The Ultimate Gift

As he awoke laying in his bed, he heard the shower from the master bath. He knew his beautiful wife was soaping up her body and getting herself perfectly smooth.  While lying there naked, he listened intently, thinking about her taut body all wet, clean, and smooth.  Hearing the water stop, he imagined her drying off her wet body. She would soon step into the doorway and be in his sight.  He had her morning routine memorized. As she stepped in front of the vanity he could see her hair swept up in one towel and her luscious body wrapped in another, preventing him from seeing her in all of her natural beauty, just the way God made her.  Even the simple act of watching her doing her morning routine of fixing her make-up and hair stirred his loins.  Soon the towel fell to the floor revealing her incredibly fit body. They had been married for 32 years and both had maintained their physical fitness. The many hours she spent in Zumba and deadlifts were quite evident as he peered at her bare ass. Her booty—mmm—was always in the front his thoughts.  Yes, he is an ass man; not just any ass, but hers!  He had fantasized many of hours of all things anal with her.  She, on the other hand, was very hesitant to even allow his touch to her rosebud.

Their marriage was one built on deep love and trust. He always loved to surprise her with romantic gestures, written stories and gifts. Their love for each other was equal, but he was the one who usually made the romantic gestures. He was always pleasantly surprised when she went out of her way to surprise him back. Yes, she knew he was the romantic one, but she also knew he had a kinky side. In the back of his mind he always wondered if there was one forbidden gift she would give him one day. That would be the ultimate gift for him.

As he laid there thinking about that ass, his dick was getting hard.  He reached for some lube from the bedside table and started to rub his shaft up and down, stroking himself slowly as he watched that butt wiggle back and forth.  When she did her morning prep her booty wiggled back and forth as she brushed her hair and put on her blush.  She dropped the towel from her head and bent over sticking that amazing ass out the door of their master bath and that sight became too much for him to handle. He got up walked up behind her, wrapped his arm around her and pulled her booty tight against his stiff cock. Her twin globes wrapped around his manhood.  As his hands found their way to her breasts he started to kiss the back of her neck. He released one breast to reach lower for her freshly shaven pussy.  She sighed a little, “Mmm….is someone horny?”

He turned her around all the while keeping his hardness between her globes. He walked her toward the bed and bent her over the edge of the firm mattress.  Showering kisses over her lower back, he slowly worked his way down to her twin cheeks.  He knelt down to worship her ass nibbling and kissing each side.  Alternating between love bites and kisses on each one, he wanted to make sure that both cheeks got equal attention.  While his mouth was paying close attention to her butt, his hands started to explore.  One hand caressed her back and butt while the other hand reached between her legs trying to spread them open giving him more access to what he desired between her cheeks.  That one thing he had dared to touch a few times, but had never tasted or entered, was her beautiful rosebud, the last uncharted territory of their 32 years of marriage.  In the past year, she had only let him touch, once or twice and letting his finger rim her.  Full anal was always off the table and not even a subject of discussion.  As he continued his assault, she wiggled that booty enticing him. She knew that he was obsessed with her ass.  He used his knees to spread her legs just enough that his hand was able to reach up and touch her freshly shaven smooth lips and allow a direct view between her cheeks.  He was getting so horny that he tried something different. He pushed his face between her globes and tried to touch her rosebud with his tongue, but it was difficult.

Sensing her love wanted more, she crawled up on the bed on all fours, spread her legs, and gave him his virgin view of her forbidden rosebud. He paused as he memorized every wrinkle. He knew he may never have a view this close again.  He could see her pussy lips open and with her sweet nectar puddling.  He so wanted to dive right in tongue first, but he was hesitant; he didn’t want to give up this erotic view.  Was she teasing him? Did she realize the effect she had on him? His cock was swelling to epic proportions. She had never allowed this. This was a completely new frontier. He cautiously sidetracked his intended goal and decided to go for her moist lips instead.  He inserted a single finger into her pussy while licking her moist lips.  Moaning in pleasure she quickly came all over his fingers. Without stopping his thrusting fingers, he slid his tongue toward her illicit rosebud. She did not protest as he expected, so he started his oral attack. Her response surprised him as she pushed herself into his face. He reached his other hand around the front of her legs and pulled her in even tighter.  Then out of nowhere, she came again.

Wow! That was her first anal stimulation orgasm.  His rigid cock was so painfully hard that he was about to explode.  He pulled his finger out of her slippery pussy dragging some of her girl cum up to her rosebud and started to rim her with his finger.  As his finger worked on relaxing her anal ring, he covered her back with kisses. She began to relax and even enjoyed the rimming of her ass. He wanted to know what that ass would feel like wrapped around his finger, so he started to push in a little. Her sphincter loosened and his finger slowly slid past the tight entrance. The feeling was exquisite, so velvety soft and so very snug.  She did not pull away.  Not wanting to rush anything, but not wanting this intimate lovemaking to stop, he opted to change positions.

He slowly removed his finger from its tight new hole and rolled her to her back as he worked up to her lips, and they began to kiss passionately. As he placed his leg between hers, she wrapped both her legs around his and pulled herself tight pressing her wet and throbbing pussy against his leg. Her nails dug into his back as she arched and came again.  Once she released his legs, he kissed his way down her body until his face was again between her legs.  He brought a hand down and placed his fingers in her dripping swollen pussy lubing up his fingers for another chance to get inside her tight butt.  He scooped lube from her pussy and placed his slippery finger to her rosebud and began to push his finger into her tight butt. This time it went in much quicker. His tongue continued to dance all over her pussy and clit.  She always loved his skills as an oral lover.  She could cum and cum again.  This time was different. She had a finger in her butt, something she never felt before. She wasn’t stopping him—in fact, she was loving it.

He could tell that she was soon approaching another orgasm, but this one was different than the previous three.  This was a whole body orgasm.  Her body was writhing and her back arching.  He grabbed her clit between his lips and started to suck. She gasped and moaned and cried out as cum gushed out of her onto his face. He desperately tried to catch it all without wasting a drop.  As she fell back on the bed trying to catch her breath, her body quivering from the intense orgasm, he slipped his finger out of her butt. She gasped and her body twitched with aftershocks.  He moved up her twitching body like a hungry lion hunting a young gazelle. With just one thrust he entered her fully and forcefully. They both felt the head of his hard-on push against her cervix. They both let out a moan of pleasure. He thrusted hard and fast. She quickly met each of his thrusts with her own (love Zumba).  They weren’t making love; they were fucking. Not just any ordinary fucking. This was passionate, married, hard fucking. He couldn’t get enough of his spouse fucking him.

He pulled back and flipped her on her hands and knees, fully exposed her pussy. Her lips were full and dripping with her cum; her rosebud shiny with her natural lube. He plunged deep into pussy again and continued to vigorously pound her from behind.  When he slapped her ass hard, she squealed with excitement, and he rubbed the red handprint that had left.  His hand drifted between her cheeks and his thumb found her anal entrance.  With little pressure, it found its way in.  He was moving his thumb in and out of her ass with the rhythm of each of his thrusts.  He could feel his hard cock between the thin membranes that separated her pussy and ass. This nearly drove him to cum on the spot.

He dared to think this might be the gift he had desired for so many years—that she was giving herself completely to his desire or maybe this was all a dream.  He thought…well if it was all a dream then it wouldn’t matter if he tried to fulfill his ultimate dream.  He pulled out her dripping pussy, her rosebud was relaxed from his thumb working in and out it. He lined up his well-lubed cock and placed the head at the entrance of her virgin ass and began to very gently push forward…

He awoke, groggy from the invigorating night’s sleep. He could hear his wife in the master bath. As his eyes cleared he look up to see his naked wife wiggling her butt at the vanity doing her morning prep. She heard her loving husband awaken and said, “That must have been a good dream!” His hand rested on his semi-hard dick, sticky with cum.  He smiled and felt content, always hopeful that someday his dreams will cum true!

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