Pregnant Wife Cums Back Around

My wife and I are currently expecting baby #3. Pregnancies are pretty hard on my wife: lots of nausea, hormone headaches, really tired and fatigued.

Life with two little ones slows down for no one so she keeps going but usually needs plenty of help when I get home from work. There have been great opportunities for me to serve and love her and I relish those times, but all these things have put a damper on our sex life. The past two weeks have been a dry spell.

BUT, that all just changed this past week. I came from work and brought home dinner for every one. When I got in the kitchen with the food, my wife said, “Please feed the kids and then put them on the couch with a show and meet me in the bedroom.”

I was floored! She hardly ever initiates like this! She was ready to get “back in the saddle” so to speak.

I had been dealing with the downside of her pregnancy hormones…now it was time to reap some benefits of her pregnancy hormones.

I did as I was told and came to bed and locked the door. We wasted no time shedding clothes, getting out her favorite vibrator, and getting to business. I went after her tits as fast as I could. I can’t get enough of hers and now they’ve grown due to pregnancy. I’m thoroughly enjoying sucking, licking and rubbing while she’s buzzing away on her clit and moaning and whispering in my ear how good it feels!

Man, it was good to be back! After about 30 minutes and one climax for her, she hops on me and rides me to my orgasm and her boobs swing in my face and I nearly pass out from the pleasure.

My wife’s pregnant body is a blessing in many ways. We can’t wait to meet our newest addition, but I want to enjoy her body like this as much as I can before she delivers.

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10 replies
  1. WeldersWife says:

    Awesome story! It’s beautiful how you feel about your wife’s pregnant body 😊. Many women are pretty self conscious of their bodies during this time and this is a beautiful and refreshing perspective! Definitely a story to share with your soulmate 😊

  2. possibility says:

    Jimmer, Your story takes me back to when my wife was pregnant. Oh how I loved her big voluptuous breasts with those long rubbery nipples surrounded by very wide aureoles. Her big belly was lovely too. All in all she was lovely to make love to. We fucked right up to 2 days before our baby was born. Then came the six week wait before fucking again. That was hard (excuse the pun) for me. I used a condom and made love to her gently – it was good being intimate again. Keep enjoying your wife. All the best for the birth.

  3. Jimmer says:

    Thanks for commenting. My wife is currently in her second trimester so the sickness is at a minimum now so our time together has increased a bit. Sometimes however she’s just too tired to play but last night she invited me into the shower with her. I stroked one out while my face was buried in her breasts. My wife has some serious power of me when she’s naked!

  4. Jimmer says:

    @professor dude

    Me too! In fact, I was all over them for about an hour and a half last night. Wifey came out of our bathroom with the all white lingerie I just bought her and we played with her vibrators for a long while. At the end I slid into her (she’s so tight after using her vibes) and didn’t last too long after all that build up. Gonna try to play my cards right again tonight!

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