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Another Day at Sea (L/A)

This story contains strong language (L) This story contains anal penetration (A) You can read more about annotations here. I told you all about what happened the day we boarded a cruise ship on the Mediterranean. By the end of that first day, we’d twice indulged in fellatio and cunnilingus, draining us both of our […]

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On the Sea

We boarded the Costa Classica on a hot day heading for a cruise down the Mediterranean. Instantly, we were drawn by her magic as we were shown to our cabin. It looked very inviting, designed in such a way that the owners understood the amount of sex that takes place on a ship. We unpacked […]

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The Sweet Smell of Suck-sess

  We were going out to visit some friends of ours. I took a nice, cool shower after the sweltering heat then reluctantly got dressed. This time I chose a soft, silky black dress that exposed the cleft of my breasts and my knees. With a dress like this one, my husband prefers that I […]

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Ice Cream

I was on the way to my hubby’s office, and as it was a bit late with everybody gone home, I stopped at an ice cream den. Suddenly an idea came to mind. Instead of buying a cone, I went for a cup that was reasonably ice cold, and as I drove along, I helped […]

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πŸ”Š Welcome Home (L,A)

  This story contains strong language (L) This story involves anal penetration (A) You can read more about annotations here.Β  πŸ”Š Ignite Audio Playlist As Snagd came home after two weeks, I wanted him badly. Something in me clicked, not because I had to but because I wanted to. It had been too long since […]

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πŸ”Š Another Night (A)

This story involves anal penetration (A). You can read more about annotations here. πŸ”Š Ignite Audio Playlist The other night as I lay half asleep, I had recklessly turned with my one leg wide open and the other leg hanging down the edge of the bed.Β  As my husband got into bed, he was ecstatic. […]

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πŸ”Š Giving Head

πŸ”Š Ignite Audio Playlist My hubby, as I’ve mentioned before, enjoys having his cock sucked. His normal signal to be sucked is to tickle me in the center of my palm. I get the message and always oblige. I am an ardent cock sucker and would not deny him. Without thinking twice I would release […]

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πŸ”Š Very Deep

πŸ”Š Ignite Audio Playlist My hubby came home from work, and I was waiting for him in our bedroom. I had dressed in a see-through nighty without a panty, exposing my nipples and the hairless pussy I had shaved in the shower earlier. It must have looked inviting. He was taken aback when he found […]

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πŸ”Š After the Homecoming (L/A)

This story contains strong language (L) This story includes anal play (A) You can read more about annotations here. After the sex session we had in Homecoming, we sat down to dinner. Not long after, Snagd regained enough strength to remind me of the promise I made. I, of course, did not back down! As […]

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