Six Times a Lady — Part 1

It doesn’t take long for the house to plunge into darkness once again, almost like clockwork. I wait for the clock to strike eleven and it does, eventually. The home of my husband’s parents is clean and wholesome and sweet, every wall lined with homemade quilts and craft and cross-stitch. Scenes of the Nativity quotes from the Bible. They’re a Good Christian Family. And my husband is their beloved firstborn son — handsome, responsible, dutiful.

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…

I feel about for that now-familiar lipstick shape. Feel the slant of the tip and the rounded point edge. My finger finds the raise of the button on the base, and I press and hold. The small ripple tells me that my lovely, my toy has come to life. Good.

My husband’s father is a kind Christian man. He wasn’t always so. He was a strict Christian parent, a dutiful Christian parent, a patriarchal, harsh one. The thing they don’t tell you when you marry the man you know God has given you… when you do the right thing and abstain from tumbling under the sheets, from “trying out the goods” and feeling the length of the man you must marry brush your cunt just so

The thing they don’t say, after a lifetime of telling us all that men Cannot Control Their Urges… that it is the duty of women to dress modestly because Men Are Visual and Let’s Help Them Not Sin… After a lifetime of training us all to believe that our men are perpetually horny and must be pleased as we women lie back and think of England and try to enjoy ourselves night after night after night after night so we don’t cause our men to wander, to sin…

You marry the myth and return home to a boy who, like you, have been taught nothing about sex except almost to fear that it’ll cause you to sin at every turn.

We’ve been married thirteen years. I’ve never had an orgasm until a week ago when this little toy came into my life. And now I climax every night and think of my good Christian husband who happened to marry a faithful Christian wife who happens to love sex twenty times more than he fears it.

They never told me it’d be this way.

My husband’s father is a kind Christian man. But here I am on Christmas Day, in the same room as my husband, but lying on a separate single bed. That is the room they gave us, and we lie side by side like siblings. For two weeks. My father-in-law can’t even allude to adultery, let alone talk about sex. Let alone hear it.

What he would do if he knew that I am in this room with the most powerful bullet vibe I could find pressed on my clit. It is whisper-quiet, the box had said. I switch to the mode that goes in waves, and immediately I feel myself starting to build and crest. Each wave, each increasing rumble on my clit edges me closer to something.

I switch the mode on my vibe now and bring the rumbles to their most intense and buzzy peak. My body almost jumps when it grazes my most sensitive tip, but now it’s too easy to slip a finger inside me. My husband is still asleep in the other bed and doesn’t hear a sound when I slip another long, slender finger in. I raise my impossibly slim, long legs, so they stretch towards the ceiling in a V, and as I pound my fingers into myself faster, faster, I imagine his cock inside me doing the very same. My fingers are suddenly coated with a small gush, and I’ve squirted myself for the second time this week. But before I can think of the pristine white sheets wrapping the chaste little bed on which I lie, now slowly dampening with the unmistakable fragrance of my deepest want… I come. My mouth opens into the night in a silent scream as my hands, my fingers — now all three, now a fourth — pound into my cunt over and over and over and over as the rumbles of my bullet send me into a crashing, almighty release that lasts for ten, eleven, twelve, twenty seconds. My mind blanks, the sound of the vibe now loud as my juices splutter against it obscenely. Don’t stop, please don’t stop…

Merry Christmas, one and all, I think to myself as I float back down to earth, my legs soft, my cunt warm and happy.

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  1. Still Going Strong
    Still Going Strong says:

    While I rejoice with you that you have masturbated to climax, I am saddened that you have not yet been able to enjoy the oneness that comes with loving sex with your husband and the joy of sharing each other's orgasms. I thank God for the wonderful relationship I have with my wife. Please don't give up on loving him, it's worth the struggle.

  2. possibility
    possibility says:

    OPR, Whilst it is good to be able to give yourself the enjoyment it obviously craves both with your fingers and your bullet it is sad that your husband seems unable to sense what a very horny and passionate wife he has. Could you tempt him perhaps by going up to bed earlier than him and (assuming the house is empty of other family members) really go to town on yourself by masturbating and moaning in ecstasy loudly so he hears it. Hopefully he will enter the bedroom and see his lovely wife with your legs open stimulating your body in general and your beautiful cunt. You could beg him to strip off his clothes and say "please make love to me with your hard cock in my juicy cunt" Something similar happened to me years ago with my wife as I went upstairs when I heard her moaning in pleasure. I do hope you two get it more together soon and are able to enjoy God's wonderful gift of sex soon. I'll pray for you both that you may know sexual ecstasy together very soon. God bless.

  3. PacMan
    PacMan says:

    I loved this post. It seems like an authentic real slice of life. It just so happens that it’s a slice from a woman who is awakening to the joys of orgasms! It’s like the the first loop of a roller coaster! Weeee! I don’t think you meant this to be sad, right? I’m not reading this like the other commenters. I have had times where I needed to get off next to my sleeping wife, and it isn’t disparaging toward her. Sometimes solo is perfect. In that vain, this post is beautiful. Honestly, gave me a hard on reading it. I might even indulge in some solo time myself. Question: Do you have experience with masturbation… just not to completion? Or is this the first week you really explored your own body? Do you share your awakening with your husband? ** Can’t wait til Part 2!!

  4. LoveSexFitness90
    LoveSexFitness90 says:

    Hey everybody, this might be a dumb question honestly..but for some reason I have this small thought that women dont love sex as much as men do?? Is this true or something that I am just worried or stressing over nothing?? And if God knows how my sex drive is then do I need to be worried that He wont send me a spouse that matches that as wel as personality of course

  5. PatientPassion
    PatientPassion says:

    LoveSexFitness, I think the views of which gender desires and/or enjoys sex more has changed with time. I don't recall where I saw this exactly, but I believe the leadership of the Catholic Church several hundred years ago was convinced that women were the ones with the insatiable sex drives. These days, the common opinion seems to be that men have taken that place.

    My view is that everyone is different in their sex drives, but men generally have the higher libido. Sexuality has been such a sensitive topic for so long that it has become either perverted or suppressed in many people. I think that suppression carries over from single life into marriages far too often. Many of us very rarely, if ever, heard our parents talk about sex except to say "Don't do it until you're married." We might have learned the very basic mechanics, but nothing about the beauty and fulfillment of sexuality when expressed within marriage. Because we never heard about the positive parts, so many of us subconsciously get the idea that sex is dirty, and that even though it's okay when you're married, it should still be avoided for the most part. This in turn reduces our enjoyment of it when it does happen because we can't completely relax and feel the beauty and intimacy of the experience.

    Why do I mention all this? Because I think many Christian women have received an even greater dose of this suppression than men. Christian women are almost universally taught to dress modestly so that men don't lust after them and sin. This is usually appropriate, but imbalanced because they are never shown the other side and taught to embrace their sexuality freely and without reservation once they are married. In my mind, what all this means is that while women might have lower sex drives generally, it is largely due to artificial suppression. I believe that with some loving discussion, time and coaxing, just about any woman can have her sexuality awoken and develop a good sex drive even if it's not there initially. Of course there will be certain predispositions and limitations with every person, but I believe that even if a woman starts out with a relatively low sex drive, a stronger one can be cultivated in almost every case.

    A key idea to keep in mind is that women are all different, and the one God will send you could be anywhere on the sex drive spectrum from low to high. But remember that even if she has a drive lower than you hope, it can probably be increased through loving, patient cultivation. And to address the "enjoyment" factor you mentioned, it will always help your future wife enjoy sex more if you know what you're doing. Research all of the main pleasure spots, exactly where they are and how to most pleasurably stimulate them. Again, every woman is different in what she enjoys, but you can get through much of the learning curve ahead of time by learning the basics.

    And always remember, even if your sex drives are drastically mismatched at first, God still brought you two together for a reason, and He will likely use that difference as a point of growth for both of you. It would teach you how to be patient with her, and teach her how to love and serve you better. (On another note, if sex is an important part of marriage to you, then as awkward as it might be, I suggest discussing the issue with her to ensure compatibility or at least make a loving commitment to work on that issue together once married. I know I will be having discussions like this with my future wife before marrying her.)

    I didn't mean to turn this into a novel, but I like to explain things as thoroughly as I can. I hope it helps!

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