Through the Day

One…two…three…Click-click, as I hit ‘3’ on my scanner and enter my count in. The strain of my OP as it rises to the next bin.  My thumb already weary from the controls and it’s only been an hour since my shift started.

Okay this one has four–

Please fuck me! I hear you clearly say in my head.  I can feel your hands gripping my afro tightly.  Your mouth says to stick it in but your hands push my mouth further into your clit.

Four times my tongue has made you climax.  You want more but you’re not sure which ‘more’ you want.

I blink.  I’m just staring at my scanner.  Little time has passed but thinking of you is always my forever.  I recount the bin.  My numbers sound off that familiar click and my tired OP screams as I head up again. This one has some items in the back.  Shuffling a few of them around I lean in and feel the tug of my harness on my back.

My back. Your nails. Raking into them as I lay on top of you.  The little bit of saliva you leave on my lips as we part.  You gasp when we’re done and you see the welts you leave on my back.

Twelve.  That’s how many items.  Click-click. I slide back feeling the release of my harness. Much like the release you must feel when I unwind my hand from your hair.  My cock slams in way behind you.  My hips smacking against your ass.  You lay your head down easing the muscles in your neck but thankful for the tug because it reassures you I’m always behind you and that you’ll be safe in my arms.

Like I’m safe up in the air on my OP.  I quickly fix the tangled mess in my pants feeling a drip of my own pre-cum kiss my left leg.  I’m not a rock but I’m not soft either.

Break time.

A message from you that says, “I love you Stud Muffin.”

We talk and as I head back I see that picture of you that I have on my phone.  Giving me that look and your chest is popping out because of your corset you have on. It sends heat through my body before I put the phone back in my locker.

More counting and I swear I can hear your moans.  I feel the heat of your breath on my neck.  My cock, your pussy.  They reach a temperature only we know.  Cooled only by your succulent juices.

Lunch…what the heck have I counted for the last two hours?

I text you and you ask me how I’m doing.  Sometimes I tell you what’s on my mind, sometimes I don’t.  Today is one of those days the memories of you are my dirty little secret.

Back to counting.

But those bins fade away as I fade into you.  My hips buck up into you and you throw your head back.  Your long luscious hair falls on your back and then tickles my balls as you lean back.  Your hands support you as they hold onto my legs.   Your tits, large and so soft bounce up and down. I love watching you as you sit on your throne. Your pussy juices soak me and you slip and slide all around.   My hands grab hold of your hips and I dig up deeper into you.   You scream as you slap your hands on my chest and your nails dig in.  You pinch my nipples waiting to hear the hiss come through my teeth as I smack your ass.  Your whole body freezes except your mouth as you open it up to do that silent moan you do as you climax. Always so intense you can’t even make a sound.

Another break. Luckily this warehouse is big because it gives me a chance to calm the heck down as I drive back to park my OP. I smile to myself as I give you compliments making you feel special because you are.  You’re my everything, my always.  I can’t even picture life without you.  I tell you I love you, call you Pudding lips; my nickname for your sweet slit you reserve only for me and head back out to my OP.

The last two hours are a breeze. Flash after flash.   And I mean you and your delicious chest.  My mouth is on your nipples, your hand in my hair.  My fingers slid in and out of your slit.  You’re so soft and wet.  Your heat sends fire through my whole body. You’re on your knees, that look in your eyes.  Your tiny pink lips wrap around your favorite piece of chocolate.  Your mouth is so warm, your tongue is laced with hungry lubricant just for me.  Your hand looks so small next to my cock as you stroke as you slide up and down.  My toes curl, my legs shake.  My hand plays with your hair and you moan as you take me all the way back to your throat.  You give me a small little gag before you slide back.  I grip your hair in my left hand and make you look up to me as you try to put me back in your mouth.  I  lean down to kiss you and the two of us moan into each other’s mouths as you keep stroking me.

I pull you back and you hungrily throw me back into your mouth.  You open your throat so you can just keep going all the way until your bottom lip brushes the tip of my balls.  I’m losing it. My head is spinning as I watch your breast heave as you continue to hungrily swallow me.  So warm, so smooth, so hot. I close my eyes and my nose crinkles as I try to hold it.  You pull me out and you’re stroking me as you spread your special lube everywhere.

“Are you going to cum, Daddy?” you ask me obviously looking at my face.  I feel you breath out on my cock as you open your mouth ready to receive my seed. I ‘m about to blow it everywhere.  My head is primed and I can’t hold it any longer.

5:20.   Time to get ready to clock out.  I park my OP and finally feel my cock rest itself now that my thoughts of you are hidden again.  My left leg is a little sticky but that’s nothing new.  I reach the time clock and scan my badge and head to grab my stuff. I go through the front gates and see you sitting there waiting for me.  You’re clothed, but that can change. I’m just thankful that my thoughts of you have gotten me through another monotonous day.

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  1. Upcomingauthor
    Upcomingauthor says:

    Order Picker–a type of Pit machine. Sorry, I live in the world of Acronyms at my job and sometimes forget that the rest of the world doesn't know them 🤣🤣

  2. Ilvmywife69
    Ilvmywife69 says:

    I can totally relate to this story. Many times I have had thoughts, memories, and fantasies rolling through my head while going through the day. Great writing, thanks for sharing.

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