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The Return Home

I was devouring Ashley’s pussy like it was my last meal. I was ravenous for her, and it made sense. I hadn’t seen my wife in nearly 3 weeks. I was tired, but I craved her. My body wouldn’t let me go to sleep until I was back at home—not in the house, but inside […]

Waiting…Sick of It

So, I’m dealing with a situation that continues to rear its ugly head every now and then. I’m a clean-cut 37-year-old, African American man. I work out to keep myself in shape, and I’d like to think that I’m a good-looking guy. As you can tell from my previous stories, I’m waiting for my wife, […]

All Mine…

You never to cease to surprise me, completely catching me off-guard and giving me the best gift I could ever imagine. Each time, I wonder how you manage to outdo yourself. Simplicity is your tactic, and your body is your weapon. You get me each and every time. Tonight is no different, and my mouth […]

Cheering Me On…

There are times when I wonder if my singlehood is still worth its righteous maintenance. At 36 years old and taking care of my body and yielding my mind and spirit to God, I still wrestle with the thought that, just maybe, I should go about handling relationships and dating the way the world suggests. […]

First Snow: Christening

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been in love with cold weather. The melanin in my skin tells me that African Americans are better suited for hotter temperatures and more sun, but I never felt bad about being the only brown-skinned, head-shaven dude walking around in shorts and a t-shirt on a 30-degree day. […]

Uncovered (L)

I turned over, briefly waking up to the loveliest sight: ambient light from the night pouring through our bedroom window and cascading onto your milky-white, naked, perfectly-curved and exposed body. Oddly, you weren’t under the blankets, per your normal routine because you are easily chilled. I must have tired you out to the point that […]

Singlehood Is Prep Time…

Fresh out the shower on a quiet Friday evening, I sat down and thought about you. Actually, I had been praying for you for quite some time, having fasted forty days for our Master to confirm whether I should continue seeking Him for marriage. I haven’t even met you yet, and I have to ask […]

Above Average…Need Advice

To my fellow MH brothers in the Lord, I wanted to ask you a question that I cannot ask in too many other online venues because of the certainty of receiving advice that is not centered in the Lord. Of course, to all the MH sisters out there who would like to chime in, I […]