Love On The 50 Yard Line

It was her birthday and I planned the most romantic date of our marriage.

Flowers, breakfast in bed and all of her favorite things to do. We had lunch on the beach and went to the theater after dinner. Then after the play we held hands and walked to the car. I whispered in her ear that I had another surprise for her. I pulled out a blindfold and wrapped it around her head, put her in the car and drove away. She had no idea where we would end up. It was dark, a perfect night, the moon was bright it was a perfect summer evening.

I took her to the football field and brought a blanket, a bottle of wine and battery powered candles. No one would ever dream to come to the football field at this hour of the night.  I led her to the 50-yard line and set up camp. I removed the blindfold and she was totally surprised and totally interested.

I had slipped out of my shirt and tie and was wearing a gym shirt tight across my body to expose my bulging muscles in my shoulder, arms, and abs. I was also wearing tight shorts and she noticed something else bulging.

She had a huge smile on her face as we sipped wine and kissed slowly. We talked and held each other for some time and then it was time to get down to business. I moved her skirt up between her legs and asked her if she wanted anything for her birthday in which she replied “I need a birthday kiss”, I moved up to deliver when she said, “No not up here, down there…” She opened her panties and moved my mouth to her slit. She straddled my mouth and I could feel her clitoris inside my mouth against my tongue. She moved herself back and forth on my mouth rubbing her clitoris against my wet moist tongue. I knew she was loving it and it was her birthday so I never strayed from the task I let her go as long as she wanted and she wanted it bad. I kept moving my tongue and kept sucking and licking and let her love cream over and over again. It was all for her and I have never loved her more. She got it all to herself and didn’t have to do anything but for herself. I loved it as much as she, each time she got off I got so hard and excited. I loved her taste and finally after several hours she was satisfied and happy and I couldn’t hold back as she climaxed her last time I came myself. Simply giving her pleasure I couldn’t hold it any longer and lost control. When it was over we looked up into the stands and laughed. I said, “Well it’s been a while since we caught a football game.” She said,” lets meet back here for Friday’s game.”

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