Kissing Heat

Kissing Heat

He kissed me.

“Soul meets soul on lover’s lips,” Percy B. Shelley, English poet

My husband loves me; what more can I ask for? He provides for our family; he works hard every day—often from early in the morning into early in the evening; he is an engaged father to the children; he is our protector; my best friend and yes—my dear groom.  I would be so lost without him.

“Oh, they loved dearly; their souls kissed; they kissed with their eyes, they were both but one single kiss.” Heinrich Heime, German poet.

I love when my husband kisses me. What an honor and privilege. After 17 years of marital bless, I still get tingles all over when my husband plants one on me. It doesn’t matter where his lips meet my flesh; the end result is always the same. He drives me wild with his those soft lips, his warm breath and gentle tongue. He really knows how to take his bride to the next level—and I adore him for it!

Being with him sexually is such a God-given gift and indeed a taste of how it will be for eternity. One of our favorite things to do is for me to stand naked in front of him while he is fully clothed. I crave the raw sexuality of this experience. Observing the impact my naked body has on my beloved never ceases to amaze me. The object of this experience is for me to stand there staring at him in the nude and we say nothing. Our eyes do the communicating. Nor are we allowed to touch ourselves for this little game. The object is to see who can last the longest before our marital passion overwhelms us in raw marital heat.

Standing naked in front of my fully clothed man makes me feel so vulnerable and so wanting of his hot body. Sometimes we last for 5 minutes before we are kissing and I am rubbing his hard cock through his jeans; other times I am standing there for 20 minutes or more watching his eyes drink in my body. And just standing there in the nude, just out of arms reach, seeing his breathing increase and his manly bulge growing in his pants, really makes me feel special. What an amazing gift that my body has this powerful effect of my man. And to his credit, often times, his eyes are not zeroed in on my breasts or pussy. Not that there is anything wrong with him gazing upon my most private parts because they are his, after all. It’s just the sweetness and honesty of his seeing my nakedness and my vulnerability while he is fully clothed, seeing how long we can last before we jump one another and reaffirm our passionate spiritual and physical love as man and wife.  We marvel how nature takes over after this intense visual foreplay bringing us together yet again.


The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender; because this kiss already has within it that surrender.” Emil Ludwig, German biographer

After standing naked in front of my husband as his eyes devour me; I feel the sweat beading upon my breasts and my breathing increase. The anticipation of what is to follow overwhelms my man and I. When he can stand it no longer, often times he will further delay the inevitable by running those sweet gentle lips of his all over my body as I continue to stand.

Tilting my head back offering myself to him, he slowly brushes his lips and tongue gently under my chin and down my throat. My man sure knows how to fine tune his wife’s body. I feel the wetness increasing between my legs as his lips continue gently exploring the contours of my body. Part of me wants to push him to the bed and go crazy on him; yet another part of me doesn’t want him to stop what he is doing. My man is adoring his precious beloved and I don’t want him to stop. I am his sexual goddess right now and my spirit and body are craving his special attention. His lips are so gentle, his breath so hot, and his big strong hands are gently molding and stroking the cheeks of my ass while he works. I’m such a lucky girl to be loved like this!

Our height differential has its benefits. As his mouth gently works its way south, he is able to drop to his knees and still work me. As his hands continue gently kneading and massaging my ass, his mouth works its way to my right breast. My nipples are now engorged for his suckling pleasure and as he gently takes in into his mouth; I am suddenly aware of his finger slowly, gently, working its way to my tight little bum hole. He knows this drives me crazy. As his mouth clamps tighter around my now fully erect strawberry sized nipple, his finger finds its way into the opening of my bum.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm K, you are making me feel soooooo good right now. Sooooooo good,” I purr to him in a lowered voice, my eyes closed and my head tilted back. My first orgasm rapidly building deep between my legs and his finger gently working its way up my tight ass.

As my hips gyrate and my knees start to weaken (I want him so bad right now) my man lets my nipple plop out of his mouth (I love that sound which resembles sucking on a big lolli) as he switches breasts and clamps down on my left nipple. He knows this nipple has always been the most sensitive as he gently bites and nibbles and before long the first orgasm overtakes me.

“Oh…Oh…Oh honey, I am cuuuuuuuuuuuming! Soooooooooooo good babe, so gooooooood, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm; “I deeply moan while clamping both arms around my husband as tight as I can.

When this orgasm finally subsided, I begged for mercy.

“Oh babe, take off your clothes please, take off your clothes and let’s make love right now, I can’t wait any longer!”

Yet my man can also be a stinker when he wants to. Who said most men don’t have much control? My man sure does when he wants to prolong the anticipation!

Coming down from this orgasm, while I’m still standing there naked with my husband on his knees; K. takes both of my breasts into his hands and starts to gently knead and massage them. Slowly and lovingly; just as I like it. Taking his time, he is so gentle. And as I close my eyes enjoying the sensations of his large strong hands upon my titties, I feel his warm mouth working its way further south. I am at his mercy now—and loving it. As he gently molds my titties in his hands and runs his fingertips along the sides of them; I feel his tongue drop below my navel and trace its way down along the soft peach fuzz that connects my belly button to my bush. He calls it my “pleasure trail.”

“Give me a kiss, and to that kiss a score; then to that twenty, add one hundred more: a thousand to that one hundred: so kiss on, to make that thousand up a million. Treble up that million, and when it is done, Lets kiss afresh, as when we first begun.” Robert Herrick, English poet.

Oh how I love my man. He slowly takes his hands off my breasts and traces my arms until his hands find mine and we clasp them together. As the goosebumps become more prominent upon my thighs, I know what is going to happen next. That hot mouth of his has traced my peach fuzz pleasure trail down to the top dark hairs of my prominent love triangle. Another way I am blessed by my husband is how he adores my natural lush bush. Sure, I keep it neatly trimmed for him, yet he loves how naturally fluffy it is, so it’s easy for me to maintain for him. We are still holding hands, I’m still standing naked with him on his knees as he starts rubbing his mouth and face through my bush. It is dripping now and he continues to grind my thick pubic hair with his face and mouth. I love watching and feeling him do this to me and after several minutes of this pleasure; his tongue slowly makes it way to hungry lips of my pussy.

“You taste so good, babe. I love how sweet and wet your pussy tastes on my mouth, Kay. You have an awesome pussy, don’t you? Let me hear you say you have a sweet hairy pussy.”

Obediently I reply “Yes babe, your wife has a sweet hairy pussy. I love how you make me feel when you eat me out babe. You feel sooooo good. Please don’t stop stud.”

In pure bliss as my husband continues feasting between my legs, mercifully he stops and stands up facing me and plants a deep wet kiss on me. I wrap my arms tightly around him and grind against his crotch kissing him back with all I’ve got. I taste my pussy on his lips and his tongue. I taste so good on his mouth and I tell him so.

“Ooooo hon, I taste my pussy on your mouth, I taste soooooo good! I love tasting my pussy on your lips! Mmmmmmm, I can’t wait much longer to feel you inside me…”

As we continue passionately kissing one another, my beloved suddenly picks me up and carries me to our bed. He is so strong and so romantic. I didn’t see this coming and he gently places me on my back. He quickly takes off his clothes as our eyes remain locked upon one another, however this time, he keeps staring at my pussy. I’ve got what he wants he’s got what I need.

When he peels down his boxers unleashing his powerful tool, I switch positions to lie sideways and reveal my secret world to him. He is really hard tonight, looks bigger and sexier than usual. I can’t wait to take him in!

As my man mounts me, he says the most romantic thing: “Was this the face that launched a thousand ships, and burndt the topless towers of Ilium? Sweet Kay, make me immortal with a kiss! Her lips suck forth my soul; see where it flies! Come Kay, give me my soul again; Here is where I dwell, for Heaven is in these lips…”

Tears flood my eyes as his lips reached mine and he enters me.  Even with his dick slowly exploring my pussy, I am more aware of his sweet eyes and the romance of our kissing. Neither of us spoke while we loved. We continued to kiss and felt a deep connectedness to each other. At this point it was impossible to give any more to one another as we were so closely connected spiritually and physically. Our eyes were deeply locked together; our mouths were pressed together; his penis was deep inside my pussy, his arms were wrapped around my shoulders and mine were clamped around his neck with my legs firmly wrapped around his hips. I continued riding him like this and didn’t want it to stop. Such pure oneness and marital ecstasy.

Tears were still streaming down my cheeks, “Oh honey, thank you for being my man and for loving me. I love you so much and can’t live without you” I said to him as he continued to make love to me.

“Thank you babe,” my husband replied. “You are my soul mate and kindred, Kay. I can’t live without you. Never leave me please, never leave me.”

We continued to kiss and stare deeply into each other’s brown eyes when I felt his first twitch from deep inside my body. Knowing he was about to shoot his load put me over the edge.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, I feel you babe, I feel you. Let it go, let it go…mmmmmmmmm it feels so good. I am cuming, I am cuming! Can you feel me babe? Cum with me K, cum with me please, agggggghhhhhhhhhhh, oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh, so good so good, I love you babe!!!”

Yes, we climaxed together and it was wonderfully intimate and blissly beautiful. And we couldn’t stop kissing; I didn’t want this moment to end. We felt so close and so connected; it was a very magical moment.

As we finally broke off and he lay down next to me for our post lovemaking cuddle (oh how I love cuddling with my man afterwards), he reached under the pillow and handed me a beautiful pink note card. Not sure what to think and watching him smile at me, I opened it up and immediately recognized his manly handwriting and cologne:

“A kiss is something you cannot give without taking and cannot take without giving.” (author unknown)

“A kiss is the shortest distance between two,” Henny Youngman, American comedian

“Her lips on his could tell him better than all her stumbling words,” Margaret Mitchell, American writer

And with that, I threw myself on top of him, grabbed his hands, my breasts hanging atop his chest, and starting kissing him again until he was ready for round two…

Kay & K.


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6 replies
  1. Gina G. says:

    OH my dear Kay! I so love your way with words ! Such a beautiful story yet so hot and wonderfully naughty.

    I love kissing my dear Ben. He is such a fantastic kisser, my knees weaken and my pussy pulsate with each one. A kiss is so simple, yet a powerful expression of love. Thank u for expressing this point so eloquently. I can’t wait to read this to my love, then if I may say get my brains fucked out!

    So, with sincere gratitude and a moistened pussy. I want to Thank you again. God bless you and K. I have said it many times, but you two are truly an inspiration to Ben and I. Stay blessed my dear!

    • doctemp2 says:

      Thank you for the kind words sweet Gina; please know you and Ben inspire us with your romantic yet passionate stories! We thank God daily for each other and treasure the time we get the privilege of making love together and eating each other out. This life is too short not to enjoy each other’s company–especially sexually.

      We are humbled that our little stories inspire you and Ben to read them to oneanother and immediately enjoy the fruits thereof, lol! Like I write about; I can’t get enough of my husband’s hard cock inside my pussy as we hold hands and drink in the love from each other’s eyes. I dont deserve him yet I am blessed and not complaining. Thank you for celebrating your love for your Ben with your actions and through your keyboard. He must be a very lucky man. Enjoy your evening dear and take good care!

    • doctemp2 says:

      Hi Blondie; thank you for the compliment! We appreciate your taking the time to say so. Its quite a challenge weaving together images of marital love, passion, joy, humor and raw heat–yet we love doing so.
      The quotes were my husband’s idea–can you beleive it!?!?!? Keep up the great work Maam! 😀

  2. Ben G. says:

    Hey, just wanted to say I really enjoyed this story .Actually my dear Gina read it to me. which made it extra hot. I stroked myself as she read it, then came in her mouth. A bit later I fucked her and we came together. Thank you and K for the inspiration and a great story! God bless you both.

    OH, and enjoy your time alone tonight with K!

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