Breast Milk

I’m not even sure how it started.  Not entirely sure when it happened, all I know is that I’m very glad that it did. Fair warning, this is going to get sad before it gets sexy.  Anyone that’s just hear for the heat, you’ve been warned.  Please understand that marriage is about the good, the bad, the hot, the sad and the in between.

It was June 5, 2013. Wifey and I were expecting our second child.  Another girl.  We were so surprised because we were not expecting it to be so soon. How soon?  Our eldest was born on June 7, 2012.  We had just celebrated our first year of marriage (having gotten pregnant before getting married but married before she was born) when we found out. My Giggling Maids story on MH tells that tale, but surprisingly the maids weren’t the only ones that heard her screaming that weekend.

When we found out we were pregnant again it was a shocker to us but we were excited.  We didn’t want our kids to be that close together but we would love them all the same.  I had been hoping for a boy but when I was at work earlier in 2013 I got a text message from the wife while I was on my break.

“It’s a girl.”

“Cool.  I guess we’re having three kids then.”  The plan was to have one boy one girl, but the limit was three if I didn’t get my boy.

“Yeah, I guess. So, there is something else…” At this point, I raised an eyebrow.  What was that supposed to mean?

“Everything okay?” I asked her.  I didn’t get a message back until my break was almost over.

“Sort of, I’m not sure how to explain it.” I told her I was sorry but I had to get back.  I was working at a call center at the time and they were super strict about usage of cell phones on the floor. I couldn’t get fired while only still in training. But I called her at lunch and she was crying the minute I asked her what was going on.




A mouthful to say.  Our daughter’s stomach lining hadn’t closed and now all her intestines were on the outside.  There was nothing they could do while she was still in the womb.  They told us that the only complications with Gastro-babies are they could be smaller, have a smaller heart, probably develop asthma, and wouldn’t have a belly button.  The idea was the baby could still be birth vaginally, it wouldn’t harm her and then they would do some special surgery that allowed gravity to set everything inside her stomach the correct way when she was born.  The only complication would be if her stomach started to close while she was still inside. Other than that, Gasto-babies were delivered fine all the time.

The wife was a nervous wreck and I did everything in my power to calm her down and keep her collected.  We were going to have to see a specialist on top of seeing her normal OBGYN.  As the months passed they monitored her and the baby constantly. Everything continued to go smoothly.

May the 31st rolled around and we had another meeting with her specialist.  Not only was Iyana’s heart fine, but she was on track in her growth for a normal healthy baby. That Wednesday rolled around.  Her OBGYN office was super busy and our eldest was acting like a turkey without her head so I took her out to the car and let her scream it out until she finally fell asleep.

I think back to this next moment a lot.  I wish I hadn’t taken my frustration at our daughter’s attitude out on her.  As time went by our daughter would wake up, scream for two minutes or so and then go back to sleep. I kept wondering what was taking so long, so I foolishly called her in my anger.

“What the hell is going on!?  You should have been done by now!” I snapped into the receiver trying not to wake up our daughter who had just fallen back to sleep again.

I heard sobbing.  From that moment, our world spiraled.

They couldn’t find a heartbeat.  The answer to my rude question was they had taken her to do an actual ultrasound and had spent a good amount of time trying to find our daughter, but her heart had just stopped.  They didn’t know why.  They gave us options and they scheduled her to have an induction on Friday.  In hindsight, I don’t know why we originally agreed to Friday because that was supposed to be our daughters first birthday.

But she went into labor on Thursday.  I would later find out she prayed that if it was true, if Iyana really was gone already and it wasn’t some fluke, that she would just go into natural labor.  For the biggest understatement of our lives, that was a rough day.

Then that was a rough couple of weeks. On that Friday I still took our eldest out for her birthday. At the time, I still had connections at a local theme park where I use to work and I went there to take advantage of the free stuff for my little girl. A lot of my friends knew what had happened the day before and one of them, who is also a Christian asked me how I was doing? I told him I was fine as could be expected and he asked me how I was still able to find a reason to smile.

I told him that just because I lost one didn’t mean I wasn’t going to celebrate the life of the one I did have.  And deep down inside I also knew that she was safe.  She got to skip all the mess this world has to offer and was already in the Master’s arms and that realizing that fact sometimes made me envious of her.  She got to go straight there and because of that, I didn’t have the worries of a father for her.

My wife, while a small part of her she saw it that way, couldn’t help but blame herself for everything that had happened.  No matter what I said she still held herself responsible.  She woke up from nightmares every night about our unborn baby and I would hold her until she was able to fall asleep again.

I, of course, took time off work, by that point I had just reached the floor but no one is going to deny bereavement for losing a child.  My days at home were spent generally taking care of our eldest while the wife took care of herself.  I tried to help her have some sort of normalcy in her life again.  I was afraid I would lose her.  If that ended up being true, I was determined to make sure that no one was going to say I didn’t try.

She tried her hardest for me and I for her.  The Sunday after they released her from the hospital during the altar call at church I took her by the hand and had the church pray over us.  She later told me she didn’t want to go but she was glad I made her. Two weeks past and I could tell she was starting to accept what had happened in her own way and wasn’t beating up on herself as much anymore.  The nightmare was less frequent but it still showed its ugly head.

Week three rolled around and I didn’t get paid for my bereavement until I went back to work, so it was nearing the end of when I could stay home.  I kept watching both of my girls.  Evie didn’t have any issue with what had happened.  What does it mean to be young and blind to the problems of the world?  My Wife was better, but she still wasn’t her.  I didn’t know what else to do.  I didn’t want to leave her home alone, but I also didn’t want us to end up homeless after everything that had happened.

I had been praying since she had delivered Iyana and I didn’t hear my baby girl cry.  I had been hoping, right up to that moment, I would still hear the wail of a newborn baby.  But nothing—nothing but the quiet sound of the enemy trying to suck the Spirit out of my Wife and I.  The doctors and nurses were working but I barely heard anything that they were saying as I held my wife’s hand.  I looked at her and saw the blank stare on her face as she desperately listened for our daughter to cry. That was when I started praying.

I knew God would answer my prayer.  I just didn’t know when.  And I most certainly wasn’t expecting how.

When we had Evie, we waited four and a half weeks before we were ravishing each other again.  Evie had torn her open a bit so she had stitches that needed to heal.  When she was sure they were gone, she demanded me. I happily obliged.  But with Iyana, sex was the furthest thing from both our minds.  I even think back to a couple of times I had unfortunately watched porn during our hiatus after Evie but after Iyana I wouldn’t dare especially since I was asking for healing on my family.

“God!” she groaned as she walked into our bedroom one afternoon.  “My fuckin’ tits hurt!” she hissed as she closed the door.  She had just put Evie to bed and I was sitting there on my computer trying to finish up some homework I eventually wouldn’t even turn in.  It was hot since our apartment didn’t have an AC, just a swamp cooler out in the living room.  I sat there with my shirt off letting the fan blow through our room.

“Well,” I said hesitating.  “If you need me too, I can rub them to see if that will help?” I offered.  I was super skeptical about it though.  After our firstborn had basically made her nipples bleed while she was feeding, she had formed Mastitis in one of her breasts when she stopped and we put her on formula.  Her doctors told me it would help if I alternated between putting warm/hot moist towel on her breast and then rubbing it to help loosen up all the milk.

Yeah no. What happened was it ended up popping a puss ball in her boob, which lead us to the ER at two in the morning. I stood there as they spent twenty minutes draining her chest. Which then resulted in a small, but deep, wound on her breast which took over a month to heal and lots of packing gauzes down there with long Q-tips.  And that was when she had tried breastfeeding.  Now she hadn’t at all and I was worried something like that would happen again.

“Could you?” she asked hopefully.  I nodded and set my computer down, never to finish that homework.  She took off her shirt and bra with ease as I sat up at the top of the bed and spread my legs so she could sit down in between them.  I think back to that moment and how normally when she’d undresses it would always send a spark through me, but the two of us were so lost at the moment it didn’t even dawn on me that my wife was naked.

As she sat down I at least reminded myself not to play with her nipples.  I knew that was a turn on for her (when has it not been for any woman) but I wasn’t sure if she was ready.  I didn’t want her to get upset with me, or herself, for wanting anything so soon.  I also didn’t want to seem selfish, as if my ache was more than the pain she was carrying.  She leaned back and I took my hands and grab both of her breasts.  She let out a very small moan and I felt a stirring in my pants but nothing more.  I took one hand on each and squeezed underneath to start relieving the pressure.  She let out a long sigh as a ‘thank you’ and I was only happy that I could help.

I stayed that way for a couple of minutes, giving enough pressure but not squeezing too hard in case something wanted to go wrong like the last post-pregnancy.  One in each hand moving from the top to the sides, the bottom and repeating, avoiding her nipples each time.

“Ugh,” she groaned.  “I’m starting to leak on myself.”

“I’m sorry,” I said chuckling.

“Don’t be, it’s helping,” she said with a contented sigh.  Nothing had popped, yet.  I wasn’t going to hold my breath that everything was fine but I felt like I could add a little extra pressure.  I dropped her left boob and went to grab the right one with both of my hands.  I started from the front, still careful to avoid her nipple and moved on back.  It was when I reached the back where things changed.

Out of nowhere, she let out a quick yelp.  I hadn’t felt anything pop in my hands but I let go of her boob so quickly it wasn’t even funny.  My hands were outstretched to let her know I didn’t mean to hurt her but my fingers were trembling.  My mind started racing on what had just happened.

I gotta call mom and see if she’ll come watch Evie. 

Oh, crap not again!  Lord please not again.

I didn’t mean to, I’m so sorry!

“Are you okay?” I asked almost shouting.

“You didn’t see that?” she said almost relieved.

“See what?” Oh God, you can see how bad it is!? What did I do!? Her whole boob almost turned purple last time!

“That,” she said pointing to the end of the bed.  I looked over her shoulder and saw there was a thin line of spots leading a trail from her all the way over the edge.

“What is that?” I asked still horrified for a second.  “Did I hurt you that bad?”

“No! No,” she said giggling to herself. “Calm down babe, I’m fine,” she said grabbing one of my hands and setting them down.  “Milk just squirted out of my boob that’s all.”

“Wait!  What?” I gasped with a smile. I had never felt so relieved in my entire life.

“Milk—shot out—of my boob,” she said again.  I busted up laughing.

“It’s not funny,” she said smacking my chest.

“The heck it isn’t,” I said through tears.

“Shut up and rub my boobs, they hurt!” she snapped at me.  I sat up and through all the tears I grabbed her boob, with both hands and squeezed.  This time I saw the stream of white fresh milk squirt out from her hard nipple.  It splattered over the blanket making a bigger stream than the last.

“Don’t do it on purpose!” she shouted as I let go.  I looked down over her shoulder and saw her nipple was hard and dripping like a leaky faucet.

“Is there really that much in there?”  I asked surprised.

“I delivered three weeks ago,” she said.  I heard the choke in her voice.  “At this point, this is just three weeks’ buildup of milk.”

“I was afraid you get that abscess thing again.”

Mastitis,” she corrected me all snobby like.  She does that a lot when it comes to medical terms.  You would think she wanted to be a nurse or something.

“Whatever,” I said back with a smirk.

“I thought so too, but I guess I’m good this time.  They just really hurt.”

“I know.  And I’m sorry,” I said taking her breast in my hands again.  I squeezed them both tightly and watched as both breasts started to spray more milk on the bed.  She gave out a soft contented sigh again and I felt another stirring in my pants.

Is this really turning me on? I asked myself as I gave another tight squeeze.  This time they sprayed over the bed and onto the floor.  My cock began to rise in my jeans and I licked my lips feeling my sexual hunger rise within me.

I looked down at my wife and saw her smile a bit as I lifted her big boobs in my hands. I saw her nipples were hard and she sat there in front of me dripping every few seconds onto her receding belly.  I had to try.  I couldn’t just let this moment pass.  I slid both my hands up and let my fingers brush her nipples.  She gasped and her chest heaved but she kept her eyes closed.  Another drip and I caught the milk on my fingers and began rolling it around back on her areola.  She moaned out loud and I saw her hand twitch.  I wasn’t sure if she was going to tell me to stop but until she did I was going to keep going.

With both nipples so close, I took two fingers each hand, pinched and tugged them.  She let out a small cry of pleasure and her hand shot up scratched the back of my head.  I watched as the tugging of her nipples milked the crap out of her and she shot further and a lot more than she had before.  It was like I was outside with a sprinkler and she was spraying everywhere.  She had given me all the encouragement I needed and I started to kiss her neck.  I felt her moan tingle my thirsty lips as I parted them to nibble right under her chin line.

Her hair was in my face, tickling the side of my ear as her hand scrapped my shaved head.  I had both of her breasts grasped between my hands.  My palms were lousy and covered with her fresh milk as they dripped down onto the bed underneath her.  Before I knew it, she had turned around and was kissing me passionately and deeply.  For the past three weeks, we had kissed goodnight but that was about it. Quick little pecks to let each other know we were still here.  She was kissing me so hard I fell over and she got on top of me straddling me to the bed.  Our mouths and tongues began to dance like they never had before.  It was a dance of remembrance and passion as she sat there on top of me.  Her breasts were still dripping and now they were dripping onto my chest one plop at a time but I didn’t mind one bit.  Her milk was warm as it trickled down my sides and under my back on the bed.

Her hands were hastily grabbing at the belt buckle of my pants and ripping it off.  I heard my zipper over her moans for a brief second before she broke away from my lips.  With a yank, my pants were off and on the floor and she was climbing back in between my legs. She had yanked my pants off so hard my cock flopped back onto my lower stomach by my appendectomy scar leaving a connection of precum from the tip to my scared ab.  She pushed her hair behind her ear as she closed her eyes and with a moan closed her mouth around me.

“Aaaaah,” I said letting out a long moan.  Her mouth felt so hot wrapped around my flesh and each moan only sent more and more tremors to my legs.  Her breasts were leaking and as they rested on my legs I felt her hot milk drip down the side of my thighs as her nipples grazed against them.  She came up, popping me out of her mouth like a tootsie roll pop and started stroking my solid shaft.

I knew I wasn’t going to last very long if she kept that up so I sat up and kissed her on the mouth.  Kissing her while her lips are still dripping with saliva always pushes her limit.  Her whole body seems to stop moving and she slowed down the strokes.  She moaned right into my mouth as my tongue slid its way through her lips and swayed with her tongue.  She kept up the stroking at a steady pace but I eventually moved her hand away and broke our kiss.

“Lay down on the edge of the bed,” I said.  She didn’t hesitate to crawl up and lay down.  I quickly grabbed the button of her pants and snapped them open.  With one sweep both her thong and her pants were now crumpled up on the floor next to my pants.  She always lays too far up and I think she does that on purpose just so she can feel me pull her down.  I’m on my knees at the end of the bed and I reach up, going under her thighs, grabbing her upper thighs to pull her down.  She gives a gasp but then starts chuckling as she places her feet back up to let her cute pudgy toes hang slightly off the bed.

She was already sopping wet, I didn’t need to add anything to her cute pink smooth pussy.  For a second I was lost just staring at it.  Happy to see it in all its glory again. The light seeping in through the windows glistened as her juices stained her beautiful walls. My hand reached up and felt her nectars slide through my fingers. I heard her moan and her ass raised slightly off the bed as my pointer finger found her clit. I leaned down tentatively savoring the moment as the smell of her sex wrapped itself around my nose.  My mouth opened and I let my tongue roll out as I started from the bottom and took one long lick straight to the top.  My lips wrapped around her clit as her legs started tsunami’s overseas from all her shaking.

The tip of my tongue was on her clit and my lips wrapped around it as I flicked her repeatedly.  Her legs closed around my head and I felt her hand run over my sheared head before she scratched me as her hand trailed away.  Her moans were muffled by the fact I was now wearing her legs as ear muffs but I knew she was enjoying every second of it.  She let her legs fall back to the side and I quickly reached my arms up and held her down.  I wanted to hear every moan and she wasn’t going to deny me that.

“Ooooh! Ah!” she cried as her legs fought my grip.

“Don’t stop! Ah! Michael! OOOOH! Don’t staaaaph!” she screamed right before her hips bucked.  I don’t care how strong a man is, we will never be able to stop the buck of our woman’s climax.  What I wasn’t expecting was the gush of juices that flushed into my open mouth.  My wife had just squirted.  Not for the first time, but for the first time in my mouth.  I wasn’t expecting the gush of juice so my mouth stayed open in surprised letting her juices trickle back down on her pool of a pussy.  Her hips came back down, shaking like Chihuahuas in the snow and I heard her ragged breathing as her whole body took in ecstasy instead of air.

“You just squirted in my mouth,” I said with a slight tease in my voice.

“Hmmm,” she said through an embarrassed laugh as my fingers started playing with her clit.  She had told me she never wanted to do that.  She had gotten close a few times but had held it in waiting for me to move my face before letting it all go. I told her she didn’t have to worry about squirting on my face and was glad she finally couldn’t hold it.

“It’s so gross though!” she said covering her face as she turned beat red.

“Oh please,” I said moving her hands with my free one.  “You’re fine.”  My other hand didn’t leave her pussy and as I smiled at her, her whole body arched as she felt another climax approaching.

“Michael,” she said grabbing my hand and pulling me up.  “Please fuck me,” she whispered.  I looked at her and saw the pleading look in her eyes.  They lit up at the sight of how throbbing hard I was and I was so ready to give it to her.

“Scoot up,” I commanded.  She moved instantly and laid down on her back. I crawled up to her and began kissing her lower stomach.  I was biting and trailing kisses, heading towards her chest.  Her nipples were a white pink as her milk rested there waiting to be released.  I’ll be honest I was super hesitant at first but what is love making to a man if he doesn’t at least bite on his wife’s nipples once?  And it had been so long I couldn’t resist.  The moment my teeth made the connection her milk splashed into my mouth.

And surprisingly, it was good.

It was warm and almost sweet as I sucked on her nipples.  She moaned the loudest she ever has when I’ve played with her as the milk left her boob and flowed down my throat.  My other hand was free to play with her other boob and the moment I squeezed milk sprayed all over the two of us through my fingers.

“Ah!” she cried out before the two of us busted up laughing.  Her nipple was still in my mouth and I watched her laugh for the first time in what seemed like an eternity.  My heart stopped during that moment happy to see that she was having fun again. She looked down at me with such a warm smile and tenderly wiped the milk that had splashed onto my face away.  I pulled back on her nipple feeling a little more milk leak through before letting it snap back to her chest.  She moaned as her boob jiggled and I contacted the other one.  The same taste filled my mouth and I happily relieved the pressure in her breast with my own lips as she cried out in desire. Her hands moving without a path touching any part of my body they could reach.

I leaned up and started kissing her zealously again as she caressed my face.  My chest was on hers and the weight of my body was making her overflow all over the two of us.  Damn, she had a lot in her chest.  She was so into me and my cock was leaking precum right at the entrance of her love tunnel and I just couldn’t wait to be inside.  There was just one thing wrong.  I reached a hand underneath her and quickly yanked her over on top of me.

Before she even realized what happened, sitting up there with a confused look on her face, I had my hand around my cock sliding it up and down between her lips, squeezing precum out on her clit and rubbing it in circles whenever I got up there. Her legs were shaking so much I’m not even sure how she managed to hold herself up for as long as she did.  But eventually, she cuffed my hand away and came down.  I still remember every inch of me spreading open those lips and sliding inside the warmth of her pussy after so long.

My Queen happily sat down on her throne and I watch her slowly tilt back her head as she let out a silent moan as her hands came to rest on my damp chest.  She sat there for a second letting the muscles inside of her loosen up and get used to my girth filling her to the brim once more.  I felt a couple of plops as her extra hard nipples continued to drip down on my chest.  She gave a small whimper of carnality when she slid up from me for a second before coming back down.

I wasn’t even sure how long she would stay up there. I’m too pronounced for her to stay on top. Before for too long before it starts to hurt her, but I wanted to watch her enjoy herself, even if it was only for a moment.  She started to speed up and I closed my eyes and groaned.  She was so wet and so soft but her grip on me was so tight.  I was up in the clouds with her riding me and I didn’t want it to stop.  I watched her, she had her eyes closed as she focused on what she was doing.  Her mouth was slightly open as her juices gushed underneath her and her boobs swayed with each bounce.  Her nipples were exceedingly hard, the hardest I had ever seen them and they were almost pouring over me like a cup of milk had spilled over.  My chest was its normal black but also white, stained with dried milk. Slippery when wet as new drips painted my russet skin.  I was smiling to myself as I watched my cock slightly appear and disappear with each rise and fall of hers and I just couldn’t help myself anymore. I needed a more active approach.

My hands slid up her bent thighs and I watched her bite her lips as my fingers left goosebumps on their trail. I grabbed her hips and her nipples leaked a couple more drops of her milk on my wrists.  I slid my hands up off her hips, over her curves and grabbed onto her boobs.  They started gushing milk into my hands and down my wrists.  She cried out and looked down at my hands to see if it was really happening as she was feeling it.  I moved my hand from palming her juicy tits and squeezed and pulled her nipples.  Milk splashed all over my face and my chest and she landed down on my lap again with a gasp.

“Oh my gosh,” she said trying to stop her laughing.  “Are you okay?” I had my eyes closed but nothing had gotten in them, but my face felt like it had just taken a thick shower.  I felt a bubble slip down over my lips.  I licked it up and wiped my eyes with the back of my hands and started laughing at the look of surprise on her face.

“Yeah.  I’m fine,” I said. “But please don’t stop,” I said grabbing her hips and thrusting up into her.

“AH!” she cried out as she began to work her hips when I slid back down.  The two of us worked in sync, our bodies slapping into one another in a steady pace.  Her boobs were swinging milk everywhere and I laughed.  She blushed a beet red before telling me to shut up as she leaned down to kiss me.  The milk continued to channel out of her and slid down from my chest onto the bed.  I held her ass in my hands, so big and so soft.  I smacked it a few times and she hissed near my ear with a part of my neck between her teeth.  She sucked and left that pleasurable pain that would eventually lead to a hickey only she would see.  I smacked her again as she leaned up just enough.  She began to bounce her hips on me with a fast rhythm.  Her ass always sounds delicious smacking into my legs and her juices, both her pussy and her milk juices, were making a mess of me.

She slammed down one last time and I felt her muscles clench around my throbbing cock as she screamed through her orgasm.  She laid down on my chest and I lifted my arms around her as she breathed heavily.  I propped my feet on the bed and grabbed her ass and lifted it up just enough for me to start pounding into her.

“Aaaaah!” she cried in my ears as I drove my throbbing cock up.  My hips were tightened and I was working overtime to pound hard and deep inside of her.  She loves it when I go that fast when she’s on top and she can just focus on holding herself up.  I felt her boobs leak a lot more milk on me and trickle to the side.  It almost seemed as if the hornier she got the more she lactated. I didn’t care, I was balls deep and those balls were following each thrust and smacking her ass and then mine.

“Michael! MICHAEL!” she cried as she quickly sat up.  My arms were thrown to the side as hers landed on my chest and her hands dug her nails in.  Her mouth was opened and her eyes were closed but nothing was coming out as her whole entire lower body shook.

“AH!” she finally let out as the ripples reached her toes.  She looked down at me with a sparkle renewed in her eyes and eased up on clawing my chest.  She began to gyrate her hips back and forth spreading her juices all around where we met.  I love it when she does this, her ass cups my balls as she slides back and forth and massages them with those big soft cheeks.  And I end up lasting a little bit longer this way because it’s more of me just hitting her G-spot than sliding up and down.

At this point, I couldn’t help myself anymore and grabbed her nipples.  With each tug milk went flying everywhere, splashing all over her chest, my chest, my face, the pillows and the blankets.  It was like standing in a light snow shower except this liquid was warm and sweet.  I held out my tongue and licked up what landed on my face completely lost in her and only her.  My wife and my bride of almost two years.  My best friend and lover.  She was everything to me and as she sat there bouncing on my cock, her eyes closed and her hair a mess from the sweat she was producing, dripping and spraying her unused milk all over the place, it was the first time in almost a month I saw her soul shine through her shell.

In that moment, I wanted to cum.  I wanted to let her know I was still there and that I wasn’t going anywhere.  I wanted to fill her up and let her know that she was mine and that everything I had was hers.  That I loved her and I was never giving up on us regardless of what we went through.

“G-gaaaaaaaaah!” I practically shouted.  It was my biggest moan ever.  I felt my cock sputter and shake between her wet contracted muscles.  She shouted with me as my first stream shot straight to the back of her pussy and she came back down on my cock.  My hands were still on her large tits and I squeezed those puppies as my cock continued to give her all the buildup for the last month.  Her pussy was almost in a death grip as she cummed with me.  Milk went flying everywhere and as the drops covered me I laughed at the top of my lungs.  In that moment feeling her juices soak me all over was absolutely glorious.  The fan in our room spun and turned on us and I was so hot and sweaty that the fan cooled down the milk and sent shivers to join my climax trembles.

As the two of us finished coming off that peak together I let go of her soaking wet jugs as she laid down on my chest, almost passing out.  I felt some of my cum begin to leak out and slide down my balls because I had filled her up with so much.  We were a sweaty, sticky and wet mess.  The room smelled like sex and Nesquik with three spoonsful of sugar and it was delicious.  I was still chuckling through my ragged breath and she had her head on my shoulder as she rubbed my arm.  Her hair was in my face and I could just feel my cock strongly pulsating as if it wanted more.  It did.  I did.  But I was just happy I got any at all.

“Your boobs feel better?” I asked as I rubbed her head.

She laughed into my chest.  “Yes.”

“They better, the way you were squirting all over the damn place.”  She chuckled again but as my cock pulsed inside of her once more she let out another soft moan.

It all happened so quick when it was over I wasn’t even entirely sure how we had gotten there but I was sure glad that we had.  As I rubbed her head and she slowly began to fall asleep, her breast still leaking down my side, my cock softening inside of her as more cum leaked out; I finally knew in that moment we were going to be okay.

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    Amazing story Upcomingauthor, wow, blessings to you and your wife ! So glad about the happy ending, going to get mine right now !

  2. Juicy says:

    What a story! I am so sorry you went through this. I just wanted to commend you on sharing such a raw and hurtful time in your life with and I hope that you find a lot of encouragement from your fellow MH brethren. It would have taken a lot to share this story and by sharing it I hope that you find support and that others can learn from this. This story encompasses more than just sex between a couple; this was healing sex and just as important as loving sex. Going through a trauma like that, the moment you can join back together physically like that is healing and bonding. My second daughter was a stillbirth and I know that moment well. Coming back together so intimately was connective. We walked through a horrible time together, first meeting the basic needs of one another, then to be able to get to a place where we could be intimate was powerful. We didn't let a tragedy break us when it easily could have and neither did you! When a couple can walk through a traumatic experience and come out stronger on the other side, it is a real testament to their faith and their relationship. Never forgotten babies – I am so glad that you call her by name!

  3. hornyGG says:

    What a wonderful story. So sorry you two had to go through such a tough time. You obviously love your wife very much and are a very caring person. That in it's self is very erotic in my opinion. God bless and continue to heal. Stay horny!

  4. Art says:

    UA – We lost a child back in 1984. He was five months old. Died of meningitis.Been there. Praying for you.

  5. Upcomingauthor says:

    Thank you everyone. She's reading it right now.

    To the MH editors thank you so much for posting this early enough like I requested so she would have comments to read today that were uplifting and caring. I also really love the picture for the story as well, overall just thank you for helping me make today a little easier on her.

    To everyone who commented, Marie and Juicy we miss you on MSP ♥, GG Art and OneCouple thank you all for your kind words I appreciate it.

    This has been a rough four years for us especially her and with time it'll get easier but I'm glad that we have family here and elsewhere that help. Thank you ♥♥

    Love you all.

  6. Juicy says:

    I hope the support from the MH community was uplifting to you both and that you got through the day together. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of my daughter. Blessings on both as you journey through life together!

    Juicy <3

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