Prom Redo

Getting a Master’s degree can be long, exhausting and taxing on the individual studying and his or her partner. There needs to be an understanding that, at times, focus will be completely devoted to studies. This could be for extended periods of time, so patience needs to be practiced.

My wife, ‘B’, was almost to the finish line of her degree. We had worked through the tough years of study and were both looking forward to really enjoying each other again. We, of course had our fun, but true focus on one another was missing at times through no ones fault.

During her last year she mentioned that in a few weeks there was going to be a prom for all of the students in her college of study. I was admittedly a little apprehensive. First of all, I was surprised at the thought of a prom during a Maters program and second I was imagining B running around all night and having a great time while I found a seat and would enjoy a few hors d’oeuvres. But, after little convincing I wanted to support her and in reality I knew a few of her friends from school so I wouldn’t be alone.

The night finally came and it couldn’t have came sooner because I was pretty stressed at work. I was ready to let loose a little and have a fun night with my wife. Immediately after work I ran home and picked up my clothes for the evening, nothing too fancy, but I was sporting a nice sports jacket and a tie. When I made it home my wife still hadn’t picked anything. All she had was her black high heels ready to go. I asked playfully, “Is that all you’re wearing tonight?” B laughed and said, “No I am going to wear one of my friends dresses.” I said ok sounds fun.

We hopped in the car and drove to her friends. I asked how she hoped the night would go. Be replied, “Don’t worry we are going to have a great time, don’t think about it and just have fun and maybe we can even take things upstairs…” This is where I need to mention that I have an office in the very same building where this prom was going to be held.

Needless to say this excited me VERY much. I knew if I played my cards right we would be in for a fun night.

We got to her friends house and we all had a drink while the girls got ready. I still had not seen what my wife was going to wear that evening, so I was eagerly anticipating. She came out in a form fitting purple dress, with the hem above her knees. I was very happy. B has a beautiful figure with an amazing butt and very nice breasts and she is drop dead gorgeous. It was hard for me to keep my hands off of her.

We all had one more drink and made our way to prom. As we walked B and I held each other. Both of our hands wandered as we walked with the group.

We made it to the dance and it was quite an event. They did it up right and most people were dressed quite nice. We both began to mingle and I would watch her as she talked to her friends. I really could not take my eyes off of her in that dress and heels. The night went on, we both had a few drinks. The dancing began and we were both very much enjoying the music and each other’s company. It felt wonderful to hold her closely as she moved to the music. I would pull her in close so I could feel her body and booty against me. If I had it my way I would have felt her up right on that dance floor. She had to have felt my cock growing as we danced together.

The last song had just finished and she grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the crowd. We nonchalantly made our way to the 2nd then 3rd floor. It was empty and we were almost to my office.

I unlocked the door and we entered. We kept the lights off as we needed to be discreet, but there was plenty of light getting in so we could both see each other and everything we were experiencing. I locked the door and B immediately grabbed me by the waist and pulled me to her, it seemed as though she was just as horny and ready as I was. I brought my left hand to her neck and my right around her waist just above her butt. I held her tightly and tilted her head as we began to kiss passionately. Slightly opening our mouths and letting our tongues tease each other, biting each other’s lips as our hands began to move with more intention. My right hand slid down to her ass and my left firmly gripped the back of her neck. I squeezed her right cheek and pulled her waist into mine. My hard cock was rubbing against her pussy. After we made out for a bit we were both ready to fuck right then and there, but my wife knows me and she knew I wanted to play more before we got to the big show….

It was here that B did one of the sexiest things I’ve seen her do without me asking. She walked to my desk with her back turned to me and placed both of her hands on the desktop. She bent over slightly then reached back and gently pulled her dress up her thighs and past her ass. She then placed her hands back on the desktop. I nearly came just watching this. I was ready to jump her.

There she stood, bent over the desk standing in black high heels with her dress hiked up completely exposing her perfect booty. She was wearing a lace black thong. I took a moment to enjoy the amazing site, my eyes outlined her legs from the top of her lower back down the curves of her ass, thighs, calves and to the heel of her shoe. She was standing with her legs slightly spread creating a triangle and the pinnacle of that triangle was her waiting pussy getting hotter and wetter by the minute.

I unzipped my pants and approached her body from the side. My left hand started at her neck and slowly moved down her spine as my right firmly but slowly made it’s way up her left thigh. This motion caused her to bend slight further and arch her butt just a little more. My left hand made it’s way to her lower back and rested on her lace thong at the small of her back. My right began to massage and squeeze her ass cheeks one at a time. B released a few whimpers as she was beginning to get extremely excited and impatient. But, I wanted to continue the game. I reached back with my right hand and firmly brought it to her left cheek causing her to gasp and jump a bit. I squeezed her recently spanked booty and raised my other hand and spanked her other cheek. At this point each of my hands had a full and firm grip of her ass. Giving her a very firm squeeze she wiggled a bit. Squeezing her right cheek my left made it’s way to the heat of her pussy, still covered by her thong. Over top of her panties I stroked my wife’s eagerness while the opposite hand squeezed her ass cheek. Her hips began to move and find the rhythm of my hands. B will rarely admit it, but she loves her ass lightly spanked, massaged and held.

I repositioned myself so I was directly behind her. I grabbed both of her hips and bent my body over hers. My erect dick pressing into her I kissed my way down her back to the top of her thong. I slowly bent to my knees, my hands sliding down her back to either ass cheek. I kneel behind her with my face inches from her, so close I could smell her excitement. I squeezed her cheeks firmly, this spread her pussy wide and I could hear her wetness as her lips parted. I brought my right hand back to the top of her panties and maneuvered my middle finger so it lay between her thong and her ass crack. I hooked my finger and followed the material down dragging my finger past her asshole and to her pussy. My finger was tugging on the fabric which covered her wetness and I could feel the fabric was sopping wet from her juices. From here I pulled her panties completely off and to the ground.

B stood slightly bent over in front of my face. With both of her perfect butt cheeks in my hands I squeezed firmly and brought my tongue to her sweetness. My tongue was delivered straight to her excited clit. I firmly pressed my tongue against B and slowly drew my tongue from bottom to top. She tasted amazing, I could already taste her cum. My tongue dropped back to my wife’s clit, where my hard tongue flicked and circled her while my nose teased her pussy. As my face was buried into her I spanked her booty causing B to jump slightly and moan. She was loving the attention she was receiving. After licking and teasing her for a few minutes I stood behind her completely erect. My cock was fully pumped and hot ready to slide into B. I grabbed my thick member and began to rub my cock head against her clit and all over her pussy. B looked back and commanded, ‘fuck me babe.’

I placed my cock at her entrance and leaned forward easily sliding my cock deep into her wetness. As I fully buried myself inside of her I paused for a moment and grabbed her hips. After getting a good grip at her waist I began sliding in and out of B. We fucked slow, steady and firmly with passion. I stood watching her lips wrap around my thickness now glistening with her white cum covering. While we found our rhythm, I began fucking her faster, my hands moved up her back to her shoulders causing her to arch into me and allowing me to get even deeper inside of her. My right hand slid down her side an to her right breast, after a firm squeeze my hand continued down her waist an back to her ass. My left hand wet the opposite direction from her shoulder along her trapezius to her neck and to the front. My finger made its way to her mouth and B sucked on my finger as we both were deep in the passion and lust of the moment.
I pulled my member from inside of her and moved to the chair. I sat with my cock at attention and B came over and sat on top of me. She grabbed my erection and guided it inside of her. After she had taken me completely in she rested her hands on my chest and began to grind herself into me. As her clit rocked back and forth my rock hard cock slid in and out of her. We could hear the wetness of our juices as we pleased each other’s needs. My left hand was holding her breast and my right was cupping her ass. As she rode I would spank her booty. She gyrated faster and faster and I could tell she was going to cum. I reached back and firmly held her fit booty. We both began to breath harder and harder and we both reached our orgasms together. By this time I could feel her juices dripping down my cock and to my legs. We rested together for a moment and then we dressed. From here we spent the evening with our friends. This was the prom we had never had!

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  1. CMLove says:

    Loved this post! So fun and sexy! I’ll have to wear form-fitting dresses and high heels for my hubby more often! I’m certainly ready for a little fuck! Thanks for sharing!

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