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It’s two more months until we get married. Two more months until my body is yours, and your body is mine. Until then, all I can do is look forward and imagine what it will be like when we finally get to have regular married sex.


You coming through the door after a long day at work, tired from all the decision-making and running around, but your eyes sparkle at the sight of me, your wife, readily waiting for you in the living room. I’m in nothing but a tiny thong and a white tank top (your favorite!) that can’t quite contain my flowing tits with its thin straps. I have my legs spread wide, and that’s precisely where your eyes lock.

You have a great view of my already wet pussy—which my thong doesn’t cover by much. And you can very much tell how soaked it is by how the tiny bit of cloth has become almost translucent, besides the glistening bits in my trimmed bush that you want me to keep. But you knew that I’m hot and horny for you anyway from the naughty text message I sent you earlier in the day telling you how much I miss your cock in me.

You’ve always said that you’re never too tired for sex and how nothing relaxes you better than a good fuck. So you immediately come over, kneel, grab my boobs, and give me a deep kiss.

“I smell sweaty. Maybe I should take a shower first,” you say.

I stop you from even standing, though. “I like it when you smell like this. It’s very manly, ” I say with a purr.

You know how much I need this. Taking off my top, you start kissing me down my chest. Then you grab both my tits and bring them together, hungrily lapping at my nipples and flicking at their hardness. You put as much as you can of my right boob in your mouth and suck hungrily, wetting it with your saliva. My left breast is not without attention as your hand fondles it and plays with the nipple. Next, your mouth and hand exchange positions, and I almost melt into a puddle with the pleasure of it all. You’re incredibly turned on by my moans and how I say your name—just the way you like it.

After some time, you look down at my thong drenched in pussy juice.

“Please eat my pussy, ” I beg.

But you’d like to take your time. You bundle my thong in between so that it looks like my pussy lips are eating it up, and you stare at the beauty of it.

“I can’t believe this pussy is now mine,” you say.

“It’s all yours. Yours alone, my love,” I respond.

You then grab the waistband of my thong and pull it up so that the fabric rubs very hard against my clit and inner lips.

“AHHHHHHHH!!!” I scream. It hits the right spot, and I squirm on my seat in so much pleasure.

“Rub against your thong, babe. Imagine that it’s my tongue or my finger working on your pussy,” you instruct.

I go ahead and hump the air, rubbing my pussy against the thong as you continue to pull it up and then release it with a certain rhythm.

“Oh my gosh, this feels so good, babe!!! Please don’t stop!!!” I shout in utmost delight.

You take it as a signal that you’re doing an excellent job, so you continue to use one hand to pleasure my pussy with my thong while playing with my boobs with the other.

I keep rubbing and humping, struggling to find my balance as I try to hold on to the sofa. You remove your hand briefly from my tits, spit on it, and then wet my pussy with your saliva.

That takes me to the edge, and I scream, “FUUUUUCK, I’M CUMMING BABE!!!” You continue toying with my pussy as each bit of friction brings more pleasure to my orgasm.

I’m spent, but you’re just getting started, so you stand up in front of me and strip off your clothes. Your cock stands erect, so stiff that it could almost poke my eye. I’m keen to return the favor you’ve just given me, so I lick the tip of your cock and play with it.

“PLEASE SUCK MY COCK, BABE,” you almost scream in command.

And I do. I take the length of your cock in my mouth and suck it like my favorite lolly. As I have my way with your cock, you grab my hair into a ponytail and ask me to look into your eyes. I giggle slightly, knowing that this has long been your fantasy—something you shared with me during our engagement. I try to play with my clit, but you stop me and grab my hands, placing them on your balls. I know just what you want, so I play with them, drawing out even deeper moans from you. Your grunts get louder and louder, and I know what’s to come—or should I say cum 😉

“I’m gonna cum soon!!!” you shout in warning, as I’d typically have you cum on my tits when in this position. I surprise you, though, as my mouth doesn’t leave your cock, and I look at you with a signal to go on and cum. You spurt your semen in my mouth, and I take all of it in. I swallow your juice, even licking some leftovers off my lips.

“Wow! Good girl,” you say as you flop down beside me. All the action made me hornier, though. So I wiggle out of my thong and start playing with your cock again.

“It’s your turn, babe,” you say as you lay down on the sofa and instruct me to climb on top of you. I’m so ready to be fucked. But you’re still recovering, so you grab my ass and guide me towards your mouth. I smile; we haven’t done this in a while.

Upon seeing me beaming and getting excited, you say, “Go ahead, babe. Fuck my mouth like there’s no tomorrow.”

I spread my pussy lips and position my clit just on the tip of your nose. “Babe, please make your tongue hard. I want you to fuck me with your tongue,” I beg you. And you do as I say, making your tongue hard and licking my pussy with it.

I hump your face with all abandon, pausing now and then to feel the pleasure when you poke my hole with your tongue. Your hands grab my ass and push me even closer to your mouth. It makes me even hornier (as if I could be even hornier!), and I go faster with my pussy humping your face. I have to grab on to the armrest for support as I become a wild woman eager for my release.

“I’m going to cum soon, babe!!” I shout.

To my surprise, you abruptly stop. “Nope, I want you to cum when I’m inside you,” you say as you ease your way out from under me. I groan and lie back in defeat, though deep inside, I’m turned on by this edging and waiting.

You make me lie down on the sofa and, with one hand, pin my arms above my head. Slowly, you lay your body on top of me, and I moan in so much pleasure. I have craved this weight on me since early this afternoon. You guide your cock towards my pussy, rubbing it outside and making the tip even wetter with my pussy juice.

“Please fuck me now!!” I beg, arching my back and trying to push my pussy towards you.

You hold my body down and slowly enter me with your dick. I moan loudly. This is what I’ve wanted since we had sex two nights back! You go deep and fill my entire pussy, as you usually like doing with the first penetration.

“Don’t cum yet,” you instruct, and it takes all of my strength not to cum right then and there. You pull your cock out a little, leaving the head in, and then you speedily ram it back into my pussy.

It gets me even more soaked, and as you do it again, I scream, “I need to cum now!! Fuuuuuccckkkkk!!!” And I cum, just in time, with you pushing your cock deep and hard into my pussy. I love the feeling of it—getting to cum while you’re inside me. I remember how much I’ve longed for this moment when we were in our engagement season, and I thank God that it has now become a reality.

You watch me reach my orgasm, and just as I am coming down from the heights, you pull out and thrust back into my pussy. You give it to me repeatedly, accompanied by your grunts and moans, and I can see that you’re also keen to finally cum inside me.

I try to help you by meeting your thrusts and by talking dirty to you, “Fuck me harder, babe. Harder and faster!!”

You heed my request and hump me even faster, overcome with so much desire for your wife! As you fuck me, you grab one of my tits and stuff it in your mouth, sucking it like there’s no tomorrow. With your other hand, you hang onto my other boob as if for dear life.

You seem to be an expert in multi-tasking because as you continue fucking me, you flick your tongue on my nipple. It drives me crazy and makes my pussy juice up again. I grab your ass and push you deeper inside me.

“Please babe, make me cum! Let’s cum together!” I say.

You release my boob and tell me, “You have to beg for it.”

And so I do. “PLEASE FUCK ME, BABE. MAKE ME CUM WITH THAT HARD DICK OF YOURS!!” I shout, knowing what to say to take you to the edge.

“Is this what you want? Do you want me to fuck this pussy hard?” you ask as you continue fucking me, which I’m sure will make me sore tomorrow.

“YES BABE. PLEASE FUCK YOUR WIFE!! I WANT TO CUM WITH YOU”, I scream back. I know that this drives you wild because you fuck my pussy like there’s no stopping you.

“I’M CUMMING, BABY!!!” you shout. And I feel your cock twitch inside of me, signaling your imminent orgasm. I let go as well, and we cum together—husband and wife—your cock inside me, filling my pussy with a mixture of your juice and mine.

Tired, you fall on top of me, motionless and breathing heavily. Then you give me a peck on the lips.

“I love being your husband,” you say.

“I love you being your wife, too,” I respond. You lie on your side and position me in front of you for some cuddling. We squeeze our bodies together to fit on the sofa.

“When we were still dating, was this how you imagined our sex life when we got married?” you ask.

“Honestly, YES!” I respond with some laughter.

“Really now?” you say, pinching my butt cutely.

“Well, it’s what I hoped for. And it was kind of a giveaway that you’d get so hot and naughty, touching me everywhere when we used to dry hump in your apartment,” I respond.

“Well, I’m sure glad we’re married now and can do soooo much more than that. I had lots of soaked jeans and boxers back then!” And we share a laugh as we cuddle into the night.


Yes, that’s definitely how I would like for us to fuck. For now, I’ll be content with enjoying the pleasures of playing with my clit, and our orgasmic dry humps now and then 😉

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  1. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    Congrats on your upcoming nuptials. Thank you for the story. Sounds like you want to be verbal while having sex, bravo! I wish you all the best and that your sex life can be just as hot and even hotter then what you described here.

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