Night Away

After a nice dinner we returned to the hotel room, she purposefully went directly to her luggage and moved swiftly into the bathroom to freshen up. I slipped out of my clothes, poured us each a glass our our favorite red wine and slid into our king bed in just my electric blue boxer briefs. I dimmed the lights and said a prayer thanking God for the gift of my wife and our nice evening.

As I reached to the end table to have a sip of my wine, my gorgeous, sexy bride sauntered out of the bathroom in her silk black teddy. As she walked toward the bed, I could see her pink Victoria Secret bra peeking through the spaghetti straps of her outfit. As my eyes moved down her body, I caught a glimpse of lower part of her ass covered by her matching pink panties. My cock twitched as I thought of playing with her cute little ass!

She jumped into bed with a disappointed grin and whispered, you took your shirt off, I was looking forward to ripping it off you… I immediately grabbed her and pulled her onto me.

She immediately began grinding her damp love pocket on my now hardening cock. We embraced and our tongues met as we melted into each other. With a final plunge of my tongue into her mouth, I pulled away with a suck and nibble of her bottom lip. I flipped her on her back and removed her pink boy shorts. Her pussy already wet I guided my rock hard cock to her moist love hole. As I pressed the head of cock inside her, she let out a quiet moan and whispered, “I have a feeling you are just teasing me.”

“Why would you think that?” I asked. I can tell oh, was her almost inaudible reply. I gave a final thrust inside her and pulled out… she flipped me on my back and straddled me. She started rubbing her wetness on my abs, up to my chest and finally up to mouth. Just as my tongue reaches her clit, her love juices splashes down on my chin and on my chest, driving me wild. I love her taste and love even more making her cum and seeing her pure ecstasy and knowing I am the only person that can bring her to that type of pleasure.

She then falls to the side of me with her body now face down on the bed and she grabs me and invites… (perhaps demands) me to get on top. She pulls my cock firmly against her ass and invites me to rub my cock in between her ass cheeks. “Oh,” I say . “I was hoping to play with your ass! I love your ass!”

I reach between the bed and her stomach and she grabs my hand and slides it down to her dripping wet pussy, begging me to rub, but instead I switch and flip her hand against her pussy. “Oh, you want me to rub my pussy, do you?” “Oh yeah baby, I want you to cum for me again… you are so fucking hot, baby!” I reply.

“Oh fuck, baby, you are so good to me!” she says with a moan. “Can I fuck you now? I want to fuck you unto I come.” She doesn’t wait for an answer and before I know it she is on top of me, swallowing my rock hard cock in her drenching wet pussy. She rides me hard and I cum fast, but she keeps going. It still feels good and I want her to go all the way so I grab her ass and tell her to keep fucking me. “You want me to scream?” she says. Laying on me, sliding in and out as her clit runs up and down my pubic bone for friction. My cock still rock hard, and my cum dripping out of her pussy all over my shaft and balls as she pick up the pace.

She lets out a load moan, “Oh fuck, yes, yes,” and then a loud scream as she moves faster and faster. Looking at the joy on her face as she experiences the highest of highs is exhilarated… “keep going, take me baby, I want to feel you cum,” I tell her. She screams “oh fuck yeah, baby, I am gong to cum, ohhh, I am cumming, oh Fuck, baby” and with one final scream her exhausted body collapses on top of me.

In the afterglow she slides her hand down my face as she looks at me with her beautiful blue eyes and as her fingers run across my chin, she asks. “Why do you like my nails painted red?” (When she self-pleasures herself, I love the sight of her slender, beautifully red painted index and middle fingers skillfully dipping into her wet, swollen pussy and then rubbing her equally swollen, pretty pink clit with a perfect circular technique. Faster and slower as she changes the pace to bring herself to a perfect climax! Her being in control of her own orgasm and giving me the gift of viewing her in the height of ecstasy and vulnerability is beyond exciting to the point of intoxicating.)

The pure animalistic joy on her face, as she release all tension and explodes with enjoyment brings me so much joy. I know she knows the answer, but I oblige her. “Because I love to see your hot red fingernails play with your pussy for me. It is so hot! “Good to know… “Will keep that in mind for future reference with a sly, sexy smirk!” she says.

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