All Mine…

You never to cease to surprise me, completely catching me off-guard and giving me the best gift I could ever imagine. Each time, I wonder how you manage to outdo yourself. Simplicity is your tactic, and your body is your weapon. You get me each and every time. Tonight is no different, and my mouth is too busy to speak my surprise. I’m totally wrapped up in enjoying what you’ve repeatedly shown me is mine. But, now—now I’m going to show you that you completely belong to me. You are the aggressor, and I’m fine with that. I love that you want me. But, I’m going to take my time savoring everything we’re about to do.

For now, I’ll keep working my tongue.

I was enjoying a night of much-needed sleep after a long day filled with two workouts and endless hours of writing. Running around the city to handle errands and later lifting weights is an ordeal in and of itself. Though I knew that mental work is often more difficult than physical exertion, dealing with both of them on the same day was something for which I was not adequately prepared. As a result, I inhaled the food you prepared when I got home, took a shower, and I can’t even remember getting in bed and falling asleep. But, per my nightly custom, I was naked and asleep on my stomach. That was until I felt the most peculiar warmth and light nibbling on my ear and neck.

You’ve always known the best way to wake me up.

I could tell you were naked. I felt your hardened nipples trace across my back as you moved into position to massage my neck with your tongue. Seconds later, you were lightly biting at my left ear, and I was already yours. I pretended to remain asleep as you rubbed my ass, just seeing how far you would go and if you would attempt to slide your hand underneath me to reach my member that was already begging to be touched. I wanted to discover how you were going to get me to roll over, though it was taking everything in me to keep from pouncing on you and devouring you. But, you already had it all planned out. You rose from the bed, and I heard you walk around to my side. My eyes still closed, I heard a slight shuffle that gave rise to rhythmically wet sliding. I knew that sound instinctually. Yet, I remained still. I heard you approach me and get closer. I felt your body heat, and the unmistakable smell of your garden filled my nostrils. My cock was harder than time travel, but that aroma was all I could take.

I popped my eyes open and received a view field full of your curvaceously fit body. Your bright skin gleamed with a divine aura as you were completely into touching yourself, almost trying to keep from collapsing onto me. Your C-cup tits beamed in the ambient light that streamed into our bedroom as you vigorously rubbed your clit and played with what I would soon be consuming. I couldn’t leave you like that, quivering right next to me on my side of the bed and on the verge of cumming. Though you looked awesome doing it, no. You need—deserve—my assistance. Your trick worked. I was instantly on my back.

“Come here,” I said, grabbing the back of your left thigh with my right hand and pulling you to me as I threw the covers off me with my left hand. You straddled me with the head of my thick, erect cock touching above your bellybutton. Your smell was intoxicating. You were preparing to sit that ass on my shaft, but I hadn’t even tasted my appetizer. I gestured for you to mount my face. You climbed my body, and I saw the drop of honey that was slowly descending from your smooth and soaking wet pussy. This was about to be the best midnight snack ever!

You hovered inches above my face. I held you in place as that honey drop slowly settled onto my lips. I licked your juice from my lip, receiving a slight foretaste of what was to come. I pulled you down, and your lips met mine. I deeply kissed your pussy, savoring you as you moaned and quivered. I cupped your ass with my hands, balancing you atop my tongue that was quickly flicking at your lips. Your taste was exquisite, and I needed to consume even more of you.

So, my tongue went to work.

My tongue is still fucking you with shallow strokes as I move my hands from your ass and hold you fast by gripping your thighs and pulling as much of your body and juicy snatch down and onto my tongue. The quake of your body is fierce as you lose your breath and an orgasm flashes through you. Your honey has thickened, and your pussy has tightened around my tongue as if you’ve managed to teach it to suck whatever has penetrated you. I’m overwhelmed by the fact that you’re mine, all mine. As that thought bolts across my mind, I become ravenous as I eat you, trying to place as much of myself in you as possible. Though you taste amazing, my tongue simply will not do, and I need to taste the other parts of you.

I roll over, seamlessly moving you from my face and onto your back. I lay beside you, deeply kissing your lips and sucking at your neck as my right-hand finds its way to your absolutely drenched pussy. Intermittently, I pat it and finger it. The sounds your juices make as I slide my fingers in and out of you is all too inviting. I descend to your breasts, taking a nipple into my mouth and sucking. You rub my bald head in encouragement as I move to the other, sucking it as well. I dare not pay attention to one and not the other. I take my fill of your tits, still fingering you. I want every part of you, and I will have them.

I bring my lips close to yours. My mouth is open, just millimeters from yours that’s ready to receive mine. My fingers have had enough of what my cock must have. I take my hand from your pussy and taste your juices that have coated my fingers. Seeing me enjoying your honey, you join in with me licking my fingers. As if you’re reading my mind, you spread your legs wide for me. I sit up on my knees, my pulsating cock suspended just above your mound. My eyes feast on you as you smile ever so slightly at me. As I’m about to insert my immense girth into you, you switch it up on me.

You grab me by the balls and pull me towards you. Inch by inch, I make my way toward your face with my dick leading the way. I’m straddling your chest, either of my knees enclosing you beneath me. You bring your arms around my legs and grab my ass, pulling me closer to you, my cock coming face to face with you. You trace the veins of my stick with your tongue, taking your time to cover every inch. It’s one of the reasons why I love you; with reckless abandon you love me. You have no inhibitions when you physically love me.

You stroke my cock with one of your hands as you motion me closer. Then, you take my balls into your mouth, continuing to stroke my cock. You bring your tongue back into the mix, dragging it from my taint to my balls and, finally, to my deep red mushroom head. I suppress the urge to shoot right in your mouth as you take me back in, slowly throating my shaft. Such a great mouth you have, and it’s all mine.

You suck me for an eternity, and I enjoy each rapturous moment of torture in which you edge me close to cumming and away from it. You milk and suck precum from me, leaving saliva all over my member. Your froth drips from my drenched cock and balls. I take myself from your heavenly mouth and lay between your still widely spread legs as I kiss you, tasting my essence in your mouth and on your tongue.

It’s time for me take even more of what’s mine.

I enter you, causing you to gasp uncontrollably as my fat length opens you even wider. Your warm honey coats my already saliva-soaked shaft, making you even wetter—as if that were even possible. I nestle myself inside you in missionary and remain still to take in your heat and allow you to feel the heartbeat that echoes into my dick. As tender as we’ve been, we know it won’t remain that way as I look down at you to see you lock eyes with me. It’s then that I can tell that you don’t want me to make love to you.

You want to be fucked.

With all that I’ve done today—all the working out, all the errands, all the writing—there still rises up within me a hidden energy that fully prepares me for the task ahead. Pleasing you is my job. Making you cum is my hobby. Making you squirt is my joy.

I’ve already found my rhythm, filling your pussy with my soldier in steady strokes that make you moan my name. I repeatedly thrust myself into you, cautiously touching your cervix with my head—just teasing it with a slight kiss from my cock to remind you that I’m here and there’s much more in store. Each time I push myself in, my balls collide with the crevice between your taint and ass cheeks. You feel them each time they connect with you and plop into the thick honey that flows from your pussy. I want to hear more of this conversation between our bodies.

I sit up on my knees, pulling your legs up to rest your calves on my shoulders. I don’t miss a beat as I kiss your ankles and continue penetrating you deeply. My strokes are passionate, violent, and unrelenting, causing the sound from my balls now slapping your ass to be even louder. I give you my all, trying to put my entire self into your pussy. I want to consume every bit of you. I take your legs from my chest and bend them all the way back, placing your knees parallel to your chest and your ankles next to your head. I go all out, working your body and ferociously fucking you. My name resounds throughout the room as you call it. Your screams cheer me on. But, those aren’t the only lips talking now. Your pussy begins queefing, and that sends me into another world. I kiss you, and when our mouths part, my lips remain just millimeters from yours. Our mouths are open, us breathing and moaning into each other.

My wife. My baby. It’s an honor to be inside you. It’s a gift to be fucking you. And, I want more.

Within an instant, I pull out, flip you over, and I’m back inside you. My pelvis repeatedly smashes against your succulent ass as I lay atop you. Our hands interlock as I continue pulverizing your pussy from behind. I sit up on my knees and scoop you up in one arm, placing you in the prime configuration for Doggystyle ass pounding like never before. You spread your cheeks as I re-enter you, you queefing yet again. And you know exactly what that does to me…again, I’m in another gear.

I’m launching myself into you without reservation. I’d never hurt you, and I’m so thankful that you’re not only taking what I’m giving you, but you’re throwing your ass back to me as if begging to give you more….and I do. You will never be dissatisfied with my love for you, baby. I swear it. With everything in me, I’m trying to thrust my soul into you. And, then, it happens. You release your gushing squirt that smothers my cock and balls and soaks the bed. The smell of our sex intensifies, spurring me on to fucking you harder. I pull you up by your elbows, interlocking my arms with yours as I continue stroking you. My nut is getting close, but I don’t want it to. It doesn’t matter, though. If it comes, I’ll release it and get back to work. I guess a short refractory period is one of the benefits of my continued penis enhancement exercises and Kegels.

You pull away, moving forward off my cock to turn around, climb my body, and lock your legs around my lower back. You descend onto my pole, riding me. I’m already smiling as you open your eyes and stare into mine. We laugh, amused by the energy we expend in pleasing each other. I move several hair strands from your face and kiss you. You cream all over me yet again.

My nut; it’s here. My balls tense and you feel the spasming of my dick which tells you to intensify your ride. You speed up and ride me harder, enjoying this horse cock your husband possesses. I lay you down, still pumping you. I swear I go blind as I shoot every ounce of my being into your pussy. With all of your creamy squirt, my saliva from eating you, your drool from sucking me, and my cum inside you, my dessert is lining up to be the best one yet.

After releasing everything I’ve got, I pull out and place my face in your pussy to consume my meal. With the mess we’ve made, I look forward to cleaning you up. The juicy concoction of our love flows out of you, and my tongue is already there, consuming it all. I’m hungry for what we’ve done, and you don’t disappoint me. You give me more.

“Share it with me, husband.”

I suck as much of our fluids out of you and make my way to kiss you. Sharing what we’ve made is my joy. Our mouths mingle, and we taste each other mixed with the natural whipped cream of our fucking.

I can’t believe it. Just hours ago, I was horribly tired. Now? Now, I can take on the next day with the little sleep I’ve had. But, I’ll happily settle for experiencing, yet again, what’s all mine…


My cock is back at full attention. I stop kissing you to look down at my member and back to you with a smirk. Round two beckons and I love second helpings.

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14 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    That was so beautiful & erotic! I loved it. My husband will sure be in for a passionate treat when he gets home from work tonight! Thank you, and God bless 🙂

  2. Old Lover says:

    Your story transported me to my dear Anne – beautifully written. She is all mine and I'm all hers. Tonight we will delight in our lubricious mix of honey and milky cum. Thanks for the horny inspiration!

  3. Randy G. says:

    You actually taste your own cum? Sounds kinda gross to be honest. I sometimes wonder what pussy taste like. I liked your story.

  4. HusbandInTraining says:

    Thanks, guys! I'm glad you liked the story!

    Randy, it's not something that I do regularly, but I have tasted mine because I cannot expect my wife to do something with my own liquids that I cannot do. Plus, her fluids will be a gift to me. Though I'm not married, I've fallen and had sex before marriage. In that, I can say that a woman tastes wonderful to me. Also, I look forward to the day when my wife sucks me after I withdraw from her, allowing her to taste us. And I definitely look forward to "cleaning" my wife after she and I made such a mess. If she's not into it, it won't happen. I'm fearfully and wonderfully made, and so is she (and I've not met her yet), and fully plan on experiencing EVERY ounce of how fearfully and wonderfully made she is. And NO one else will be able to have that gift but me. She is ALL MINE…and I am HERS.

    I hope you'll experience the blessing of the taste of your wife. Trust me, you'll love it. And your curiosity of how she tastes after you've "stirred her pot" will get the best of you. Be well, brother. PEACE.

  5. Alicia G. M. says:

    Great story HusbandinTraining! Very Hot! Thanks for sharing it.
    Oh, Randy! I don't know but I hear it taste like chicken! LOL!!!!!

  6. HusbandInTraining says:

    Cowboybiker, when I finally get married, hopefully there won't be much sleep afterwards. If there is, I want to have put out so much energy that it won't even matter. 😂😂😂

  7. Lori_Dunn says:

    OMG that was so erotic. Jamie is more conservative than I am but I love getting ideas from stories such as this on how we can be better lovers. He has woken me up many times like this but I never thought of returning the favour. I will definitely return the favour after reading this story.


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