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As Snagd came home after two weeks, I wanted him badly. Something in me clicked, not because I had to but because I wanted to. It had been too long since I’d tasted him, smelled him, and felt him. I needed to have him inside of me in every way possible.

I went to the bedroom and stripped naked. When he joined me, I shifted down on the bed. I closed my eyes and let my lips move up and down his sizeable, thick shaft. He was already rock hard, and I could feel every inch of his rippled texture under my tongue. Without warning, I licked him up and down. He groaned, his hands moving down along the backs of my thighs. My head bobbed up and down more rapidly as I sucked him between my lips. He tasted so good, just as good as I always remember.

It had been only weeks, but it felt like months or even years. He had traveled away for business, and my bed had immediately turned into a desolate landscape of aching want. I had endured the miles that separated me from my hubby with difficulty. While we could talk on the phone, I could not reach out to seek his comfort when I awoke in the middle of the night. Though I resorted to toys, I could not feel the warmth of his body next to me. My hands had missed the thick hair on his chest and head.

The only thing I could do was touch myself and play with my breasts, pulling sharply on my nipples until they stiffened under my touch. I moved my hands between my legs, cupping my soft mound and sliding my fingers between my slick, wet folds. Many times I brought myself to orgasm in those long, lonely weeks, yet it was not enough—it could never be enough. I needed him.

I needed to feel his thick, hard cock penetrating me and his warm, muscled torso pressed against my body. How I longed for my lips on his, kissing, tasting him, and wanting him as much as he wanted me.

Oh ! I was ready for him. My tongue moved languidly up and down his shaft as I took him deeper inside my mouth. My head followed the movements of my hand that was sliding back and forth on his cock, my fingers wrapped tightly around his pulsating member. He knows I am excellent at giving oral pleasure, and truth be told it turned me on to do so—it turned me on so much that I moved my other hand down between my legs and began to tease myself.

He let out a quiet groan, just to let me know he enjoyed what I was doing. I smiled. It was early dawn, and there was no need to make much noise. We could fuck wildly all afternoon and all night, but for now, our tender reconnecting was one of soft gasps and quiet whispers. That was enough.

His hands roamed my body, grabbing mounds of my breasts through my nakedness. He cupped my smooth buttocks, squeezing them in his powerful hands, demonstrating to me how much he, too, had missed me.

I released him from his mouth and moved up and kissed him. He pressed his body against mine, my hips moving in little circles, showing him how desperately I wanted him. His hand moved down between her legs, replacing mine. His finger slipped between my soft folds. He found my clit and flicked it rapidly, arousing my desires to even greater highs. I cried out softly. I couldn’t last much longer. I needed him inside me.

Moving quickly, I rolled over and faced away from him. He raised my leg and pushed his hips between my thighs. I felt his cock at my wet entrance. Slowly he eased into me. I could feel my inner walls opening, taking him deep inside me. I gasped as he pulled back out then thrust back into me. The feeling of him filling me was like no other. My mind went blank. A deep heat began to burn in my loins. He spread my thighs open and began to thrust into me more forcefully. My breasts heaved up and down. His tongue devoured my mouth. We were reconnecting in the way I had so desperately yearned for all these weeks.

My painted toes danced in the air as he thrust into me. Over and over again our bodies crushed together, his powerful thighs slapping against my soft skin.

He slowed down, then sped up, then slowed down then sped up again. His tempo kept me on the edge. Once again my hand found my clit. I cried out as he drove into me deeper and deeper. Then he stopped and slid off the bed. His head moved between my legs, his lips finding my soft folds. I moaned as he held my hips in his hands and licked me furiously. I dragged my fingers through his hair, pressing him to me, feeling myself growing wetter and wetter. His tongue was relentless. My heels pressed against his shoulders, digging into him. I needed him so badly. His hand moved up my belly, pressing me down into the soft bed as he continued to lick me. The teasing was simply too much to bear. I pulled him toward me, begging with my eyes for him to enter me again with his cock.

He did not need to be asked twice, but this time he turned me backward again. I knew what he wanted, and I didn’t resist. He had my ass exposed fully, and with expert timing, drove his manhood deep into my tiny hole. I relaxed as he pounded me deeper and deeper, making sounds previously unheard of. I just lay still, as the more I relax, the more I feel comfortable and the less pain I feel. At one point, he went in so deep that I could feel him touching inside as his balls clattered against my ass cheeks.

He then withdrew and, turning me around, pinned me down onto the bed and drove his cock back into me as deeply as he could. My body shook as he worked his long shaft into me. I moaned with the delicious pleasure, yet still needed him in me even deeper. I pushed myself up and turned around, then offered my backside to him again. He took hold of my hips and drove his cock into me from behind, hitting me so deeply in my pussy I could only gasp. He pulled me toward him, then reached around and cupped my breasts. He held me to him, my back pressed against his chest, as he remained deep inside me.

We paused, taking a moment to breathe. Then he let go of me and I returned to all fours, this time wanting my glory hole pounded once more as I was just about ready to climax. He drove into me with everything he had, and I pushed back against him with equal force. Our bodies glistened in sweat. Our primal cries grew louder and louder. The bed shook. The morning was no longer quiet. The bedroom walls barely contained our passion as I  drew closer and closer to a final moment of pleasure. Then, it was upon me. I cried out as I came, my insides exploding in a sensation of pure bliss and electrified pleasure.

Now it was his turn. I moved over and once again took him in my mouth. I could feel his tension, his need to release. I sucked him harder and harder until he was so close I could feel it, then quickly climbed on top of him and straddled his leg. I faced away from him and held his cock tightly between my legs. I pumped him hard until I felt him explode in my hand, his body shaking quietly underneath me.  I went back down as always and took his cock in my mouth for a few ejaculations before I collapsed back onto his body.

We kissed deeply again, unable to keep from smiling at one another. Both knew what the other was thinking: it had certainly been worth the wait! Another thought was also running through my head: it was only morning; we still had the entire day to do it all again. And again.

Just a PSA from MH that going from anal to vaginal or oral sex can spread fecal germs that can cause infection. Better to use a condom during anal and remove it when transitioning to other positions.

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8 replies
  1. PacMan says:

    Not gonna lie, BJLove, this story you shared has aroused me deeply. My cock is so hard and I will be stroking myself next. Your words were electric! So many favorite lines…. but this one trigged my boner… “pulling sharply on my nipples until they stiffened under my touch.” Mmm

  2. Ben G. says:

    Bjlove, very hot story! My beautiful wife Gina is sitting here smiling at me with a mischievous grin as my dick is now rock hard after reading this. Think it's time for me and her make a little naughty noise. Thanks for inspiring and God bless!

  3. Horny_boy says:

    Omg, what a hot story… the way your husband fucked you on all fours is just so good! I think I understand a little bit how it feels, that yearning and longing, in your case, for the touch of your husband's cock. But for me, after almost three weeks of going without fapping and restraint from reading MH, I came so hard reading your story twice. I don't know how I managed to read the whole thing while edging. I still can feel my prostate twitching.
    Thank you so much, Bjlove.

    And that picture adds so much fun and inspiration to the story that, to be honest, I'm hard again. I guess I have to take matters into my own hand…

  4. Stevie says:

    Oh my! hot HOT, HOT!! Definitely has me wet! Thank you so much for sharing.
    The explosion after absence is such an amazing feeling!
    Definitely the taste of hard cock is the best for sure. Love it!

  5. JuicyForMyMan says:

    What a way to start a little overnight getaway with my man! I just read this in the car and now I can’t wait to get to our whirlpool room! I am so hot and wet!!

  6. Biglongnhard says:

    I know this feeling. Time away makes appreciation grow, hearts ache then.. together again deeper love, Commitment, faithfulness and patience. Galatians 5:22-23.
    I love my wife.

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