Pregnant and Ready (L)

B was about five months along in her pregnancy. I was trying to be as supportive as possible. I went out of my way to cook special dishes, give foot massages, etc. One thing I didn’t know too much about was women’s hormones during pregnancy. I have never seen my partner become SO turned on. It was amazing!

One evening, after I returned from work, I was laying on the couch relaxing. B was in the shower and taking longer than usual, but I didn’t think too much about it. She walked out of the bathroom in her robe. She came directly to the couch and sat next to me. Before I knew it she was leaning toward me and kissing me passionately. She was biting my bottom lip then moved to my neck and ear. I was taken completely off guard.

She stood and untied her robe. That’s when I realized why she had taken so long in the bathroom. She was freshly trimmed and groomed! By this time, her breasts had grown plump from the pregnancy. Her nipples were hard and like pencil tips. I’ve never seen her so turned on!

I quickly took my pants off and returned to my position on the couch. She approached me and walked straight to my head. Entwining her finger in my hair, she straddled my face.

I was in heaven! I wrapped my arms around her thighs, stuck out my big tongue and hung on for the ride.

With a firm grip on my hair, my wife proceeded to grind her deliciousness into my face. She tasted so good! She would drive my tongue inside her and grind her erect clit into my nose. She was pressing down on me so hard that I thought my chin was going to start slipping inside her as well. I was moaning with pleasure and so was she!

B pulled away and helped me off the couch so she could lay down on her back and spread her legs. She was sopping wet with my saliva and her cum. Her lips were swollen and she looked so sexy.

I still couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. Climbing between her legs, I brought my face to her breasts. During her pregnancy, she LOVED nipple and boob play! I cupped both breasts and licked her nipples.

As I pulled away and gripped my cock, B reached down and parted her lips. I guided my cock into her and slid in with ease. She immediately took the entire length of my cock. We began fucking hard. I gripped the back of her neck with my left hand while my right made its way to her leg. I stroked her thigh and gripped her booty as we moved in sync. We kept fucking and fucking. I could feel her cum dripping down her lips to her booty. I could hear her wetness as our bodies slapped into each other. Before very long we were both cumming.

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  1. PacMan says:

    I LOVED how horny my wife would get during pregnancy. Weeks 20-32 were the BEST. It was one of the only times she was multi-orgasmic too. And the suckability of those extra plump nipples was heaven!

  2. Southernheat says:

    I remember those hormone swings during pregnancy. I wanted it all the time. Kept my husband worn out! It was fun getting creative during the last month due to the size of the tummy at that point.

    • HeSaid-SheSaid says:

      Wow, having my wife straddle my face would be a dream come true, She's just too self conscious of herself to be comfortable doing that.

      sterlingcooper, we have had many pregnancies, and in the later stages the spooning position is usually the most comfortable and doable, albeit not very creative. However, my wife is a petite woman and our babies were average to small, so she never really got very big anyways. With our last few babies, we found that standing sex was pretty good. My wife is also about 4 inches shorter than me, so she would wear some heels while I pressed her up against a wall. Sometimes I would be the one with my back against a wall or banister or newel post, sometimes leaning back heavily, and she was the one in control. That way I could just enjoy the ride and she could adjust herself for the most comfort. It's only now that we are no longer having any more children, that we are getting more creative with sexual positions. But when your pregnant, it's out of necessity rather than desire usually, lol.

  3. JAM777 says:

    I don't know why but the prospect of my future wife being pregnant is a major turn on for me!! I don't know if that is weird or not but I just find pregnancy to be very attractive

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