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Cramped (L)

This story contains strong language (L) You can read about annotations here. I could feel the pain.  Even as she sat there in front of me, her pink lips wrapped around her favorite piece of chocolate, I could still feel the pain.  I was engorged.  My sex drive had taken a spike out of nowhere, […]

Breast Milk

I’m not even sure how it started.  Not entirely sure when it happened, all I know is that I’m very glad that it did. Fair warning, this is going to get sad before it gets sexy.  Anyone that’s just hear for the heat, you’ve been warned.  Please understand that marriage is about the good, the […]

Horny Insomniac

So I was up until 3 in the morning one Monday night. Wife was having some major cramps down below and she was basically not able to move very much–she’s a huge baby when it comes to pain, and before any ladies get mad at me, she agrees.  Anyways, so I’m respecting that and letting […]

Through the Day

One…two…three…Click-click, as I hit ‘3’ on my scanner and enter my count in. The strain of my OP as it rises to the next bin.  My thumb already weary from the controls and it’s only been an hour since my shift started. Okay this one has four– Please fuck me! I hear you clearly say […]

A Helping Hand

The kids were asleep and we were watching My Little Pony.  The rest of the season was finally on Netflix and I wanted to watch it.  Yes…I’m a Brony.  But I have three kids, so it’s okay.  Anyways, while we are watching the episode I also happen to be on Marriage Sex and Positive : […]

A Different Kind Of Praise

Is Sex Worship? What is the best way to thank God for giving you your spouse than by cherishing your spouse in all aspects of your marriage including sex–something he deems sacred and reserved only for marriage. If our bodies are a temple, a place of worship, then by following a sacred vow to only […]

Sex Playlist #6 – Sexual Healing (Part 1)

By: Marvin Gaye I’m only 24…all the older folks in my life told me, ” Our music wasn’t as nasty or raunchy as the music is today.” You all some lyin’ freaks.  We know where babies come from 🙂 Fresh off the long list of suggestions I’ve gotten (thanks for that BTW!) I thought I start off […]

Alarm Clock

I honestly just woke up this morning wired.  I could feel her body heat next to me and I thought about it.  My alarm had already gone off, the extra 30 minutes I left for showering could be used so I could shower in her juices. That feeling was strong.  That carnal desire that awakens […]

Light Switch

He never knew exactly when it was going to happen.  There was never any warning or inclination.  No set up at all, no…foreplay, if you will.  Sometimes it would just be her laugh, the way she would smile.  The smell of her perfume as she got ready for Church.  Maybe she was putting dinner away […]