sizzling sex

Sizzling Sex -Thank God for Nine Years

Sizzling Sex – My wife turns me on more than any living soul I have ever met.  Her body is like a genital flower and a raging bull all tied into one.  Her passion when it is exposed will force me into submission and I will cave to her every wanting desire.  The story I tell is that of both the flower and the bull and the only thing that can tame both, her lover’s rod of power which brings sizzling sex.

My wife and I had an appointment one morning that we were headed to.  My wife said she needed to take a shower.  I love to think of her in the shower but I do get jealous.  I wish I were the water.  I wish I could cover my wife so that she just stood under me and let me slide over every part of her body and into the smallest of all her parts.  As my wife was in the shower I went and got her little vibrator out of the drawer.  I simply went in and laid a towel on the floor and put the vibrator on the counter.  I slipped into the closet were I would have a great view but she would have no clue I was there.  As she came out of the shower she saw what I had done and she wasn’t happy.  She needed to go and there had been no fore play and no leading up to this.  I just wanted to see the response.  She dried herself off and reached for the vibrator and lay on the towel.  Her eyes were still opened and you could tell that she really was not into what was going on.  I of course was hard as a rock.

The thing that I loved was that she wasn’t in the mood but because of her love for me she was willing to do what I wanted.  It was so hot to see her go from eyes wide open to closed and slight moans of pleasure.  She kept going that gentle flower did until she couldn’t go any further without Cuming.  See she knows I like to be there when she climaxes so she stopped not yet knowing of my position in the closet.  Her wonderful body was beginning to heave, as her vagina was moving up and down and becoming so wet.  As she finished she got up and tried to enter the closet were she found me and a very hard penis.  Well we spoke for a moment and she went back to the position, this time as a wild bull.  She lay back down and I shut the door to a small crack. She laid there and began to moan and pleasured herself once more.  I was so turned on I began to pleasure myself from with in the closet as she began to come to a state of orgasm she cast her eyes to me and she saw me in the doorway beating my rod because she had mad me so worked up.  She saw me and knew she had done this to me and the waves of orgasm hit her so hard.

She clinched her legs so tight and closed her eyes and was taken to a land of pleasure.  I came out of the closet and she wanted it, the wild bull wanted it badly.  I slipped my hard rod into her tight vagina as she moaned in delight.  As we lay there on the floor her legs up and my rod being shoved in and out of her I knew I wouldn’t last long inside of such a women.  As I exploded into her we knew we had to go but what a thrill what a joy to make love to the most beautiful women in the world to me.

Thank God after 9 years we still enjoy sizzling sex with the passion of newlyweds but now we know what we want and we can deliver just what is needed.

sizzling sex

By: Robert S. Donovan

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