Wife Masturbates First Time

Light Switch

He never knew exactly when it was going to happen.  There was never any warning or inclination.  No set up at all, no…foreplay, if you will.  Sometimes it would just be her laugh, the way she would smile.  The smell of her perfume as she got ready for Church.  Maybe she was putting dinner away or just sitting there on the couch watching TV.

It would hit him like a truck though.  One second sex would be the furthest thing from his mind then the next his pants were suddenly too restraining.  The wave would just rush over him.  His toes would begin to twitch, his mouth would water and sometimes his head would get a little dizzy as the other head got a rush.

Sometimes she would notice, but that’s because he made it obvious.  She was clueless unless he spelled it out for her.  He’d stare to long or purposefully stammer while talking to her.  A flick or a gaze in her special spots.  A handful of a tit or her pussy.  A heated kiss or he’d let his verbal side take over and tell her what to do and like the good submissive she was, she’d listen.

But there would be times her women’s intuition would catch on—he loved those moments, and other times it was just blatantly obvious.  It’s really hard to hide a hard on through sweats or a birthday suit.

But she always knew how to turn him on like a light switch.  Whether it was a flick of her finger or she pushed a certain button, his wife could set the light off without even saying a word.

This was one of those special times one with “easy access” as he liked to call it because she was naked.  That’s what had set him off, the fact she was getting undressed for the day.  He thought back to when they first got married and he had convinced her they should sleep naked instead of wearing pajamas or little clothes because there was always a 50/50 chance that something was going to happen.  She laughed with him and agreed.  Ever since then they slept in their birthday suits.

Her shirt came off first.  She did that arm cross thing girls do to take off a shirt.  He didn’t know why but he had always found that sexy.  Her cute pink bra held up her large breast.  He didn’t even realize he was holding his breath as she took it off.

She flipped her long red hair forward as she reached behind and unhooked herself.  A small hiss left his mouth as she took it off and her twins rolled out of their sleepy bed.  They hung over as she bent down with her waist bands in her hands and took off her pants and underwear in one fell swoop.

Boom! And just like that, an ever day routine of hers had him wired like a suicide bomber.  He was ready to blow, whether that’d be in her or on her; he’d decide that when the time came.

She walked off down the hall to their bathroom.  As soon as the bathroom light clicked on he was out of the bed feeling the satisfaction of his hard cock bounce with excitement.  He crept down the hall as quiet as a mouse.  He knew exactly where to hide so as soon as she turned the bathroom light off so she wouldn’t be able to see him.

His heart was already racing as his prey flushed the toilet.  There was a moment pause before the light shut off and he crouched down ready to spring the moment she walked by.

He always joked with her that all she did was stomp through the house so as he knew exactly where she was as he heard her before he saw her pale skin in the dark.  She lit up like the sun while he blended in with the night.  He leapt at her hearing her give a terrified shriek as he wrapped his arms around her and pinned her against the wall.

At she first she was mad letting the Christian side of slide as she gave him some choice words.  But then she felt his hot, slightly sticking, hard on tight against her ass and all anger melted away.

Before she could even react his hands were where they wanted to be.  He grabbed her smaller breast because one was a little smaller than the other and twisted the nipple tugging as he twisted back and forth.  His hand, which he had licked a few fingers, was down on her freshly cleaned pussy.  She hadn’t been wet since she had just wiped herself but the moment those slick fingers slide inside her the flood gates opened.

She could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck making her skin crawl.  His cock was an inferno rested between her thick ass cheeks.  Her moans were loud and infectious as he took her from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds.  Within a couple of minutes, she climaxed hard on his fingers.  He had been poking and rubbing her G-spot until she squirted right into the palm of his hand.

It wasn’t much but it was just right for him.  Now he had no doubt he would slide in with no problem.  Before she even had time to come down from that peak, he flipped her around and slammed her back against the wall.  She never knew how he maneuvered her with such ease. Maybe it was the fact he was so demanding or because she was a true submissive at heart, or both, but he always knew where to position them.

While he slammed her back down he was always careful never to hurt her unless it was a part of their play.  She knew her word but in this moment it was just a straight fucking.  He wanted her now and she was only happy to oblige.

The moment her back was against the wall he was inside her.  The sudden envelopment of her warm wet pussy smothering his cock made him let out a groan with pleasure.

The moment was so swift, he was inside her so quick, that it caused her to cry out his name as she let out a deep and incestuous moan.  She wrapped her arms around his neck as he grabbed and lifted one of her legs and held onto her.

There was no warm up anymore.  He went hard, each pound more unforgiving than the last.  She screamed with each push and moaned at each reload.  She was glad he held her because she felt like jelly.  She molded into her lover as she continued to pound her.  His teeth were on her neck as he continued to move his hips with precision.

The bite was powerful and the sucking felt great as he began to leave her a hickey.  He moaned as her nipples grazed his chest with each slap of their hips. Her hair became a mess as the wall clung to the back of her head from the electricity of their bodies connecting.

Her legs began to tremble.  From the tips of the toes that curled on the floor and all the way to her tingling wet pussy her orgasm continued to escalate.

“Ah-ah-ooooh! OOOOOOH!” she cried.  “Don’t stop! Oh! Don’t stop, Daddy! I’m about to—” ‘Cum’ didn’t even leave her mouth as she finally couldn’t hold it anymore.  Her pussy gushed on her husband’s cock as the ripples tore through her body.

He let her go and the same quivers took her down to her knees.  She shook with pleasure.  A small smile on her face as the last of her juices splashed onto her legs.

“Look up, Princess,” he said.  She did on command and she knew what to do.  Before she even saw it her man’s cock was in her mouth.  She tasted every last drop she had spilled on him.  To her the mixture of them tasted like no other.  A balanced treat God had predestined long before they met and a treat she thoroughly enjoyed.

He was already near his peak.  He held it just for her since he had decided to finish on her.  The moment her lips wrapped around his sopping wet cock he almost lost it.  She moaned hungrily as she snapped it up.  Her head bobbed back and forth with her hand as a few fingers wrapped around and slid up and down his shaft.

Her grip was tight but open enough to smoothly slide on her saliva.  Her lips were pursed to perfection and as smooth as her fingers.  He felt like he was buried deep in her still but he didn’t have to move.  He knew she loved it when he played with her while she sucked him off.  The moment his fingers got lost in all that red hair she moaned louder than when she first started.

She felt hot all over, two climaxes weren’t enough for her.  Her free hand found itself back at the nipple he had had been pleasing earlier.  It twisted and tugged as she took his dick out of her mouth and gave it a long hard lick up the shaft.  She shoved that dick she loved back down her throat smiling as much as she could when he let out a loud moan.

She was burning with so much passion she just knew she had to cum with her husband so her hand left her tit sore and wanting and went to satisfy the craving between her legs.

When he saw his wife strumming her pussy his heads swelled.  It was a lot more than he expected.  Like a rush of mighty wind his cock filled with his seed.  He groaned as he held it wanting it to be a little more powerful, but she was ready.  She felt the twitch of his head and the engorgement of his rod.

She pulled her mouth off and just kept stroking her man at breakneck speed.  She was almost there herself and sped up the circulation on her clit which made her legs tremble.

“Mmmmh! Come on, Daddy!  Give it to me!  Let me feel that hot cum on my face!”

“Princess,” he groaned.  “GAAAAH!” he cried as he started cumming.

“Ah!” she cried excitedly when the first spurt landed on her cheek.  She opened her mouth back up and aimed the rest in.  She rubbed her hand on his shaft milking it all out.  It was hard for her to focus as she herself gushed on the floor.  Her hand smoothing out her swollen lips as she finished.

He could barely stand because he was spent.  He had been drained but his wife still held onto his hard cock.  She gulped down what was in her mouth.  Then took her finger and wiped off what was on her face and licked that up.

Before he could move she wrapped her pretty pink lips over his dark cock again.  He hissed in a whirlwind of pleasures as the tip of his head was extremely sensitive now.  He felt the last of his cum leave the tip as she swallowed it down.  With a ‘pop’ she pulled him out.  With one last good lick on the shaft and a flick of her tongue on the head, she stood up.

“You good now?” she asked as she wrapped her arms around him.

“Very,” he said before they kissed.  She moaned in his mouth before pulling him back into the room.

With a flick of the switch she turned the lights out.

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  1. Christian says:

    This is by far the most well written, sexually intense but beautifully crafted erotic story I've ever read on this site!
    Reminds me of thoughts of my wife sonthat may he part of it, but I almost want to save it and keep it because it is so beautiful.

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