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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A while ago my wife sent me an email that was so extremely erotic that I decided to share it with you.  We were sending wild emails to one another just playing and being sexy.    She was in her office and I was working from home…. then this came through.    Hi Baby, you know […]

Sex Guessing Game – Be Winners

Sex Guessing Game Sex Guessing Game or even worse! I have been think al lot about The Sex Guessing Game that we often play in our marriages. We have some sexual desire that we want our spouse to fulfill, we ‘think’ it and imagine it and even fantasize about it, but we are not open […]

Cookies 4 Sale

It’s Friday evening, and I’m alone in my study. My wife said that she would be late getting home because she was meeting a friend for an afternoon coffee and chat. There’s a soft knock on the front door, and I switch off my computer screen and go to see who’s there. I open the […]

Let me! Let me! Hot Bathroom sex

Let me! Let me! Hot Bathroom sex One of the nicest surprises happened to me the other day.  We have a ‘small’ private toilet in our bedroom with one of those small washbasins to wash your hands after using the toilet. It was early in the morning when I woke up. Well, I walked into […]

“Emergency! Hurry! Come quickly!”

Arrange that you are alone in the house. Have a shower or bath and make yourself pretty and put on your most sensual perfume.  Write a text message to your husband on your mobile phone with something like. “Emergency! Hurry!  Come quickly, I need your help in the bedroom immediately!”  Now tie yourself loosely with […]