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Twice A Month

My wife and I have been in a relationship for almost 20 years. We have been together since we were 15. We have had ups and downs, and she has never had a high sex drive. At this point, we are only intimate about two times per month. I have tried literally everything under the […]

Corner of the Bed

Years ago, we were living in one of our favorite apartments. The layout was unique and quirky. It was a place where we enjoyed ourselves–in many ways! I often think of one evening in particular. We both had busy schedules at the time and so we shared little time together, emotionally and physically. On this […]

Pregnant and Ready (L)

B was about five months along in her pregnancy. I was trying to be as supportive as possible. I went out of my way to cook special dishes, give foot massages, etc. One thing I didn’t know too much about was women’s hormones during pregnancy. I have never seen my partner become SO turned on. […]

Prom Redo

Getting a Master’s degree can be long, exhausting and taxing on the individual studying and his or her partner. There needs to be an understanding that, at times, focus will be completely devoted to studies. This could be for extended periods of time, so patience needs to be practiced. My wife, ‘B’, was almost to […]

A Night Out

The past few weeks, we were both very busy with work and had had little time to take a break and focus on each other. It was the middle of yet another busy and lackluster week. You came home to an empty house; you’re surprised because I’m usually home at this time. You walked into […]