know.

"Yes, I'd like that, baby. Let me help you down off the cushions."

She came into my arms once more and we made our way back to the loveseat. I helped her out of her high heels and nylons and finally, for the first time in this wonderful evening, fully naked flesh was pressed against fully naked flesh. We kissed sweetly and tenderly, lips lingering over lips. I refilled the wine glasses, and we sat back against the arms of the couch, facing each other, caressing the soles of one another's feet. We looked longingly into each other's eyes and sipped and rubbed.

I broke the silence: "Love, please don't take this the wrong way, but what's gotten into you--that is--besides me, recently?"

"What do you mean?" she replied, raising an eyebrow, "You don't like being an empty nester? You don't like me aggressive? Chasing you for a change instead of you chasing me all the time?"

"I LOVE it!" I replied, "Just trying to get a handle on what's gotten into you is all. I may want to try and bottle it and sell it on the black market or something similar.

"Always the capitalist pig, huh?"

"Yeah, well..."

"It's been a lot of things. Wanting to reconnect with you on every level once again. We've had so much distraction lately. One thing that's helped a lot was finding this site online--Marriage Heat."

Wine shot out my nose. If you've never had wine come out your nose, there's no way to describe the intensity. Imagine squeezing a freshly cut lemon into your nostrils and you'll have some semblance of what I was going through at that moment. I sat up, coughing, spewing, wheezing. Sharon popped me on the back a couple of times and I waved her off.

"I'm OK, I'm OK," I rasped. "Did you say Marriage Heat?"

"Yeah... you know about it?"

"Familiar with it, yeah," I replied. "Just recently found it."

"Me too. You like it?" She wanted to know.

"Yeah... well, it's been 'broadening' shall we say."

"Yeah... and freeing."

"Yeah," we said simultaneously.

"Can we really do this in our 50s? Can we be active and loving and fun again?" I asked.

"So far so good," she replied with a wicked grin.

"Yeah, you got that right, lady," I offered.

"Want to read a story together sometime?" Sharon asked.

"I think that would be good. Let's save that for when we're going through a dry stage, though. Right now, you've got my motor running on a regualr basis."

"Agreed. A couple of days this week while we were prepping for work I wanted to pull up my dress and let you have your way with me in the kitchen."

"That could definitely be arranged."



I leaned in and we kissed, gentle, loving, mature. She tasted like wine, like honey, like love.

To be continued....

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  1. CMLove says:

    Whew!! Wow!! Again, as i have said before, you are a terrific writer! Thank you so much for sharing this post! You and your wife are such an encouragement to me!! I was really down a while ago just thinking "if we are this tired when we're young and with toddlers than how are we going to have a fun and sexful marriage when we're older and have spent years raising all the kids? Does it ever get....better?" THEN God brought me to your stories! Thank you so much, DD. Whether you know it or not, you and your wife are such a blessing to us! Thank you!

    • doggiedave says:

      Thanks CM! we're glad we can encourage! Keep doing what your doing: raise those babies and trust God to bless you throughout the process!

  2. Wife lover says:

    What a great series so far! Marriage heat has kicked it up a notch for my wife and I too! We're not empty nesters yet, but she has elected to stay home instead of working and I am home a lot and it's been great!!!!

    • doggiedave says:

      WL: you are so blessed. Yes, Sharon was home just about the whole time with the boys--do you realize what a blessing that is in this day and age? But what was a truly amazing God-given gift was when God allowed us BOTH to be home during the last phase of raising our kids, taking care of elderly parents, AND still making an incredible living.

      I cannot stress enough to my MH family: God is alive and hears our every heart's desire. We are a living testimate to this!

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