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Sexy Hands – My Husband’s Hands

Sexy Hands -My husband is a mechanic.  His sexy hands sometimes are coarse but he always cleans them so there is no grease stains, except maybe between his fingernails.

When we were dating, at first I didn’t think I would want to marry a mechanic.  But I’m pleased that I decided to marry him.

Because he uses his hands – he has strong hands.  I love the feel of his coarse strong sexy hands as he gently touches me.

Sometimes, when we are alone in our bedroom, he likes to undress me.  He doesn’t like me to take anything off – he wants the reins!

I surely do enjoy when he does this.  He doesn’t do it often, but I know when he is going to do it because early in the day he starts slipping his hand in my blouse and feeling up my leg on the way home from picking him up.  Sometimes he even reaches up inside my panties – like he is doing now!  (Hahh – Honey you better stop that!)  He is quite good at feeling around and massaging at just the right spot :).  He puts one hand in my blouse massaging my nipple and one up my dress making me moist!”  As you can tell, my husband has very skillful sexy hands!

He usually takes me out to dinner on those nights (usually Friday’s).  After dinner we go home and he waits in the bedroom, while I put up the mail.  When I come into the bedroom, he is usually sitting there with just his briefs on.  He comes over to me and asks me if I’m ready to be loved.  After I say yes, he turns his head and kisses me as he hugs me and then he begins gently running his strong fingers up and down my back.  He then moves from in front of me, to in back of me, and continues massaging my back and works his fingers up to my neck and head and hair.  This messes up my hair but it feels so good.  I especially like it when he gently tickles around my ears and the hair and my head around my ears.  It sends chills all over.

Next, he unbuttons my blouse and with his gentle sexy hands slowly works one side of my blouse off  my shoulder and arm, and then with one hand passes the blouse over to his other hand, and slips it off my other shoulder and arm.  He does this while his eyes seem to stay focused on my bra.  After he puts my blouse on a hanger and puts it in the closet, in what seems to me about two seconds, he is back!

He comes up behind me and instead of unhooking my bra; he reaches around with his two sexy hands and holds my breasts in his hands.  He presses them and holds them and flicks where the nipple impression can be seen through the bra and then he slips his hands into my bra and begins feeling my breasts and nipples under the bra.  (He says I have nice breasts!)

Enjoying his attention, my hands explore his chest and legs and briefs.  He takes off my bra now, and quickly takes the rest of my clothes off.  He pulls my panties down to the floor and feasts his eyes on my bare love spot (he insisted I use the word love spot), reaching a hand between my legs to explore the moist hot area.

I now have my hands inside of his briefs and he takes them off, showing me his hard erection.  He moves it in between my legs and I squeeze it with my legs as I move back and forth feeling the shaft rub against my clitoris.

He turns the light off and we sort of roll into bed together.  He continues to caress me with his sexy hands and tongue.  He inserts his big strong index finger inside of me and really turns me on as it slides in, out and around.  By now my legs are wide apart and I’m hot as can be.  I tell him, “I want you inside!” and he moves up over me and I take his penis and guide it into my love spot (ok – love spot).

I’m so wet that he knows I am enjoying his lovemaking. He thrusts in and out and moves around pressing perfectly against my clitoris until at last I can’t hold on longer – I climax with a fantastic orgasm, and he always comes too – at the same time.

He has good gentle hands, skillful hands – he is my husband.

sexy hands

By: Cheryl VanStane


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