The Return Home

I was devouring Ashley’s pussy like it was my last meal. I was ravenous for her, and it made sense. I hadn’t seen my wife in nearly 3 weeks. I was tired, but I craved her. My body wouldn’t let me go to sleep until I was back at home—not in the house, but inside my wife. I missed her dearly. She is the other half of me, so being away from her for that long made me feel like I was functioning only on 4 cylinders. I needed her. My cock wasn’t going to let me rest until I was inside her. Then again, not even sleep was going to keep me from enjoying her welcoming me back “home.”

My latest business trip was the last straw. There was no reason for anyone to be sent anywhere for 2.5 weeks. A man with a wife needs to be near her, and when they handed me the assignment a few weeks ago, I made up in my mind to pull the trigger on that new business I had been mulling over in my mind for the past three years. My entire time away, I viewed the photos and recordings we had of ourselves as we made love. Needless to say, my dick was constantly hard, and I wasn’t going to ruin the fountain of cum I was building up for my baby when I got home.

I told Ashley that it was my last trip. After all, she had been pushing me to finally leave that place. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have a wife who is so supportive of your dreams. Before I left, we made love. I could tell she was preoccupied with me leaving. She didn’t even cum—and, LORD, she tried—but she enjoyed herself. That session felt like a customary duty before I left. The day after I left, I called and asked her to join me by not jilling off because I wanted to be the one who caused the eruption. I swore to her and myself that she would squirt like a geyser when I returned…and I keep my promises to my wife.

Before I hopped on the plane back home, I had a call with my manager. He knew my history with the company, as I had been working for him for 10 years. I’m still young and have plenty of ideas. I told him I was out, and 3 days before my return home, I was on the phone with him and HR about what it took for me to stay on. No matter what, they always countered with a higher salary while not budging on sending me on business trips.

They just didn’t want me to stay home. But, whatever it was, if it kept me from being inside my wife, it wasn’t going to work. Finally, they understood that my presence at home was a hard line for me, and they gave me plenty of PTO upon my return because I was the one they always sent to nab new contracts. I was a bull—a sure bet for the company—and they knew that losing me was going to put them in a bind. But, they didn’t cave, and I neither did I. I had 3 weeks off to burn before having to return to work for my last month of employment with the company because they didn’t pay out all of the unused personal time. However, I knew exactly how I was going to spend all that time…


I grabbed my bags from the baggage claim and headed outside for my ride home. It wasn’t the car I ordered on my smartphone that greeted me; it was my babygirl and only the Father could have timed her arrival so perfectly. I flung my bags into the back of my Toyota Tundra 4×4 that she looked so sexy driving. I hopped into the passenger seat and I was leaning over the center console and tonguing her down before she could even say hello. I lost all track of time as I tasted her lips, so much so that cars behind us starting honking. I didn’t care. Hell, if they pushed me further, I would have shown them what real love is by doing other things to Ashley right there in the airport.

I pulled myself away from her and sternly said, “Get us home, now.

My mind was a blur as I tried to focus on telling my babygirl how the trip was. She filled me in on her previous few weeks without me, and I all I could think about was how incomplete I was without her near me. I grabbed her hand, held it, and kissed it as she talked to me. My eyes floated to those wonderful and sensitive tits, and I couldn’t help but think about suckling at them and making her cum as I licked at and playfully bit her nipples.

She saw the look in my eyes and said, “Almost there, honey.  Almost there.”

“Faster,” I ordered. She sped up.

With my left hand, I held hers. My right hand was busy rubbing my diamond hard black cock through my jeans. I kept my eyes on her as she glanced over and saw my monstrous bulge.

“Oh, my word! Someone’s glad to be home.”

I kissed her hand again. “You’re damned right. I missed you something crazy. I looked at all our photos and videos while I was away, and I didn’t even jerk off.”

I grinned at her as she blanched, knowing exactly why I used the patience of the Father to manage my horniness.

“I bet you’re way fuller than ever,” she said smiling. “Ready to explode, aren’t you?”

“Inside you and multiple times, if you’ll let me.”

She released my left hand, and I reached and felt for the warmth between her thighs. She wasn’t warm. Babygirl’s pussy was scorching hot, and her nipples were enthusiastically pushing through her sweater. “What does my pussy tell you?”

I bit my lower lip, trying to hold myself back from fingering my wife right then. “I’ve been leaking precum for 10 hours since I woke up this morning. It’s gonna be a long and messy night.”

I lightly stroked myself with one hand and kept the other on her leg, rubbing it. We chatted the rest of the way home, but an intense silence fell over both of us as we pulled into the garage. We both knew what was about to happen, and there was no need for words. I grabbed both of my bags and headed inside right behind her. She turned around as I dropped the bags at the door. I  quickly scooped her up by the ass, and she wrapped her legs around me as we kissed one another. I took her shirt off and removed her bra with one hand. She stripped me of my sweater as I supported her. We were about to be some damn animals, and I could feel her heat getting even hotter.

I blindly and effortlessly carried her frame upstairs, our tongues still dancing with one another. She caressed my bald head and rubbed my wide back as I moved my kisses to her sweet neck. I sucked hard, tasting her favorite perfume that I love so much. I swear my cock was forcing itself through my jeans. Seeing that I’m regularly commando for her easy access, I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. My cock sprang free as my jeans hung loosely from my waist. She began grinding herself on my girthy wood. I felt her lift up one of her flawless tits for attention. Instinctively, I slurped it into my mouth. Her gasps fueled my suction as she dug her nails into my back and traps.

I stopped at the entrance to the bedroom and pulled Ashley’s hair back as I examined her light, brown skin. “You are heaven, you know that?”

My wife kissed me and moaned. She tore her lips from mine and earnestly gazed at me. “I need you inside me.”

I walked over to the bed and playfully tossed her onto it. She sat up and licked her lips as I walked toward her, my dark brown dick pointing the way to her succulent mouth. I kicked off my Polo boots and allowed my jeans to fall to the bedroom floor, finally naked for my babygirl. She reached for my cock with both hands and pulled me toward her. A deep, guttural groan escaped me as she licked my thick helmet, dining on my precum. With gusto, she took me into her cheeks. Throating me is impossible, but she always puts her all into blowing me. She jerked and sucked me as she fondled my low-hangers.

Ashley repeatedly brought me within moments of cumming in her mouth, allowing the bucking of my cock to be her signal to slow down. I wasn’t going to stop her. No matter how many ropes she sucked from my balls and shaft, there was more where that came from. Her teasing was expert, and I couldn’t wait to fill and paint her with my man-butter. But, I still hadn’t made it home, yet. Her mouth is amazing. Her tits are incomparable. But, it’s that round ass and vice-grip pussy of hers that I really wanted. Ashley is the perfect package, but there are certain things about her blessed physique that sends this black Texas boy to unknown realms.

Ashley’s saliva had coated my cock and I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled my veiny thickness from her jaws and helped her to her feet to strip her of the pants she was wearing. I smelled her aroma as I lowered her jeans to the ground and discovered, like me, she was sans underwear for my easy access. She stepped out of the pile of clothes around her ankles and fell back onto the bed.  I fell right after, my face landing just inches from her pussy.

I pulled my wife towards me and breathed her in, studying the frothy cream that was gathering around her lips. My babygirl was ready for me. I started slowly, lightly kissing and tonguing her folds. But, as I worked, the creamier she got. I used one finger, then two to explore her sweltering pussy that threw off a scent that filled me with power and anticipation. She bucked and squirmed as an orgasm tore its way through her body. I sped up, my kissing and tonguing of her pussy now replaced with a ferocious consumption of her sex. Simultaneously finger-fucking her and sucking her clit caused an eruption like never before. My bald head, face, and full beard were covered in her squirt. I wanted more, so I didn’t stop. Several seconds later, another gusher.

I drank and ate my fill of my wife’s pussy and her squirt. Making up for lost time had never been so good, so much fun—so….intoxicating. I listened to my wife’s thighs as I continued consuming her. The entire house echoed with her gasps and breathless voice.

“You beautiful man! That’s it! Make me cum! Don’t you dare stop!”

More moans, and I anchored her to the bed with my arms as I tongue-fucked her and sucked her pussy. Her legs were squeezing my head, but I didn’t care. I could still breath, and I wasn’t going anywhere until I had enough. Ashley almost passed out with her last orgasm, and I took that opportunity to finally mount her.

I climbed to my knees and got between Ashley’s legs, my cock head just piercing her pussy lips and playing with the mixture of her cream and my saliva. Ashley gathered herself and placed her legs on my shoulders, preparing herself for the stretch my wood was about to give her. I kissed her ankles and drew a deep breath as I relished that moment right before entering her—right before returning home.  My throbbing cock played at her doors.

“Please,” she whispered. “Put it in.”

My God! I missed this woman!

I pushed into her, finally beginning to fill inside her what had been empty for so long. She panted as I put more of myself into her. All I could do was concentrate on not cumming so soon when I hadn’t even gotten all the way in. Ashley’s pussy was oven-hot and gripped my shaft as if her life depended on it. I’ve never been balls-deep inside my babygirl, and that isn’t for a lack of trying. I’ve always been careful that I don’t hurt her. After all, she’s my baby. But, there was something in me urging me on. I pulled back, pulling her tight lips with my shaft. Then, I pressed even deeper.

“Do it,” she huffed. “I want all of you, this time.”

I pushed the rest of my considerable length inside of my wife, feeling her walls resist and finally give way. Ashley was stretched wide open, and for the first time in our marriage, my balls were resting against her tight rosebud. I kissed her for an eternity as all of me finally soaked in her. I was definitively home inside her. Now, it was time to kick my feet up and have fun.

I made love to my wife, pushing myself as deep as she would let me. Our missionary was rhythmic, and each stroke left more and more of her cream on my shaft. But, after a while, what was once slow and methodical became aggressive and reckless. We weren’t making love anymore. We were fucking.

I pushed Ashley’s legs back, causing her to hear what her ankles had to say as I relentlessly pounded her pussy. The squelching sounds of our sex only served to invigorate me even further. My pelvis smacked against hers, and my balls repeatedly swung and plopped in the juices that flowed from her pussy. Our grunts, groans, moans and calling of each other’s names were mixed with exclamations of never leaving each other that long again and promises that the next few weeks would be filled with us reconnecting just like this.

I pulled out of my wife and kissed her pussy before flipping her over. I lunged myself back into her, taking her from behind. Ashley was flat on her stomach as I stroked her to her next orgasm. She turned her head so I could kiss her. I tongued my baby as I ground myself against her ass. I rose to my knees, pulling my baby back toward me and onto all fours. Fucking her from behind has always been my favorite. Her thick ass slapped against my pelvis, and my balls swung like a pendulum back and forth as they struck against her clit. My dick was drilling for her squirt as I worked her to her heart’s content. I was behind her for what seemed like hours, enjoying how I pleased her.

I wanted to look into my baby’s eyes as I came. I flipped her over and pulled her to me. Ashley wrapped her legs around my waist and dropped that ass onto my cock. Without delay, my arms encircled my wife as she rode and ground on my dick.

“That’s it, babygirl. It’s yours. Own that dick!”

My dear Ashley threw everything she had into pleasing me. The only time she stopped was when she drenched my balls with her squirt. She clung to me, collecting herself, but I picked up where she left off. Stroking her was my duty. Making her cum was my destiny. Loving her was my honor.

My balls tightened. It was about to happen, and I knew it was going to be messy. My groans became louder and uncontrolled. Ashley bounced up and down on my cock with impulsive abandon. Her tight pussy squeezed me even more firmly as if her new goal was to milk me of all my seed. There would be no pulling out. I wanted to redecorate my wife’s pussy with a fresh coat of my cum.

I bucked, heaved, and thrust uncontrollably, shooting all I had into my wife as she continued bouncing on my shaft. I stayed inside her as I pitched forward from my knees and causing her to land on her back. Fucking her, I continued emptying my balls inside her folds. My entire body shuddered as I throbbed inside her pussy. But, it didn’t end. It was the longest and most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. Ten seconds later, and I felt my rod still shooting inside her. I was flooding my babygirl with all I had.

Finally, every muscle in my body relaxed as the last few throbs and pumps of my cock subsided. Ashley kissed me. I looked into her the eyes and grinned. We laughed because we both knew what was next…


I pulled out of my wife to see the beautiful mess we made. Her froth-covered pussy dripped with globs of my cum. A perfect cream-pie ready for the eating. I began cleaning my babygirl with my tongue, licking up the whipped cream she and I made.

“Don’t hog it all,” she exclaimed with a weary smile. “I want to taste, too.”

I lapped up more of our concoction and headed back up to kiss my honey. I planted my lips on hers and shared our love with her.

She pulled back and rested her head with a sigh of bliss. “Welcome home, babe,” she said.

I smiled as I kissed her, the thought finally occurring to me, “There’s no place like it.”

Her delightful giggle was interrupted by me slipping my cock right back into her sloppy wet pussy.  My entire shaft stayed warm inside her, swaddled by her walls. I continued kissing her neck and chest as my cock throbbed and caused her to moan. I kept my position, and my tongue and lips remained busy as my baby girl caught her breath for round two.

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  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Ay-ay-ay! This man can write! I know its what you do for a living, but we are so blessed that you contribute your talents to this community, too. Rez and I love to share our creampies, and your descriptive tale will probably get me some tonight! Hopefully, "Ashley" has or will soon come into your life.

  2. HusbandInTraining says:

    You are AWESOME! Thank you for your compliment! I hope you two get into some fun this evening. And, whoever "Ashley/Babygirl" is, she's going to have a pleasurable challenge in me…LOL


  3. HusbandInTraining says:

    I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. Seriously, thank you! I love this site because it has helped me tap into my righteous sexuality and offset some sexual energy. You guys' compliments keep me going. Again, thank you!

  4. HusbandInTraining says:

    Usually, bro, I go back and reread what I write. And you're right. The horniness is through the freaking roof and I have to "release" the tension. LOLOL


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