Cramped (L)

This story contains strong language (L)
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I could feel the pain.  Even as she sat there in front of me, her pink lips wrapped around her favorite piece of chocolate, I could still feel the pain.  I was engorged.  My sex drive had taken a spike out of nowhere, and I was pulsing more blood to my dick than I could stand.  I needed a release and fast.

Her mouth came up off of me.  Her hand followed those lips of hers, her saliva helping it slip up with ease.  She looked at me with a knowing smile, and I smirked back.  I closed my eyes with a sigh, feeling the pain again the moment she stopped stroking.  I never feel the pain when she’s moving on me, but the moment the friction stops it’s a definite issue.

“Come sit down,” I told her as I climbed into bed and moved back the covers.  Her smile grew just a little bit.  I know she doesn’t always get to stay on top, and considering how hard I was, I knew she wasn’t going to last long this time either. But she loves sitting down on me, and I love it when I get to watch her.

Her pussy was juicy and wet; its nectar flowed down over my saliva-soaked cock.  She let out a silent moan—her eyes closed, her mouth opened wide—as she sat down on me and instantly fell over.  Her harsh breathing filled my ear as her hair covered my face, and I could feel how much I filled her up. My hands rubbed her back, and she shivered as she tried to let her muscles relax over me.

I lifted my lips to her chest and started kissing her there.  A long moan escaped her lips as she sat up and started grinding on me slowly.  My head fell back to the pillow, and I moaned out loud as the pain ebbed away again.  My hands grabbed her hips and followed her on her grind.

Her breasts looked so perfect as she slid around, her juices dripping down my balls.  Her wetness trickling its way down my bare flesh felt incredible.  I had surprised her by going completely bald that morning before church.  I always kept my shaft and my balls cleaned up, but the area above my penis was a little hairy. I was feeling like a change, so I went completely bald again, even the scrotum and a little further back.  It left me more sensitive already, and as she splooshed all over my cock, it felt even better.

I leaned back up and grabbed her.  She let out a gasp because I was getting a little rough with her. I was so turned on it was ridiculous.  Her left nipple was in my mouth as she scratched my back.  Her other hand dug into my hair, grabbing as much as she wanted until she put both of her hands on my chest and pushed me back down.  The second my head hit the pillow, she leaned down on me.  Her breasts felt so soft and warm that I shivered from the skin-to-skin contact.  My hands reached up and scratched her back too. She let out a hiss as she began moving her hips up and down, smacking her ass on my thighs and shoving my cock back into her.

“Ah!” I cried on the first one.  “That’s right, Princess! Fuck my cock! Ride that big cock of yours!”

She let out another moan in my ear right before I smacked her left ass cheek.  She slammed down on me harder, and I gave her another smack with each successive slide down. My hands grabbed both cheeks and spread them as she kept riding up and down.

“Oh, Daddy!” she screamed before sitting up with a gasp.  She stopped moving as her orgasm tore through her body.  I squeezed her ass and watched as another wave crashed over her.  When I squeezed again, she gasped as her orgasm reached another level of intensity.  One last squeeze and she opened her eyes to glare at me with the word “Stop!” written in them.

I chuckled slightly and took my hands off of her cheeks so she could calm down.  She leaned back, overspent but knowing good and well we weren’t done yet.  She started grinding again, and I sat us up.

I pulled her close so her succulent tits would be available for the taking.  I sucked on one nipple then the next, kissing and biting that breast all around until I got to her underboob and licked the outline. It was something a little different, and I felt her mind let loose as another orgasm tore through her body.  She let me go, and I fell back and watched her try to keep her body still on my cock because each successive thrust from her climax just prolonged it. Once she had finally settled down, she opened her eyes and looked at me, taking her nails off my chest.

“Don’t smirk at me like that,” she said, her chuckles making her whole body light up as she tried to stop her tremors. But my smirk just grew, and I lifted my right hand to finger her clit.

“Oh no!” she said giggling.

“Maybe I want you to squirt on me.”

“You need to fix the bed then,” she retorted.  I looked at the covers and realized I had pulled back our sheet blanket—we don’t use sheets, so the disheveled blanket that normally covers our mattress had it all exposed.  I was in such a daze from her quick blowjob that I hadn’t noticed before.

“Fine then, get up,” I said, smirking again because I knew it was going to be extremely hard for her to get up when she didn’t want to.  She pushed down on my chest and lifted barely a centimeter before she stopped for a second and then came back down.  She started sliding up again, and I grabbed her hips to help her keep going.  She groaned and finally came off.  The cool air hit all her juices staining my rock-cock as I sat up and got off the bed to quickly fix the blanket-sheet.

I quickly lay back down and patted my lap. She rolled her eyes before climbing back on top.  As she sat down, I filled her up again but saw that look cross her face, the one that told me she needed to get back up.

“Starting to hurt?” I asked.  With her eyes still closed and a look of disappointment on her face, she nodded.

“I’m starting to cramp on my side,” she said.

“Okay, get up,” I said matter-of-factly.  She sighed and got up.  I rolled up and turned back to her.  She was already on her knees so I motioned for her to get on her hands too.  She turned and showed me that big butt of hers, and I grabbed her hips and pulled her back. Sliding right in, I got ready to give her a pounding when she raised her hand up and slid herself off of me.

“Nope,” she said sighing.  I could tell she was getting frustrated with her body.  It’s never bothered me that we have to change the plan sometimes, but I know it’s always bothered her.

“Lay down then.” I smiled, trying to keep her in the mood.  She rolled over onto her back and spread her legs for me. I almost said, ‘Good girl,’ but I could tell she was still pretty upset with something that she couldn’t control.  I kissed her on the lips, attempting to take her mind off of it, and kissed her breast bone as I positioned myself to slide right back in.

She growled the minute I was at the hilt. “It still hurts,” she said quietly.  I just smiled and kissed her again on the lips.

“Then will you finish me off with a handjob?” I asked her.  She nodded quietly and I slid out.  Her eyes rolled to the back of her head for a moment, upset that I dared rip myself out of her, but I had no other choice at this moment.

She sat up at the edge of the bed where we had started.  I was beginning to ache again but the moment she grabbed me that all changed. A deep moan left my mouth as her hand slid up and down her own lubrication.  She slid up to my head, and her thumb started to caress the tip.  My whole body shook as I felt my orgasm spike up.  That’s the most sensitive part of my body, and she knows how to treat it well.  She eased up on the tip and went back to stroking, taking away the pain in my throbbing veins.  I felt my cum slide back a bit from her easing up on the tip.

I was starting to dry up, so I reached over and grabbed our massage oil.  She opened her hands and let me give her one squirt.  Instantly, she rubbed her hands together and brought one back up to her awaiting cock that stuck out toward her face.  The oil felt so good and warmed up my cock nicely.  The ache went away completely as the oil soaked into my skin, and she continued to swap hands caressing me.

“Would you like me to use my feet?” she asked me in the middle of one of my moans.  I just looked down at her and smiled.  She knew the answer to that.  A couple of weeks earlier we had used some of the tax return so she and our eldest could have a mommy-daughter spa day and get a Mani-Pedi, with the promise that she would finally give me the footjob I had been asking for.  It had been two weeks, and I hadn’t gotten it yet.

She leaned back on the bed, lifted her cute pudgy feet, and started sliding them up and down my cock. It didn’t feel any different from her hands being there, but I’ve had a thing for feet since I was a teenager. Don’t know why; it’s just how I’m wired.  But the fact that her feet were there, caressing my cock and trying to bring me to the edge, made my head begin to swirl.  And then she took both her feet and put them on the top and bottom of my cock, squeezing as she went back and forth. I let out such a loud moan that I was afraid we were going to be heard.  She brought her foot up and used one of her toes to flick my tip, hitting the slit perfectly.  My body shook from head to toe, and if she hadn’t sat up to using her hands again and grabbed me, I probably would have fallen over.

“My hips were starting to hurt,” she said.

“It’s okay,” I said with a smile, just happy it had happened at all.  One day she would bring me to climax with her feet—I could wait until then.

She looked up at me and smiled, but I could still tell she was upset.  She grabbed me with both hands and started stroking me with ease. Ladies, let me tell you: if you ever want to make your man feel like he’s the biggest thing on the planet, use both hands.  It’s a major compliment.  My balls were all too ready to dispense myself all over her, but I wanted her to finish me off enjoying herself.  Cramps were nothing she could control, but women think on a different plane than us men.  Men adapt to the situation and move on; ladies will make the change but will still be stuck in the past about it.

“Lean back,” I said, pushing on her chest.  She snapped out of her trance and gave me a quizzical look.  “Play with yourself,” I added.  She tried to hide her embarrassed smirk, but she lay back on the bed and did as Daddy told her.

I watched her juicy body spread eagle for me as she rubbed her clit.  Her pink pussy smiled up at me with dripping lips as it happily kissed her soft fingers.  Her tits jiggled slightly with each move of her hand and her eyes closed slightly.

I grabbed myself and, as I watched her pleasure herself, stroked up and down my shaft with the oil leaking through my fingertips. I cupped the head of my cock, giving my body the illusion I was still inside of her.  I fingered my slit, closing my eyes for a couple of seconds, and when I opened them, I saw her intently watching me pleasure myself.  I scooted closer to the edge of the bed as she slid two fingers into her and popped them back out to circle her clit.  I was getting close and I couldn’t wait to paint her body with my cum.  My balls shot it up my shaft, but I flexed to hold it there at the tip.

“Oh, Princess.  Baby girl, I’m about to cum,” I said looking her in the eye as best as I could as I held my cum.  Telling her always brings her right to the edge.

“Oh, Daddy,” she moaned as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back.  She was there, and it was finally time to let it all go.

I began to grunt as the first stream shot out and landed on her belly.  The rest of my cum aimed right for the area below her belly button and for her pussy, giving her a nice collection on her hand which continued to rapidly circle her clit.

I was spent. My body relaxed, and it took everything I had to stay standing for as long as I did.

She was still shaking.  Her legs trembled on our blankets while her hand slowed down. She looked up at me with all her love in her eyes, the cramp in her side forgotten for a moment.  I leaned forward and placed my knees on the bed between her legs.  She took some of the cum that was on her fingertips and rubbed it on her clit before reaching up and rubbing my tip again.  My body shook again to match the fault line in her legs, and I had to use a hand to hold me up.

We stayed that way for another couple of minutes, both of us messy and spent.  I leaned over to kiss her, feeling my semi-hard cock throb its thank you, so glad that there are other ways than just intercourse to make love and that’s she’s willing to take the ride.

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