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It’s Friday evening, and I’m alone in my study. My wife said that she would be late getting home because she was meeting a friend for an afternoon coffee and chat. There’s a soft knock on the front door, and I switch off my computer screen and go to see who’s there.

I open the door, and my eyes nearly pop out. There stands a stunning girl in a school dress that is obviously too small for her voluptuous body. The top button has gone missing, and because the dress is at least one size too small, her full breasts are visible to my staring eyes. She has on typical school shoes but wears them with fishnet stockings. I feel the extreme rush of blood to the lower part of my body.

“Good evening, sir. Is your wife at home? I’m selling cookies for our school fund. Do you think your wife would like to buy my cookies?”

I stutter, “No, my dear, my wife is not at home. But I might want to buy your cookies.”

“I see that you are staring at my short dress. Please excuse me, but I think it shrank a bit. Now it is so short that I find it difficult to keep myself covered. May I please come in?”

“Yes, please do.” I step back from the door and gesture for her to enter. “Would you like to sit down while I see if I have enough money for you?”

She sits down on the couch and looks around the room as if making sure that we are alone. “You have a lovely place, sir,” she says. “It is so nice and warm in here. May I take off my shoes so that I do not dirty your carpets?”

She puts the tin of cookies on the floor next to the couch and takes off one shoe at a time. She is very deliberate as she lifts her foot high enough to loosen the clasp in such a way that I can see that, under the fishnet stockings, she is not wearing a panty. My cock throbs as if it is attached to an electric wire.

“Your floor is quite cold, sir. Do you mind if I put my feet on the couch?”

I just nod my head because words are suddenly not easy to utter.

“What are you staring at, sir? Oh, I am sorry. I did not realize that my dress was so short, and now you are looking up my dress. Please forgive me. Should I rather take my feet off the couch?” Her dress (with a little bit of help from her) has now hiked up so far that I can clearly see her pussy through the netting of her tights.

“No, p-p-please sit any way that you are comfortable. Y-y-your dress looks very nice.” (I feel stupid for my remark about her dress looking nice. I once heard that men have two heads, but only enough blood for one to work at a time. And at this point, the small head was using every drop of blood in my body).

She takes over, talking as if I was part of the conversation. I just stare and take in the eroticism of the situation.

As she puts her hand between her legs, she says, “Oh sir, you say that you will buy some of my cookies if I touch myself. Sir? Like this?” She licks her finger and very gently rubs her clit that, at this stage, is protruding out one of the openings in her stockings. “Maybe you should bring your chair a little closer, sir, so that you can see enough to want to buy a lot of my cookies!”

I am within touching and smelling range in a flash. The room smells of sex. Her pussy is so wet that I can see it glistening from where I have placed my chair. Her eyes are dark with lust as she looks directly at me and slowly but deliberately rubs her middle-finger in circles over her exposed clit. The hood has pulled back because her clit is pushing through one of the openings in the fishnet, and her little bud is sticking out like a thorn. I find it difficult to breathe. My cock is so hard that it wants to break, and it screams for release from my trousers.

“It is getting hot in here. Do you mind if I loosen my dress just a little? Otherwise, I am going to perspire. Is that okay with you, sir?”

She does not wait for an answer but does not loosen it ‘a little’; she opens it all the way and allows her boobs to feel the cold, fresh air. She is not wearing a bra. Her nipples are hard and sensitive, and while her one hand is still busy with her pussy, the other goes to her nipple and starts turning it between her fingers. As if this is not enough, she cups the boob at the bottom and lifts it to her mouth to lick her nipple. She then blows on the wet peak to make it even harder and more sensitive.

“Oh my… It feels so good if I rub my little Happy Place. Sir, are you alright? Is there something wrong with your trousers. Do you need help?”

I start fidgeting with my trousers because I just have to get my hard cock out from the restraints of my jockeys. I can feel the pre-cum dripping down the inside of my leg and am sure that the girl can see the wet spot forming.

“Why are you looking at my mouth like that, sir? Is there something that you want me to do for you?” She puts her finger in her mouth and sucks it, rolling her tongue around it.

At this stage, my throbbing cock jumps out as I get my trousers loose.

“Goodness gracious, sir, do you want me to put that in my mouth? It is too big, sir! What? You promise to buy all my cookies if I suck on that.”

I am still speechless. The schoolgirl is in total control. I walk over to where she is sitting with her hand rubbing her pussy at an increasing rate. Her eyes are even darker than they were a few minutes ago. Then her body starts shaking as a violent orgasm takes total control of her body. The heavy scent of sex inundates the air.

I walk over to her, with my trousers now open and my member standing at attention. She puts forth her hand, takes my throbbing cock in it, and pulls me closer. Her breathing is deep from the orgasm that she just had.

“Wow, Sir, it is big and hard. May I just lick around the tip for a while? I do not know what to do with it. I see it is dripping stuff from this little hole. You say I must lick it like a lollipop and put it in my mouth?”

Her tongue starts licking me while her hand fondles my balls. I watch as she slides her mouth over my cock. Her other hand goes back between her legs, and she starts rubbing her clit again. I can hear her building up to her next orgasm.

“I did not know that I could put it so deep in my mouth.” She pushes down on my cock, and it disappears all the way. My balls rest against her chin. She keeps it there as I hear her making grunting sounds. Her hand moves so quickly against her pussy that I can barely see it and the sound it makes in the wetness is so erotic. Then her entire body starts shaking as she explodes in another orgasm.

My face feels as if it is on fire. My body tingles, and I cannot breathe as my balls prepare to burst. And then I cum and cum and cum like never before. I feel my cum shooting out of me as if it is never going to stop.

She looks up at me with her dark eyes and cum dripping down the side of her mouth. She uses her finger to collect the fluid from her lips and licks it off, then says, “That was so nice, but now I have a very funny feeling in my tummy. My pussy is pulsing, and I am very wet between my legs. I feel that I must touch myself, but I need to take off these stockings.”

Her stockings a come off so quickly that my head is spinning. The next moment, she leans back and pulls up her legs, and then two of her fingers disappear into her pussy. She starts fingering herself as if there is no tomorrow. Her hand becomes a blur as she climbs the hill to yet another shaking orgasm.

I can hardly believe it when I notice that my erection is still just as hard and pulsing again.

“Sir, you have to help me, please. My pussy is on fire; I do not know why. But won’t you please come and put your mouth here between my legs and lick it. Maybe that will help the burning.” While she is still fingering herself and rubbing her clit with her other hand, I get out of my trousers in a flash and fall on my knees. I bury my head between her legs that are spread just for me.

“Your mouth feels good and warm. Oh, YESSSSS! Please don’t stop doing that. Yes, please lick on the tip. Yes, just like that. Oh dear, sir, my pussy is on fire! Why am I shaking? Oh, I am going to cum again. Don’t stop! Lick me from deep under from the bottom of my pussy. Yes and now slowly up to my clit. Again! Again! Please don’t stop. I’m on fire. It looks good to see your mouth on my pussy. Now please stick your tongue into the hole. Deeper. Keep on doing that. Yesssss, I am burning up! Suck me. Harder. Harder! Bite my clit. Oh, I am cumming!”

I grab onto her wrists and pull myself tighter against her pussy as I keep on sucking. I keep her cumming over and over until she starts fighting against me. She suddenly goes limp, and I just listen to her hard breathing. I become acutely aware of my pre-cum dripping down my leg and onto my carpet.

I sit back on the chair and start to pump my cock very slowly as she watches me. Her eyes remain glued to my head that is a deep purple and larger than I have ever seen it. Pre-cum is streaming over my fingers as I continue. I look at her pussy that is so wet. She is playing with herself very slowly and very gently.

“Bring that thing here. Come and hold it here at my pussy. I want to rub your head against my clit. Oh, that feels so good. You are hard and big and wet. Put the tip in my pussy. And again. A little deeper. Ohhhhhh. Keep on doing that. Yes. My pussy is hot, and it is burning when you do that. Let me rub your head against my clit again. I cannot wait any longer. Put it into me! Deeper! Pump it in me. Yes. Faster. I can feel your stuff pumping into my pussyyyyyyyyyy!”

At this stage, we have both gone wild, grunting like animals as I cum a second time and fill her pussy with my cum.

“Look what a mess you made of my pussy, sir. Your white stuff is running out and onto my dress. See how big and swollen my clit is from everything that you did to me? I better get dressed and go home now. Oh, you still owe me for the cookies. You DID say that you will buy them all. I have some more at home that I can bring to you on Saturday. Will that be okay?”

As she walks out the door, she lifts her dress just enough for me to see her bum again and I feel a twitch between my legs. I never knew that my wife could look so good in her old school dress. Where has she been hiding it all these years?

Oh, and by the way, this was not a fantasy story. It actually happened!

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30 replies
    • The Rose says:

      This was one of the days that I had the most fun. I just happened to open my wardrobe this evening to get out a jacket and saw the little dress hanging there. It is still waiting for ‘the next time.”

  1. Loved by my Wife says:

    Your wife rocks! I cannot believe that she stayed in character the whole time.
    I once heard a pastor caution people against acting out fantasies where the characters are behaving sinfully. Has anyone heard any (brief) & good points on either side of that discussion?

    • The Rose says:

      She stayed in character all the way. Most of the story is told exactly as it happened. My wife is a fantastic lover and we have so much fun when we make love. She is extremely sexy and I must say this…. she is comfortable with the body that God has given her and THAT makes her really sexy.

  2. marty and melissa says:

    Now that’s just a great sexy hot story . Your a very lucky man to have such an adventurous horny wife . I agree with happy husband your wife rocks . . Your wife sounds like she belongs to the horny wives club. lol.

    • The Rose says:

      Hi Marty & Melissa, you say “Your wife sounds like she belongs to the horny wives club.” I think she should be the President!

    • marty and melissa says:

      Lol . And lucky you .It’s the best roll play story I’ve read and I’ll have to share it with Mel that’s for sure . And again thank you MH for giving couples an opportunity to tell and share these great sexy stories

  3. Happy Husband says:

    Love the description of your cum dripping out of her mouth. I already told my wife to look forward to a mouthful tonight, and I am going to lick and suck her sweet pussy lips and clit until she squeals with pleasure. Great story, and I am not that into the schoolgirl look. I AM very much into the horny wife look.

    • The Rose says:

      Happy Husband, I am so glad that you enjoyed my story. I cannot get enough of my wife. She is the “Total Lover” and i am deeply blessed to have her. The part that I enjoy most is that she is extremely multi-orgasmic and can cum very quickly. She just LOVES cumming and I love doing it to her.

      I hope you enjoy your session with your wife tonight. Maybe you can print the story and ask her to read it out loud to you while you are enjoying her pussy. Let’s see how far she gets with the story before she starts cumming..

  4. HornyHubby says:

    This was hot. I just submitted a post asking for advice on role play like this. I would love to hear from you guys in the comments when it is posted. Since you enjoyed your role play so much I would value your thoughts to my questions.

    • The Rose says:

      Horny Husband, I must be honest that it does not happen by itself. It takes planning and it is something that has to come from two sides. One of us has an idea and then you must have the trust to share it with your spouse. It then becomes a mutual fantasy and slowly but surely the sexual tension starts mounting as both get involved in making it happen.
      I really believe that COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION is one of the biggest problems we have in sexual enjoyment. WE to often play the Guessing Game where we expect our lover to guess what we want. The ‘Other” Oral Sex is to TALK ABOUT IT!

    • The Rose says:

      CML, thanks for your comment. Come on all of you MH readers. Let us TALK, TALK, TALK.
      I believe that one of the BIG HURTS that enter our marriages is due to the fact that we ALL play the “Guessing Game.” We have certain desires that we want our spouse to do for us or that we want to do with or to our spouse, but for some reason we are shy to share our thoughts. Then, because our spouse cannot guess what we want, we go into a depression about it. This builds up over a period of time and becomes a new wall that has to be broken down.
      It would be so wonderful if we could all just come out and say it. I am sure that we all have certain triggers that really get our motors running. One of my greatest triggers is to watch my wife masturbating. I often ask her to treat me by making me ‘catch her in the act!” She will plan it in such a way that I walk in (unsuspecting) and find her busy playing with herself. Or, (and this one I love) she start masturbating and when she starts cumming, she is loud enough that I can hear her from where I am in my study and …. well, the rest is a story for another day.

    • CMLove says:

      Sexy sexy sexy story! I so applaud your wife! I loved the part about men having two heads but only enough blood for one to work at a time….I laughed out loud! Nicely done! May God continue to bless your fun with your horny wife!!

    • HornyHubby says:

      My post is up with my specific questions. It is called, Tips on Role Play. Please comment further on that post and let me know how you would respond to my questions. 🙂

    • The Rose says:

      Hi there Upcomingauther, I have the feeling that you really experienced what I was trying to convey. It was an awesome night. When Mrs Rose starts playing she r r r r really gets going. She is an awesome lover and everything I ever dreamed of.

  5. hornyGG says:

    Really HOT story! Read it as I was jilling off. Made me cum! Thank you so much for sharing such a hot session with us. I love how it was written and the way ya’ll pulled it off. Got to play this with Ben soon. God bless and stay horny you two!

    • The Rose says:

      Hi gorneyGG. Gr8 compliment cumming from you. While I was writing it for MH I also had to take matters in hand more than once.

    • The Rose says:

      May I make a suggestion? Set your camera on automatic and get some pics. I did and they are the most precious in my entire collection.

  6. Fetishhubby says:

    So amazing glad you can write your story for others to read.
    Mmmm very nice might try something like this here for my Lovely Lady see how she responds ? Mmmm

  7. ClimaXX says:

    I have read some stories, but this is hotter than BOILING POINT. You are a blessed man and I hope to read more of your games with your precious wife. I think that all wives can take a tip or two from this stunning lover tha you are married to. Wow! Wow and WOW again!
    I also love the picture that MH used. It just added a dimension to the story. Let us all be honest about one thing….. Sex, when done right, is a fantastic game that we can play with our best friend and have more fun that any other place.

  8. cowboybiker says:

    After reading all the comments about this hotter-than-bacon grease story, it dawned on me that hornyGG chose her screen name very well! lol It always turns me on and makes me smile when I see a woman openly (though disguised) react in such a horny and sexy way. Thanks, GG! 🙂

  9. ClimaXX says:

    I read this story in 2016 and have just read it again. I think this is the hottest story that I have ever read in MH. Wow. This lady knows how to make her man feel like a King. It is impossible to read it without getting a pulsing erection.

  10. 1956packard says:

    My wife frequently dons a school girl outfit. She knows I love when she does ! As others have said , she & I talked about different sexual fantasies we have. We both were surprised by what we said to each other and at various times have fulfilled each other’s fantasies. Such as her doning the school girl outfit & I wearing a soccer uniform.

  11. LiveForHim says:

    I have read this role play posting several times and still gets me going as I read it. Wow! I agree with some others that this is the hottest post on MH as the "school girl" plays it SO innocently and ramps it up VERY well! My fiancee has done a little role play in a past marriage and is eager to please me when we get married. So much anticipation! Please post any other role play stories as you give us more ideas. We all would love it! God bless.

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