On the Sea

We boarded the Costa Classica on a hot day heading for a cruise down the Mediterranean.

Instantly, we were drawn by her magic as we were shown to our cabin. It looked very inviting, designed in such a way that the owners understood the amount of sex that takes place on a ship. We unpacked and unwound after the standard safety drills, now free to take part in any activity provided on board.

After exploring, we returned to our cabin. All of my instincts had gotten worked up between my legs, and I felt sure my hubby experienced the same.

“Okay, now what?” I said, my horniness having surpassed my imagination. Without much of a reply, my hubby undressed fully and presented his manhood oozing pre-cum. I jumped at the opportunity; in a minute, I had his cock in my mouth. As I slid my lips further down, he started making groaning noises.

I stopped for a while, watching his nakedness before deciding the time had come to expose some of my undersides as well. I removed my jeans, and the sight of me stepping out of them drove him even wilder. I had gone without panties, and now it was only me and my t-shirt barely long enough to cover half my clean-shaven pussy.

He gazed in awed delight as I approached him and carried on with my oral tactic. I grabbed his shaft while he lay on the bed, and gobbled him completely, bobbing my head up and down. With me licking and using much saliva, I could tell he wouldn’t last long.

Almost immediately, he said, “Stop and come over here. I have to return the favor.”

As he sat up, I stood and came to the bedside near his face, lifted my shirt a bit higher, and said in no uncertain terms, “It’s yours for the taking.”

Hubby wasn’t lazy at all. He parted my lips and slowly started rubbing my most sensitive spot: my clit. I stepped back a bit and widened my stance, indicating that I wanted him to go down on me, and on his knees, he did. He sucked me with pleasurable vigor and then ran his tongue up and down, inside and outside, driving me to shout as orgasm neared, “NOW! DONT STOP!!”

That signaled him to take my little erection inside his mouth and gently do a roundabout on it. At the same time, his hand went under my shirt to grab my nipple.

I climaxed intensely, still standing as I shook and wiggled my pussy in my hubby’s mouth. He gradually let go and lay back onto the bed, as hard as a rock. With a woman’s instinct, I once again lowered myself to my knees and grabbed his shaft. He was not too far from the point of no return as, instead of closing my lips around him, I opened my mouth wide and shook his shaft in an up-and-down movement. Occasionally, I twirled my tongue around his head.

At last, I heard, “NOW!” as his first stream of sperm landed on my tongue. I kept up the movement before he started shooting semen onto my lips.

I opened my mouth wider and took him back in, feeling a shot offload before he pulled back and went wild. He gave me a lovely facial; I felt his hot load dripping down my neck. I was all messy, but I loved it!

And so did he! As I drained him off the last bit, he grabbed the mobile phone and took snapshots of me drenched in his cum.

“What are you up to now?” I asked him, though I know he loves making sexy pics of me.

“This is our first day onboard, so wouldn’t you love some memories?”

“What a question,” I answered. “We still have two days and nights! Wait until you see what we do later!” I spread the semen on my face, rubbing it in. From time to time, I gave him a little lick or took one myself. Then we both ran for the shower to freshen up before departing for the dining room.

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  1. snagd says:

    This was exceptional. The way my wife took my cock to task at the same time wanting me to go face inside her, its what she enjoys the most. Being an excellent cock sucker, she doesn't hold back anything but in most cases orgasms as well in a similar manner. Unless she just wants to give me a "quickie"

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